Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1039: Hunting in the Sand Sea (13)


Chapter 1039 Hunting in the Sand Sea (13)

At the same time (.). Great Britain. Somewhere outside London.

“Here.” Acting Captain Nassandrana stopped – or rather. She stopped the ice skateboard under her feet with her caudal fin. She must have stepped down. Behind her, a few men serving Prince Calvin The mermaid maid also stopped.

“Arrived.” The evil star also stopped in doubt.

He carried two teenagers on his shoulders. He turned his head and looked around with difficulty. But all he saw was greenery, trees and rocks. Xing’s super-sensitive photon sense of smell can also sense something. But there is really nothing near him. He can’t smell any metal.

“Haha. Stand still. It’s a little dangerous when it comes out of the water.” Nashan Tablena deliberately took a step back.

“Out of the water.” Xingxing was confused by another strange word.


But. There is indeed a faint sound of water. In this deep mountain and forest, which is clearly far from the sea and lake. Suddenly the sound of water sounded.

A black plane. It opens about twenty yards in front of the evil star and about thirty yards above the ground. It expands, and something rises out of it.

[Dimensional submarine – Ice Crystal]. Emerges from the warp. Its hat-shaped conning tower and the tactical deck behind it are exposed to the “water” surface. It looks very imposing.

“Subspace snorkeling… Has human technology reached this level?” Sha Xing sighed.

“Only this ship is special.” Nashan Dina whispered to herself.


“…Nothing. Let’s go up.” Acting Mermaid raised his hand. Unleashed a magic trick.

A ladder made of ice blocks began to appear. It continued to extend upwards. It formed a path for people to climb on to the submarine. Natural ice blocks may be slippery and difficult to climb. But ice made by magic It doesn’t have this drawback. Its surface is magic treated. It’s dry and has the right roughness. It won’t slip when people walk on it.

“Everyone, come up. Pay attention to your steps.” Nashan Tablena motioned. But she used magic to float the ice cubes under her feet. Let yourself float up on the ice cubes. One step ahead of the submarine’s tactical deck.

“Humph–” Shaxing put down Husky. He climbed the ladder with only Hal, who had limited mobility on his back. Everything in front of him was new to him. As he got closer to Ice Crystal. Star Dragon The more I sighed at the exquisite structure of this submarine. It is not so much a machine made of blue crystals with magic power. It is better to say that the growth of blue crystals is controlled by magic. Let the blue crystals grow into this pair naturally. The shell of the submarine has excellent hardness and toughness. Because all blue crystals are integrally formed, the impact of the submarine can be dispersed in the entire crystal shell.

No. Not just the shell.

When the Shaxing climbed into the submarine through the hatch opened by the conning tower. Now the interior of the submarine is also composed of blue crystal. That is to say, the submarine is composed of crystals, both internally and externally. Unified structure. It can make the crystal grow like this naturally. The construction craftsmanship of the mermaids can be described as magical.

“Wow.” Howl looked at the crystal wall inside the submarine. The wall was covered with magic patterns. In the dark environment, it was icy blue light. This is using the excess light generated by magic to illuminate. It saves energy. It can also suppress the heat of the system to the maximum extent.

“It’s amazing.” Shaxing couldn’t help but ask: “But this kind of integrated structure is not good for loading the engine system. What does this submarine rely on to propel it? Is it a jet engine?”

“That. It’s a military secret. I’m sorry I can’t answer it.” Nashan Tablena smiled wryly: “Come on. Come and visit the control room. Then we’ll go to the restaurant for lunch.”

She was stunned for half a second. Then she added: “By the way. You don’t have weapons on your body. I’m sorry. But if you have weapons, you need to confiscate them and store them. After all, it is very dangerous to swing weapons in a submarine.”

“Uh-” Husky involuntarily touched the hilt at his waist. The photon dagger that Uncle Arthur gave him is still there.

“Wow. This child has such a dangerous weapon.” Nashan Tablena reached out and touched the waist of the canine boy. She took the hilt of the photon dagger: “This will be confiscated for the time being. “

“It’s just a dagger. Can’t you keep it? Wang.” Husky’s eyes widened. He looked at the merman acting captain with watery eyes.

“No. Be patient. It will be returned to you when you leave the ship.”

“Woo-” The canine boy drooped his ears. This attracted a loving chuckle from the mermaids.

“So does this gentleman. Do you have any weapons on your body?” Nashan Tablena turned her attention to the waist of the evil star. Xinghuilong’s waist did not have any blade or anything. But God knows where this guy in gold armor is hiding his weapon.

“I didn’t bring anything.” Shaxing said disapprovingly. “Dragon fights usually use claws. Blades and the like are too inefficient.”

“Then…the armor can be taken off.” Nashan Tablena said suspiciously: “There are men’s clothes in the locker room of the battleship. You can change them. Anyway, you are walking in the battleship wearing armor. Go. I always feel a little wrong.”

“The armor can’t be taken off. This is what my dragon scales have transformed into.” The evil star said again: “Unless you want to take off the scales on my body.”

“This…Ice Crystal is full of complex spells and magical devices. It would be bad if it interfered with the magical things in you.” Nathan Tablena insisted: “Unless you promise to go all the way Be careful. Don’t let your armor touch anything.”

“Tsk—it’s really troublesome.” Shaxing didn’t expect that he would encounter so many troubles when he came to visit the submarine. He also forced him to take off his armor. Long put down the Leopard boy in a rage. Then He transformed himself into a little golden dragon the size of a slap. He flapped his wings in the air and said, “That’s all right.”

“It has become smaller.” Calvin has never seen the transformation of the evil star. He can’t help exclaiming with curiosity: “It’s amazing. It’s so cute. This prince wants this little lizard as a pet.”

“Noisy. Who wants to be your pet.” Shaxing said angrily. He flapped his wings a few times and landed on Husky’s puppy head. As soon as he sat down, he suddenly had a special feeling .Can’t help sighing: “Oh. It’s good here. The length of the fluff is just right. It’s more comfortable than the top of Asher’s head.”

“Uh.” Husky was helpless for a while: “But. Who is going to walk on the back of Hal.”

“I don’t know. I don’t care. Let these mermaid sisters figure out their own way.” Shaxing lay on the head of the canine boy. He said irresponsibly: “Great plush carpet. Take a nap here.”

The mermaids present gave a soft chuckle of affection. It seems that the evil star turned into a small flying dragon is also very cute – even if the evil star didn’t mean to pretend to be cute.

“That’s right. The little black panther’s legs and feet are inconvenient… no problem. That’s fine.” Nashan Tablena performed a magic trick at random. She created an ice cube in the shape of a wheelchair. Its two wheels made Just right. It slides freely on the ground. And the seat is very comfortable. The magic hot ice cubes are not cold at all.

“Okay. That’s it.” Nasanna took Hal into a wheelchair. “Pushing on these two wheels can move forward and turn. You know how to do it.”

“Yeah. Understood meow. Just like a normal wheelchair meow.” Hal said with a smile. He seemed to prefer to use his own strength to “walk” instead of being carried around.

“Then. Let’s start the tour of the Ice Crystal.” Nathan Tablena said with a smile. Leading the team.

At the same time(.).Africa. Suburbs of Zwar.

“Okay. That’s how to save all the money.” Bediveville came out of the bank. Holding the hotel key card. He said with peace of mind.

There are many restless shadows in the streets of the city. It seems that they know that Bedivere and others are holding huge sums of money. Bedivere and the others themselves can use it to withdraw money. There is nothing to be afraid of.

“Then.” The werewolf looked at his two companions and said, “Let’s go take a shower.”

“Wash, take a shower.” Elaine exclaimed excitedly. He couldn’t bear the stickiness of the blood on his body. He wished to find a place to wash it right away.

“The bathhouse bathhouse…where is the bathhouse, meow.” Seglade looked around. He wanted to find a public bathroom where he could take a bath.

Of course. No.

This is a city in the desert. It’s dry everywhere. It’s hard to find a drop of water. What’s more, Zwar is a backcountry. Most of the city is a slum. There are only dilapidated houses made of all kinds of sand around. And almost no one lives. The bathhouse is here This kind of facility has simply become the most luxurious existence here. It will not be so easy to find.

“What are you doing. Keep up.” Bedivere said. He walked in the front. And the direction he walked was the desert at the edge of the city.

“Hmm.” Elaine couldn’t help but let out a muffled sound of doubt. The farther away you were from the city, the less likely it would be to find any buildings. Could it be that Bedivere already knew the city’s hidden secrets. A secret oasis.

I can only believe it now. Seglade touched the blood-stained clothes and the blood-stained hair. Followed.

Bediver walked almost straight towards the edge of the city. Walked a few streets. Immediately outside the city of Zvar.

In front of them is an endless desert. There can be no oasis. There is only rolling yellow sand. And gravel on the edge of the city.

Seglade is even more puzzled: This kind of desolate ghost place. Will there really be a bathhouse? () “The Light and the Spirit” only represents the views of the author Raven D If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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