Light Spirit Epic Chapter 101: Pursuing the Jedi (Part 2)


Chapter 101: Pursuing the Jedi (Part 2)

It was dark in the past, but the scene in front of me was dark. The corridors and walls reminded Bedivere of Vivian’s Institute, but in comparison, it added a bit of weirdness and desolation.

“The institute is currently conducting the [predation elimination] experiment, please pay attention to your own safety.” The cold girl said.

“Predation and elimination?” Kai asked. As soon as his words fell, a terrifying giant beast rushed over from a distance.

“Whoa!” Kai was taken aback and raised his weapon to fight.

But there is no way for the monster to rush over. It should be said that it only rushed halfway, and was immediately eaten by another larger monster.

The bigger monster saw Kai and others and was about to rush over, but it was entangled by the countless tentacles of another monster, and it was directly divided before it had time to struggle!

The owner of the tentacles, the plant-like monster waved the tentacles with sharp blades, slicing the surrounding group of small monsters. But the number of little monsters has an overwhelming advantage, and they soon surrounded the plant monsters, rushing up, and tearing it to pieces!

The group of little monsters suddenly collapsed one after another, and a monster sprayed with poisonous mist all over their body poisoned them and ate them one by one!

The Poison Mist Monster was slashed by a mantis-like monster with sharp scythes in both hands when he was careless!

Everyone was stunned, and even the mantis monster rushed over and didn’t respond. The mantis monster waved a sickle at the crowd. When everyone saw that they were about to be cut in half, the cold girl waved her hand, and the powerful protective shield immediately bounced off the attack of the mantis!

The girl waved her hand again and shot out countless vacuum waves. The mantis monster’s head fell to the ground immediately, and its body was instantly cut into pieces, and then scattered on the ground!

“Is this a monster’s lair?!” cried Evan, “why not teleport us to a safer place?!”

“Because the upper layer is protected by an enchantment, it cannot be teleported,” the girl said. “This is the only closest place to teleport. Please go quickly. If you stay here, more monsters will attack.”

Although everyone had lingering fears, they had to follow the girl closely. The darkness was full of blood, and Bedivere felt the urge to vomit. He knew that in this terrifying laboratory, dozens or even hundreds of **** massacres were being staged every second!

Everyone came to an elevator. Although it was only about a hundred paces away, it seemed like a century had passed. Evan gasped, secretly glad that he finally left such a **** on earth.

After I got up from the elevator, the whole space suddenly became a lot brighter. The only dark place in the bright room was a woman’s seat not far away.

The werewolf boy looked at the woman. Although she looked very similar to Vivian, she was a peerless beauty, but her whole body exuded a coquettish and dark aura.

“Sure enough, it’s Mogos!” Kai couldn’t help shouting.

“Oh, Kay?” the woman said coldly. She turned and glanced at everyone, and at the moment when her eyes met Bedivere, the woman disappeared!

“Pfft!” The woman appeared again, less than a foot away from Bedivere. Holding a scarlet rapier, pierced through Bedivere’s shoulder! Belleville felt blood splattered on his face, thinking that he had been stabbed in the shoulder by a sword, but when he turned to look, it was a big spider lying on his shoulder that was stabbed!

“Lian Yin, didn’t I tell you to do a quarantine check before using the freight elevator? Why are you always so careless?” The glamorous woman said in a reproachful tone.

“I’m so sorry, Master. I thought that little bug was a harmless creature, so——“

“It’s harmless to you, but for them, the venom of this skeleton spider can kill them hundreds of times in an instant. Humans are just so weak. Be careful next time, the slaves don’t want to see important guests Died in the institute.”

(Bedivere couldn’t help but secretly broke into a cold sweat at this time!)

“Morgos, what are you doing here?” Kai asked coldly.

“It’s just to inspect the slave family’s own works.” Morgoth said mysteriously.

“Those? It’s a noble taste,” Kay quipped.

Morgos smiled disdainfully, ignoring Kai’s sarcasm, and looked at the statue behind Bedivere.

“Long time no see, to be like this? It’s just a worrying guy.” Morgos sneered, stroking Arthur’s stone statue.

“Mergos, stay away from Arthur.” Kai said in a threatening tone, “or else——“

“Otherwise, what happened?” Mogoose didn’t know when she had put her head on Kai’s chest. Her huge **** were rubbing against Kai’s abdominal muscles, but her hands were rubbing down along Kai’s abdominal muscles. : “Otherwise, do you want to – punish – punish – me -?”

“Stop!!” Kai suddenly pushed Mogos away, his face was already flushed.

“Shy, huhu. So cute.” Morgos smiled as if he was teasing Kai.

“You…what do you want, Mogos?!” Kai regained his composure and asked coldly.

“I want to save Arthur, of course.” Mogos replied absentmindedly, while trimming her nails with a file, “You think the slave family will really be idle enough to bring you into the slave family’s research institute for no reason. Just?”

“Can you really save Arthur?” Bedivere said, “Then please save him quickly!”

“Oh, of course, little orc little brother.” The woman approached the werewolf boy and said jokingly while playing with Bedivere’s face, “However, if my sister tells you, the conditions for saving people I want you to accompany your sister to play a big—human—game—game, would you like it?”

Bedivere swallowed. Mogosi’s perfume wafted into his nostrils, and seemed to have the power to seduce people, but the young man was trembling in his heart. This woman is really a terrifying monster. Every inch of her body is coquettish, with a strong dark and evil aura, like a giant snake aloof, ready to pounce on Bedivere at any time and devour him alive.

Bedivere suppressed his fear and whispered: “If, if you can save Arthur like this, then——“

“Shut up, Brady.” Kay stopped, “talking in front of Morgoth can easily lead to some messy promises, and the coercive force of magic will force you to keep your promises.”

“Why did you expose it right away, you are so boring!” Mogos complained, “The slave family just wanted to make a joke with the children.”

“Do you like young people now? The food is still tender and juicy, right?” Kay quipped, “Isn’t that what you said when you were hanging out with my dad?”

“The little devil who doesn’t understand the world, it’s no use telling you.” Mogos waved to her maid, “Lian Yin, put that stone statue into the laboratory.”

“Yes, Master.” The maid replied blankly, carrying out the order.

The werewolf boy looked at the cold girl with concern.

“Do you care? It’s an ancient weapon that was unearthed in the ancient ruins before. It seems to be called [Party Demon].” , “If you are interested, I will—send—to—you?”

“Send… send? What a mess!” Bedivere’s face flushed, “How can people send it, it’s not a doll.”

“That’s a A humanoid without a soul, who only knows how to obey orders.” Morgoth said, “but the body is indeed infinitely close to the human body. Apart from having children, do you think Everything you do will be done with you.”

“You—” The werewolf boy’s face flushed even more, “Don’t talk nonsense about nasty things!”

“Aren’t boys full of nasty thoughts? Do you need to be serious in front of your sister? Humph ——” Mogos used her fingers to draw a circle on Bedi’s chest , Every touch of that beautiful jade hand is full of provocation, making the werewolf boy breathe faster.

“Enough. Don’t teach bad kids.” Kay pulled Bedivere away, lest he be harassed by “the beautiful big sister” again.

“Hmph, just keep pretending to be innocent, Kai.” Seeing that the statue was basically moved into the laboratory, Mogoose followed up as she spoke, “We’ll talk about it later.”

“What’s the matter with you, do you need to bend over to cover up?” Kay patted Brady on the forehead, “I don’t blame you, that woman is a monster who specializes in attracting crimes.”

“Mergos—-could she be—-” Bedivere asked in a low voice, blushing.

“That’s right, the charming Morgoth, Arthur’s other sister.” Kay’s tone was slightly disdainful and hateful.

“You didn’t harass me.” Evan said lonely on the side, “That’s great?”

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