Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1046: Hunting in the Sand Sea (20)


Chapter 1046 Hunting in the Sand Sea (20)

“At a time like this!” Bedivere drew his weapon and went over to deal with the sand shark. The desert devil shark has already leaped out of the sand sea, biting everyone in the face!

“Hey! So what are you going to do with this? Are you going to leave the boat?” Kana asked quickly.

“Uhhhhh!” Bedivere slashed the dorsal fin of a sand shark with a whip, and was doing his best to deal with the monsters that kept coming out. He didn’t have time to take care of so many other things. Spend money, whatever you want!”

More desert sharks have been fished up — or rather, they’ve jumped aboard. Bedivere slashed the dorsal fins of these monsters one by one with his tortoise-tongued whip, and he suddenly realized that the whip seemed to work a lot better. His tortoise tongue whip was still covered with the body fluid of golden bugs. Although it was sticky and disgusting, it brought a leap forward in the electrical conductivity and flexibility of the turtle tongue whip.

Just a little bit of magic (photons) adhering to the surface of the whip has such a big impact on the whip. If the magic (photons) in this mucus is really drawn out and thinly attached to the tongue whip Among them, its performance will be improved to what extent?

It appears that Karna was not lying when she said that the bodily fluids of the golden bugs were the ideal material for enchanting. First, keep the body fluids of the bugs, and then whether you can find a craftsman who performs this enchanting process will be a worry later.

Three more desert sharks flew onto the deck. Bedivere drew two whips, and the dagger at the end of the whip precisely cut off the dorsal fins of the sharks, and then the werewolf raised the short sword in his hand to slash the shrunken monsters, killing them before the desert sharks landed. The head was chopped off.

Fortunately, probably because of the nightfall, the activities of the desert sharks are not as frequent as during the day, and the number of times the sand boats are attacked is much less. As long as Moby Dick doesn’t show up, this journey will be finished safely.

The werewolf turned to look at the sailors filling the barrels. I saw that the sailors were using knives to cut the skin of the golden bug, and then put the barrel close to the wound where the bug was cut. The worm’s body fluids poured out of the wound immediately and fell into the bucket. These golden shimmering liquids initially flowed nicely, but as they oxidized in contact with air, they became viscous and jelly-like. When the liquid had thickened and plugged the freshly cut wound, a wooden bucket was also filled.

Watching the viscous mucus gushing out of the golden bug, Bedivere was thankful he didn’t have to fill the bucket himself. Even if you spend a little more money, it’s better to leave this disgusting dirty work to someone else.

The sailors work so repeatedly, cutting new wounds, barreling, and cutting again, and the big golden earthworm is getting smaller and smaller like a deflated ball. Soon there was a thick skin left.

“Uh—” Elaine raised his sword and smashed the head of another desert shark, turned his head and saw the shriveled golden worm’s skin on the ground.

“Not bad!” Bedivere solved another desert shark, and took time to turn around to count it. There happened to be twenty-two wooden barrels filled with wonderful golden liquid: “What do you plan to do with the remaining skins? “

“Of course it was thrown off the boat.” Kana ordered several sailors to quickly dispose of the shark carcass on the deck, and at the same time planned to throw away the large earthworm’s carcass.

“Are you sure there’s nothing more valuable about it?” Bedivere asked suspiciously.

“Maybe, but it’s so disgusting on the inside, don’t expect my people to search for you.” Kana stuck out her tongue and made a disgusting look. It was just then that night was falling and lights were lit on the deck of the ship. The lights shot upward from the feet of the crowd and fell on Kana’s face, illuminating her already beautiful face like a ghost.

Bediver shivered and was about to compromise: “Uh…then…”

Touch Long! ———What, hit the sand boat heavily, interrupting everyone’s conversation! Its impact was so violent that the sand boat with a carrying capacity of hundreds of tons was also swayed violently, and the hull even sounded a burst of lament!

“Um…” The werewolf was half-kneeling on the ground, and finally managed to stand firm: “Did Moby Dick appear?!”

“Open…just kidding me!” Seglyde sighed.

It wasn’t Moby Dick, the Desert Whale Shark, that hit the sand boat, but… another sand boat!

A boat that is several times larger than the sand boat that Bedivere and the others are riding on, and is covered with golden armor pieces!

The night falls, and the moon shines brightly. This golden sand boat reflects moonlight in the cloudless night of the Sahara desert. Under the refraction of the surrounding sand and dust, the ship seems to be surrounded by a golden halo, which is both hazy and moving, and extraordinarily luxurious and eye-catching!

Treasure Ship! —— At this moment, only these two words appeared in Bedivere’s mind.

Is this the [treasure ship] that Solar just mentioned, the legendary treasure ship [desert ship]? !

As if afraid of the desert boat, the surrounding sand sharks fled one after another, and the deck that was madly attacked by the sand sharks temporarily restored its original tranquility. The Desert Ship didn’t seem to have any intention of attacking the sand ship where Bedivere and the others were. It just moved side by side with the merchant ship, maintaining the same speed.

“What the **** is that thing?” The werewolf narrowed his eyes and looked towards the deck of the treasure ship. The hazy golden light was so obstructive that Bedivere couldn’t see what was on the deck. But for sure, there was no one on the deck, at least no moving people or creatures!

The shape of the sand ships is almost the same as that of an upside-down iron. To guard against the attacks of various monsters in the desert, their bridges are hidden inside the ship, under the thick deck. This wonderful treasure ship is no exception. Therefore, it is basically impossible to tell from the outside of this wonderful upside-down iron-like ship whether there is a driver on board. There’s no way of knowing what’s inside the treasure ship unless you board the treasure ship to actually investigate.

Bedivere is itching to know what secrets lie in this silently sailing treasure ship. But they are now employed, and they cannot easily leave the merchant ship until the commission is completed. … Unless their boss asks them to board the treasure ship to investigate, everything is empty talk.

“Don’t even think about it.” Kana also poured cold water on Bedivere’s face as a matter of course: “Your mission is to protect the merchant ships, not to engage in those messy adventures that involve the merchant ships in danger.”

“I know…” The werewolf grunted.

Rumble rumble! —After sailing for a distance with the merchant ship, the desert boat immediately sank into the sea of ​​sand and seemed to want to retreat. Although he was extremely curious, Bedivere could only recognize it. After all, it was impossible for him to sink into the rolling yellow sand with the treasure ship.

Touch! The desert boat completely sank into the sand sea, and it brought an extraordinarily strong vibration before leaving. The impact made everyone on the merchant ship sway, and the stunned Bedivere lost his focus, fell backwards, and sat on something soft.

“Ugh!” The werewolf thought for a moment that he was sitting in some kind of high-grade sand. But he soon realized that there could be no high-grade sand on the deck at all, and what he sat down on was actually something much more disgusting: gold bugs were put on dry body fluids and corpses full of knife cuts!

Hipba, Hawba. Bedivere tried to get up from the soft, sticky mass, but the place he was in was so wet and slippery that he couldn’t do anything, and a vaguely disgusting smell made Bedivere weak and almost vomited. .

“Oh, Mr. Bedivere, meow…” Seglade looked at the werewolf stuck to the golden bug’s corpse, glanced at it, and immediately averted his gaze as if he couldn’t bear to look directly.

“Who, who is going to pull me!” The werewolf resisted the urge to vomit and asked dumbfounded.

“No, no!” Elaine looked at Bedivere with a rare look of disgust: “Okay, disgusting!”

“You stinky boy! Wait until I get up and I’ll settle the account with you!” Bedivere struggled for a while with anger, his hands ruffled, trying to find something to borrow from this sticky environment power thing. But he was very unlucky. As soon as he grabbed it, he fell into a cut on the golden worm’s body.

That cut, needless to say, goes straight to the inside of the monster’s corpse. Bedivere’s hand felt something like a sphere, still slightly warm. It took him a few seconds to understand that it was the internal organs of the golden bug. The moment he understood this fact, he was also severely disgusted, and the hair all over his body stood on end involuntarily!

But at the same time, the werewolf also touched some kind of angular object, which felt like some kind of square!

What appears to be inside the golden bug? ! Is it a foreign object accidentally swallowed while operating in the desert?

…a treasure?

Bedivere endured a huge amount of nausea and reached for Anyway, it has been disgusted once, and it is not a big deal to be disgusted for a while, right?

Meanwhile, a prosthetic that also grabbed the werewolf’s left arm was Thoral.

“Are you okay, my friend?” The magic swordsman did not dislike Bedivere and came to help.

“Uh—” Although his body was still sticky and slippery, Bedivere managed to get up with the help of Solar’s power. He walked away quickly, away from the corpse of the disgusting golden bug, and then he calmed down and said, “Thank you, Solar.”

“Uh haha.” It was the magic swordsman’s straightforward smile who responded to the werewolf, and he set his eyes on Bedivere’s right hand: “Who is that?”

“From the inside of the monster.” Bedivere gripped the wondrous cube and shook it, removing the sticky jelly-like substance from it. This palm-sized block immediately flashed golden luster, and it was a neatly cut cubic brick.

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