Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1014: The ultimate battle against Ziyan (14)


Chapter 1014 The ultimate battle against Ziyan

“You, are you planning to go meow?” Hearing Chanel’s unreasonable words, Seifer was surprised: “But that road is really dangerous meow!”

He intends to say: You, a female class, are fighting for treasures with a large group of men who are much stronger than you on this dangerous road, is there really no problem meow?

But this sentence is always impossible to ask. The leopard youth saw the clue in the eyes of the elf girl.

It’s no use blocking, she won’t listen.

Thanks to the efforts of Albert and Elaine, everyone finally eliminated the amethyst lava dragon and opened a **** path for victory. And now, it is finally Chanel’s turn to make one last effort to grab the fruits of victory—in order not to let the sacrifices of tigers and white dragons go to waste!

It has nothing to do with gender, birth or age, she is a knight. A knight has the kindness and righteousness that a knight should have. The favors received by others must be repaid in full, and the expectations of others must be fully repaid.

Chanel, a knight of the Order of Saint Lily of France, was taught this way since she was a child.

“Then—-Excuse me!” The white boy Mordred suddenly leaped out.

Yes, although it is a fair competition, no one here is obliged to wait for others, and whoever is ready can go out, and will not foolishly wait for someone to announce the start. Mordred had probably already calculated the route of travel, and he suddenly rushed out after he had full confidence. With powerful computing power, he analyzes and calculates the next route every step of the way, moving forward with amazing efficiency;

Seeing this, the werewolf also dropped other weapons, leaving only his tongue and whip, and ran out. He may not have such strong computing ability, but he plays the tortoise tongue whip in his hand as freely as his own limbs. Sometimes he uses the whip to wrap around the rocks on the edge of the floating island and swing forward, and sometimes he uses the dagger at the end of the whip to stick. Use rock crevices as a support point and swing farther!

Evan even threw away the arm armor, leg armor, and ammunition bag around his waist, and went into battle lightly. With the power of Eagle Eye, the half-dragon youth can clearly see everything around him. His field of vision is a 360-degree spherical shape with a radius of fifty yards at the center of him. Within this range, he knows the movements of every floating island like the back of his hand, and his running is even more like walking on the ground!

If you want to compete and win with this group of powerhouses, you can’t do it without resorting to more sophisticated means!

And Chanel, what advantage does she have? ——Palamidis glanced at the elf girl secretly, full of doubts in her heart.

While other competitors swarmed out, fighting each other to the death, only Chanel stayed put, as if thinking about something.

“Uh, you’re not going to compete with them… meow?” Seglade asked curiously.

“Shh!” The elf girl hurriedly told the leopard youth to shut up. Not only did she not run out, she even closed her eyes, contemplating it.

Whoosh—–the floating islands move in the air, rubbing the air to make sounds;

Ka la la la la———The rocks cracked from the floating island, rolled down, and made a noise;

Bang—–the floating islands are constantly colliding, changing each other’s orbits;

Rumbling Rumble——The lava spewed from the ground and landed on the bottom of some floating islands, causing them to rise;

She captures every subtle sound in this cave and this field with her heart, forming an imaginary picture in her mind, planning the movement of each floating island.

And then, gradually, it all took shape. From now to the future in five seconds, she has seen through the layout of these floating islands!

Chanel just rushed out at this time. Unlike the other men who went into battle lightly, she had a bow and arrow in her hand and seemed to have other plans!

Clap! She landed steadily on another floating island oncoming, without staying for half a second, immediately jumped out!

Clap. Another floating island, as if it had its own life, dedicated to serving the elf girl, arrived just before the girl fell into the lava pool, and caught Chanel. Moreover, this floating island is moving very fast, and it is estimated that it was the floating island that was in the center when it exploded. It belongs to the type that is too dangerous, and other candidates are afraid to avoid it, but Chanel has to take the risk and use this breath to get close to the target!

Her predictions for the future five seconds from now are exhausted, and this floating island is all she can use!

And her target is not the mountain, but the floating island near the mountain, the floating island where the White Dragon Man – or the White Bear Man – Elaine is located.

Elaine’s strength is almost exhausted at this time, and her transformation has long been unsustainable, returning to the state of a white bear. He stood still, watching the chaos around him and trembling, not knowing what to do. And Chanel rode that fast floating island and approached quickly!

“Elaine!” The elf girl shouted from a distance before she arrived: “Catch me!”

She jumped from the floating island. Both her speed and the floating island are very high, and her inertia makes her fly like an arrow, falling towards the floating island where Elaine is at a certain angle.

Of course, she can’t stay on the floating island like this. Before she settles down, she will slide off the edge of the floating island due to her own speed and fall into the lava pool!

Only the white bear can save her!

“Oh, oh!” The stupid white bear hurriedly stretched out his hands to fish, hoping to catch the flying Chanel in time!

Touch! Rather than catch it, she bumped into him.

“Woo——” Elaine was hit by the stars, and the sky was spinning.

And the elf girl quickly got up from the white bear’s chest without being injured at all. Bear’s body is covered with soft and fluffy fur, and there is also a body of fat. This kid works better than any mat, and it is the most comfortable meat pad in the world.

“Stand up, Elaine!” The elf girl did not let the bear man breathe, and immediately ordered: “Throw me towards that mountain!”

“Yes, but—” Elaine clumsily got up at this time: “I don’t have self-confidence, I can lose my self-confidence—“

Chanel had already pulled out the wooden bow and took out the specially prepared arrow: “It’s okay, I will correct the little error. Hurry up! Must get there before the other teams get there!!”

At this time, Bedivere used the whip to reverberate several times, and was very close to the mountain! Let the werewolf swing over two more floating islands, and he might land on the top of the mountain;

And Mordred just jumped to another floating island, which was flying straight towards the mountain;

Evan fell even further into the middle of the mountain, no longer relying on the help of any floating island, and only climbed up the mountain with his agile skills;

It can be said that the army is coming to the city, and it is urgent!

“Listen, Tiger cut off his own arm just now to win this battle. He’s passed out of anemia, and now the team can only rely on you and me!” Chanel shouted. : “You have to work harder, don’t let down the tiger’s expectations, understand!”

“I know, I know! I’ll try it—–sit, sit up!” The polar bear half-knelt on the ground and stretched out a hand. His open palm was big enough for the petite elf girl to sit firmly on it.

Chanel sat on the palm of the white bear without thinking, and looked up at the top of the mountain from the height of the floating island: “Throw me out! The higher the better!”

“Woo!” Elaine’s face was flushed, and the elf girl’s **** was pressed against his palm. The soft, watery, warm feeling made this half-baked young man extremely excited!

“Go, let’s go!!” He tried his best not to think wildly, instead he used his strength and threw the elf girl out of his hand! !

Chanel soars like a rocket to the top of the mountain with incredible speed!

“What?!” Evan, a half-dragon young man on the mountainside, exclaimed quickly when he saw Chanel’s figure flying by. He quickened his climbing speed.

“Tsk—” Thirty yards away, the white teenager Mordred groaned and jumped out of the floating island with all his strength, using his own amazing physical strength to force a breakthrough, hoping to get there before Chanel destination!

“Humph!” The werewolf Bedivere also threw out his whip and used the pivot of the last floating island to swing out! He was still twenty yards from the summit, but the whip in his hand made up for it. He had just retrieved the whip from the previous floating island, and immediately played the whip again! The tip of the tortoise’s tongue whip quickly stabbed into the crevice of the rock at the top of the mountain——-Using this last pull, the werewolf slammed into the mountain!

Everyone gets in and out, and the competition for treasure has reached a fever pitch!

“Shit!” Elaine exclaimed. Sure enough, he still missed, and Chanel flew out of the air, leaning to the left side of the mountain at a very small but fatal angle!

According to this trend, the elf girl not only fails to land on the top of the mountain in time, but also falls back down the mountain due to the deviation of the angle, and finally falls into the lava pool!

“No! —————” The bear man covered his face in despair, unable to bear to watch the tragedy that was about to happen next.

And Chanel has almost risen to the top, the force of the ice bear is about to disappear completely, and she is about to fall!

I saw her take out the bow and arrow in her hand and shoot an arrow towards the top of the mountain!

That’s not an ordinary iron arrow——the iron arrow has a very finely braided rope at the end, only as thick as a little finger!

Clap! The sharp arrows of the iron arrows were deeply embedded in the crevices of the volcanic rocks of the mountain peaks. The elf girl has superb archery skills, and even when she is flying at a high speed, she can still achieve no arrows!

The moment the arrow got stuck on the Chanel also abandoned the bow and arrow, grabbed the rope with both hands, and yanked with all her strength!

This is what she just said [track correction]! There are no tricks, just use her own power to bring her in the air to her destination! Taking a seemingly ordinary rope and an unpretentious iron arrow is the key to her victory!

“Yeah!” At this time, Mordred also landed less than ten yards from the top of the mountain, and was climbing up with all his strength!

“Humph!” Ivan also happened to be not far from Mordred! He climbed harder!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? Therefore, although he was more than ten yards behind the other two opponents, he took advantage of his physical strength to catch up!

And Chanel, who had corrected the track, also fell sharply toward the mountain! Is it faster for her to fall from the air, or is it for the men who climb up from the mountainside faster? ! () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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