Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1037: Hunting in the Sand Sea (11)


Chapter 1037: Hunting in the Sand Sea (11)

This monster is much bigger than the devil shark that Bedivere and others have encountered before. It is more than 500 feet long. It is almost the size of a sand boat. And this is only the part of it that sticks out of the sand sea. .

“This size…is it the boss of the sharks?” Bedivere couldn’t help exclaiming.

This shark is as big as a whale. It’s not so much a shark. It’s a shark… no. A shark.

Seeing the terrifying giant monster, Kana couldn’t help exclaiming: “Fuck, just kidding. Why did Moby Dick stare at this ship”

“Moby what?” Bedivere asked inexplicably.

Rumble rumble rumble. A shock interrupted everyone’s conversation.

The giant desert devil whale shark opens its mouth of blood. It growls silently. It’s about to attack the boat.

With its huge size. It is estimated that it can’t jump out of the sand sea. But it does not affect its attack on the sand ship at all: it gathers a huge amount of energy from the depths of its throat. It is going to shoot something.

“Emergency avoidance. Hold on tight” Kana shouted into the walkie-talkie.

The sand boat turned a 90-degree angle at an astonishing speed. It drifted rapidly on the sandy sea. And the huge whale shark that followed closely behind the boat also ejected a huge blood-red beam from its mouth.

The beam cannon brushed the edge of the sand boat. The terrifying impact made the boat shake wildly.

“Woo.” Bedivere clutched the chord. He was afraid that he would be thrown off. He only felt his internal organs were tumbling. There was a commotion in his body.

He reluctantly resisted the urge to vomit. He turned to look at the giant whale shark.

Rolling sand and dust. Very low visibility. The guy is slightly different from the normal desert shark. There are countless large eyes on the head. Each eye glows blood red. The sand and sea in the desert are stirred up in a mess. The sandstorm flying around it sets off its fierce aura. Let the tyrant in this desert be majestic.


At that moment, the only feeling Bedivere could feel was the silent cry from Moby Dick.

Although its cry is silent, its intense feeling spreads to every part of the sand sea through the vibration of the air. People around can feel it.

That is extreme anger. It is also endless hatred. All its hatred and resentment towards human beings are turned into two simple words:——


Destroy human beings, sand boats, and everything in front of them. Bury them all under the yellow sand. This is the sole purpose of the magic whale shark——


Into everything. Destroy everything. Destroy everything. It’s the sole purpose of its continued existence. This nightmare of vengeance spews a blood-red beam from its mouth. The beam seems to be the embodiment of its vengeful will. .It carries the most vicious malice the world can express.

“Emergency evasion again everyone hold steady.” Karna shouted again. The ship was twisting at a high speed of ninety degrees again. A coquettish drift. The huge blood-red beam has been wiped from the port side of the ship.

It’s hot. Bedivere is right on the port deck. The moment the blood-red beam hits. He feels the heat in addition to the desert temperature.

That’s right. Bedivere finally understood. The real body of that blood-red beam. It’s melted sand—or rather. It’s melted glass.

Dozens and hundreds of tons of yellow sand are compressed in Moby Dick’s body, heated to a red incandescent state, and then ejected at high pressure like a water column. This red incandescent glass paste is hot and viscous. If it hits, even a sand boat with heavy armor will probably be overwhelmed.

“We’re dead.” Bedivere exclaimed. What a desperate sight.

Bediver and the others don’t have good weapons in their hands. They can’t fight the monster at all. With the speed of the sand boat, they can’t get rid of this huge monster – no. Even if they get rid of it temporarily. Chasing. Sand Harbor will definitely not be willing to let this sand ship take refuge in the harbor. Their sand ship will be forced to flee in the wilderness. Until Moby Dick catches up and is destroyed by it.

“No. Not necessarily.” Kana said calmly. She seemed to have some idea: “It will be at the port soon. Just hold on for a while.”

The sand boats are only one kilometer away from the port. Everyone can clearly see the scenery of the port. At this time, the port is also booming. Many sand boats in the port are moving. It seems that they want to escape from the attack of the monster army.

“Here again. Hold tight.” Karna shouted again. The ship made a big 120-degree drift. Run away before Moby Dick spewed blood red beams. Bedivere was dazed Besides, I can’t help but sigh that the driver of this boat is very skilled. If this goes on, I may really be able to escape.

No. The blood-red beam swiped from the starboard side of the boat. But this time. It hit more accurately. Facing the sandboat so proficient in dodging, Moby Dick was also constantly anticipating the movement of the sandboat. While shooting the blood red beam, it constantly corrects the attack trajectory.

This monster is very cunning.

Papa——The blood-red beam brushed across the starboard side of the ship. Its heat instantly ignited the two hunters on the starboard side.

“Wow ah ah ah ah.” The two humans were on fire in the screaming. They ran around calling for help. But because the ship was turning sharply, they were thrown out of the deck. They fell into the sand sea. They were rolled yellow Buried in the sand. It is hopeless.

And the ultra-high heat glass paste that makes up the blood-red beam. It also sticks to the metal shell of the ship. Its heat has a very bad effect on the hull. Turned into a giant glass lump. Solidified on the hull.

Not only does it slow down the boat. It also unbalances the weight of the hull from side to side. It becomes very difficult to maneuver. Even the very skilled driver in this boat. It doesn’t seem to be stable all the time. The hull is gone – the sand boat starts to sway from side to side like drunk.

“Um.” Bedivere once again felt that he was dead. He looked desperately at Moby Dick behind him, opening his mouth of blood. He would shoot hot glass paste at any time. Paste Their faces.

At this time. Dozens of sand boats, large and small, passed by werewolves and their boats. They attacked the desert whale shark head-on.

“What” the werewolf lamented that these Egyptians were dying. One of the sand boats had been shot. The huge harpoon gun shot at the desert whale shark. It stabbed one of the monster’s eyeballs.

“It’s the hunters.” Kana seemed relieved. She whispered: “Moby Dick is a super wanted criminal who was offered a bounty of 1.6 billion by the Egyptian government. Because the profit is huge. Willing to take the risk to hunt it. There are naturally many people.”

The blood-red beam from the bang monster hit one of the small sand boats. The sand boat was immediately penetrated. It filled with scorching glass slurry. Then it exploded.

But that didn’t deter the other sandboats hunting for sharks at all. Dozens of other boats spread out. They started firing desperately at Moby Dick.

“It’s crazy,” Bedivere muttered.

“That’s right. They’re all crazy about money.” Kana sneered disdainfully: “But just right. We can use this opportunity to get rid of Moby. We’re going to Hong Kong. Everyone.”

Rumble rumble rumble. The sand ship Bedivere was on used its last strength to charge towards the sand port. It escaped the pursuit of the desert shark army. It was faster than ever. It seems that it did not think about entering the port The impact of the dock.

Pounds – The sand boat rammed close to the pier. The bow was ornately embedded in a pile of concrete.

And Zwar’s sand port built a defensive barrier more quickly. The turrets on the shore rose one by one. They were fully armed to face the army of demon sharks.

Whoosh whoosh. Countless light shells flew out of the turrets. Blast the desert mackerel right behind the merchant ship. There were only about 30 of them. And Moby Dick was still there. In the melee with other sand boats in the distance. Didn’t catch up.

“I caught up.” Kana breathed a sigh of relief: “Fortunately, the group of stupid hunters left the port from the sand sea. The enchantment of the sand port opened a little later.”

Otherwise our sandboat will be shut down. Bedivere has finished making up Karna’s words in his head.

The werewolf struggled to his feet on the blood-stained deck. His legs were still shaking slightly. The battle between the hunters and Moby Dick in the distance continued. But the giant monster had apparently taken over The upper hand. No matter how powerful weapons are used to blast those well-equipped sand boats, they can’t seem to cause the slightest damage to Moby Dick. But the giant whale shark strikes one after another. The flapping of its huge body engulfed the sand boats of the hunters.

With the sinking of the last sand boat. The hunter army was wiped out. Moby Dick seemed to have had enough. A silent growl. Dive into the sand sea. Disappeared.

“That group of idiots. At least they have to know how to attack its dorsal fin.” Bediveville muttered regretfully.

“Oh. About that.” Karna is still directing the sailors to clean up the shark carcasses on the deck one by one: “Mr. Bedivere. Can you keep this a secret.”

“Secrets. What secrets.” Bedivere felt confused.

“[The dorsal fin is the weakness of the sharks] – this trade secret.” Kana’s eyes flickered slightly.

“I don’t understand. Is this a trade secret. You caught sharks. Don’t you cut off their fins. It was said to be high-priced ingredients before-“

“Just keep this a secret,” Karna emphasized.

“Okay, okay.” The werewolf, Elaine, and Seglade looked at each other. The other human hunters, except Solar, looked disapproving. It seemed that they knew something.

“Very good.” Kana nodded lightly. She continued in a commanding tone: “This is the end of the first leg of the voyage. You disembark first. Wait at the bar in the port. I’ll see you later. Someone came to you. Half the commission.”

“Okay.” Bedivere nodded in agreement. He wiped the blood on his face. He was muttering in his heart: “Although this is a loss-making business.”() “Act of Light” only represents The views of the author Raven D Vixas If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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