Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1012: The ultimate battle against Ziyan (12)


Chapter 1012 The ultimate battle against Ziyan Twelve

“I can only help here.” Albert’s left hand is used to maintain the portal. He couldn’t join the fight. He had no choice but to throw the Haitao Sword in his hand to Solar: “You only have five minutes. Work hard.”

The moment Solar took the sword. Everyone has raised all kinds of weapons in their hands. Run towards the portal. The door is made very big. Enough people to stand in a line to attack the enemy. Nothing to worry about.

“Die.” The spear in Tristan’s hand plunged deep into the monster’s body. At the same time, the plug-in in the weapon was moved. Overclocking vibrations spread through the monster. Instantly peels the flesh. Shatter matter.

Evan is not to be outdone. Raise the sword and slash. The plug-in of the long sword in his hand has long been replaced with the effect of creating ice. A burst of frost spread under the mad slashing.

“Humph.” Mordred slammed his fists. A glove with a strong freezing ability. The other one carries a strong current. The former takes away the target’s body temperature. Slows the speed at which the slime monster heals itself. The latter stabs the nerves. Inflict pain on the enemy. Destroys targets at the cellular level.

The magic swordsman Solar also slashed wildly with two swords. First use the freezing ability on the Haitao Sword to freeze the monster. Then smash the frozen, crunchy pieces with the onslaught of the lizard-toothed machete. He is like a meat grinder. The movements of the hands are perfectly coordinated. . . The speed of digging meat from monsters is also amazingly fast.

“Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn Hit the monster’s body. Powerful thunder in the spear. Go through the portal to the deepest part of the monster’s body. Paralyzes and destroys the slime monster’s neural structure from the inside.

Chanel casts all her remaining enchanted arrows without reservation. Start with Frozen Arrows. Her arrows hit the portal equally. Freeze the exposed monster into a wall of ice.

Next to the Leopard Warrior. Two of his sons, Zephyr and Seglade, also raised their guns and stabbed them. The plugs on the spear blasted out one shock after another. Smash the frozen part of the monster.

The slime mold monster in the distance continues to twitch in pain from the crowd’s onslaught. . . distortion. There is no time to collect floating objects for self-recovery. Most of its body began to freeze. Because everyone’s attacks have the freezing attribute. And the cold is still spreading. Follow this trend. It will be completely frozen into a puck in no time. Then it shattered under the fierce attack of the crowd.

Or maybe not. This slime monster won’t be beaten all the time. It knows where the crowd is attacking. They started to fight back. Countless chunks of meat turned into spiky tentacles. Shoot from the portal.

“Hmm.” The half-dragon youth avoided the oncoming attack. The hand does not stop all the time. Sweep and split. Cut through the tentacles shot by the slime mold. At the same time, the monster’s body is frozen more firmly. Update as soon as possible

Tristan is more able to avoid attacks while at the same time. Grab the monster’s tentacles with one hand. At the same time, a shot was fired at the location where the monster fired its tentacles. The high-frequency vibrating spear creates a devastating hole in the monster. The murloc prince also threw the cut tentacles into the lava lake below. Let it fend for itself. Burnt to ashes.

“What are you guys doing. Hurry up. Only three minutes left.” Albert shouted.

People ignored the tiger. Instead, move faster. While dodging the monster’s counterattack. One side slashed wildly.

And right now. on the same floating island. About ten yards behind the crowd. Someone who was left out also started to move. Update as soon as possible

“Uh-uh.” Bedivere opened his eyes.

“Mr. Bedivere…” Chanel exclaimed in a low voice. She attacked with arrows in the rear column. It happened to be less than three yards from the werewolf. It was also the first to see Bedivere awake.

“Ow——” The werewolf moved. Roughly broke the ice out. His hand subconsciously touched his chest.

The big hole in his chest has been plugged.

Chanel sees Berdeville. Surprised: “How is that possible. Even the orcs. The race with this self-healing ability. There is only ——.”

“I know…” The werewolf climbed up in disapproval. Among the orcs, only the white bear has a similar super-healing ability. He was able to close up the huge wound in his chest in such a short period of time. But this phenomenon in raw Bedivere has nothing to do with self-healing. That’s actually more akin to twisting fate. Deny past injuries.

The werewolf drank the red potion in the previous battle. A little bit of potion’s potency remains. It was it that saved Bedivere.

However. There’s no point in caring about that now. The werewolf glanced around. I saw everyone fighting slime monsters in front of a huge portal. First, he was stunned for a second. Then quickly guessed what happened just now.

“It’s Albert who is maintaining that door…” he whispered. . .

“Hmm,” Chanel replied. Continue to draw the bow and shoot. In order not to waste this precious time.

The werewolf looked at another object on the ground. Something lying in the same place as Bedivere just now: Albert’s left hand.

To use the power of the Holy Spirit. The tiger cut off his left hand. What a crazy act. But it was also Albert’s decision.

As of now. Bedivere couldn’t blame Tiger for anything. The only thing to do is to resolve it as soon as possible. Don’t let Albert’s sacrifice go to waste.

He drew out his shield bow: “There is no time. Let me help too.”

“But you———“

“My injury is completely healed. More and faster chapters to come.” The werewolf said. Raise the bow and shoot. His bows and arrows were originally just the most common wooden arrows and iron arrows. But these things are accelerated by the bowstrings and the instruments on the bows and arrows. The power is also quite impressive. He designed specifically for the frozen parts of the monster’s body. The high-speed arrows smashed these frozen pieces of meat one by one. It’s like opening a hole in the ice wall.

“It’s not enough to just attack the surface.” Bedivere commanded: “Let’s focus on attacking a little bit. Dig a hole in the deepest part of its body. Let me do the rest.”

Bedivere is heard shouting. Everyone turned their heads for a moment. But everyone present is a talent with a high level of warrior literacy. More faster chapters to come. The stun only lasted for a second. The miracle resurrection of the werewolf was thrown out of his mind. Start organizing battles more efficiently.

Central. The center of the portal. The monster has been frozen and smashed into countless holes. became the default target of everyone.

Tristan stabs a shot at full force. Utilize the super-vibration ability of the spear. Blast a big hole in that spot.

The moment the murloc prince drew back his spear. Solar also rushed up. Raise your sword. Countless sword shadows chopped up frozen pieces of meat. Expand that big hole even bigger. The radius is well over three feet.

“Ha, ah, ah, ah, ah.” The three Leopard Man father and son just caught up with the moment when Solar took over. The three’s long spears stabbed crazily. The first update utilizes electric shocks and shock waves. Hit the big hole bigger and deeper.

Whoosh. Chanel shot the arrows in her hand continuously. The first Frozen Arrow froze the meat ball that was not completely frozen deep in the big hole. The second arrow is a high-explosive arrow. burst in the deep hole dug. Inflicts deeper, intense damage.

Evan also removed the remaining magazines without reservation. Especially the mags with the explosion enchantment. Throw them into the deep pit. And then towards these magazines. fire.

Bang. Bullet shock magazine. Make them explode at the same time. Dozens of explosive bullets exploded deep within the slime monster’s body. Deals continuous explosion damage.

Aware of the slime monster being attacked by the crowd. It shoots dozens of tentacles near the hole where it was blasted. They dance like whips. It seems that they want to prevent further attacks from everyone.

Useless. Palamidis had already finished charging up. An electric beam is ejected from the mouth. The golden beam cannon shoots at the monster. The powerful electricity instantly paralyzed it. And Mordred had already rushed up. Brutally ripped off these paralyzed tentacles. Make a way for everyone. .

“These are the last two arrows…” Chanel shot the frozen arrow and the explosive arrow together. They burst deep inside the monster. Chill and explosion at the same time. At the same time, a bigger pit is blasted. It also brought the extreme cold to the deepest part of the monster’s body.

“Last minute. Hurry up…” Albert urged loudly. The power of the Holy Spirit White Tiger cannot last forever. Especially when such a huge portal was opened. The power of the Holy Spirit depletes unimaginably fast. Don’t hurry up. The portal is about to close.

“Look at my ——” two plugins that werewolf treasured for himself. Take it down.

One is a tank filled with compressed liquid nitrogen and the other is a tank filled with compressed gas. They were originally devices for emitting ice fog and fire. But if used wisely. Use them as bombs———.

Two cans of compressed gas are tied to arrows by werewolves. Whoosh. They fly out with the arrows. into the deepest pit.

Boom. . Clap la la la la la la. . Explosion and freeze burst at the same time. The slime monster in the distance suddenly doubled in size. Frozen storms spew out of various holes in its body uncontrollably. The entire slime monster began to freeze rapidly.

The final blow. This blow will end everything. The werewolf drew an arrow. Shoot into the monster’s pit. If there is no accident. This arrow is powerful enough to shatter completely frozen slime mold monsters. Thoroughly smash it into ice slag.

The arrow flies out in unstoppable force. Slicing the air creates a bang. It’s about to hit the monster.

Whoosh. The portal disappeared at this moment. The power of the Holy Spirit White Tiger can no longer hold. then. Not only did the arrow miss the target. He also shot Albert violently. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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