Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1009: The ultimate battle against Ziyan (9)


Chapter 1009 The ultimate battle against Ziyan 9

When Bedivere reacts. It’s too late. Dozens of floating cannons surrounded the platform on which Bedivere and Albert were. They fired together. More than a dozen beams form a dense firepower network from all angles. Can’t dodge at all.

No. Under normal circumstances there is really no way to dodge. But Bedivere has all kinds of weapons in his hands. Take advantage of a combination of these weapons. Maybe even save the defeat.

clang clang clang. The werewolf rolled up the shield bow with the tortoise-tongue whip. With dexterity and movement speed that cannot be achieved by human hands. The first step to block the two beam cannons leading the formation.

The beam cannons appear to have attacked at the same time. But in fact they arrive in order according to the distance between the floating turret and the target. More faster chapters to come. Just block them one by one in order. There seems to be a silver lining.

How is it actually. Three more beams followed, flanking the werewolf from the front, back, and left of Bedivere.

It’s not over yet. The werewolf swings the whip. Roll the shield bow for a big spin. The trajectory of the shield bow just overlapped with the trajectory of the three beams. The beam cannon fired at the two of them is fired.

But it’s not over yet. Three attacks followed by three attacks. Take advantage of the moment when the werewolf just blocked the previous wave of attacks with his shield. Continuously attack Bedivere.

“Humph.” The werewolf sank. Hit Albert. The turtle tongue whip is electrically controlled. And the electricity came from the Mithril prosthesis on the werewolf’s left arm—- that is to say. The whip is completely controlled by Bedivere’s brain waves. Bedivere’s body is completely free during this process. Has nothing to do with whip control. He was already ready to dodge the next wave of attacks. See the turtle tongue whip can not completely block all the attacks. Only use the last resort. Move yourself to evade.

Albert is knocked away. Three beams brushed across the shoulders, waists and legs of the werewolf and tiger. little damage to them.

However. Another floating cannon suddenly emerged from under the floating island. Fire from a blind spot in Bedivere’s field of vision.

“What…” The werewolf shouldn’t have been able to see the blow. But the light of the beam cannon is too bright. Its glitter is reflected through Albert’s cat eyes. . . In the end, Bedivere’s vision caught it—but. Oops. It’s coming too fast. Too close to the two of them. It was too late to completely avoid its attack.

At this critical moment. Bedivere pushed Albert to the ground with all his strength.

Whoosh. . —————- The beam penetrated the werewolf’s chest. A fist-sized hole was opened in Bedivere’s chest.

Clap. The chest was shot through by a beam cannon. The werewolf instantly lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

“Bedie…” screamed the tiger.

The werewolf didn’t shed a drop of blood. White smoke billowed from Bedivere’s chest. The stench of burnt flesh. He also lost his breath. . . The attack burned through most of his lungs. I’m afraid it’s also endangering the heart. The fatal wound left the werewolf in complete shock. Life is in danger.

“No. No. No no no no no no. This is not true..” Albert exclaimed hysterically: “You must be kidding me. Stop kidding. Give it to me now. Wake up. It’s not fun at all.”

“Tsk.” Palamidis just arrived at this time. Before tigers and werewolves were sniped again by floating cannons. He carried two young men in one hand. Escape far away.

Swish, swish, swish. Countless beam cannons followed. They hit the floating island where they had just settled. Brings continuous explosions.

“Just here.” Palamidis trotted to a floating island a few hundred yards away. Seeing this distance is fairly safe. The tiger and the wolf were left behind in the first update. He roared and ordered: “Tiger. Take care of Bedivere for me. If you are not in the mood to fight. Stay away. Don’t cause trouble to other companions.”

“Bedyville—–” Albert fell into a kind of daze. He stared blankly at the dying werewolf. Palamides didn’t listen at all.

Palamidis didn’t bother to bother about tigers either. He murmured to himself, “His condition is really bad. We need to get rid of this battle as soon as possible. I’ll send Little Beddy to first aid.”

Then the leopard warrior dashes out. Abandon the werewolves and tiger man youths on the floating island. Continue to entangle with the Amethyst Lava Dragon.

“Bediveville—“Albert’s spirit at this moment is a bit abnormal. The first update to the werewolf who was shocked said to himself: “I told you all about you. You are just an arrogant, nosy, boring and willful fool. I don’t need you for my life and death. You have to do this, meow. Use your body as a shield for others. Are you a lunatic or a lunatic.. There really exists in the world you sacrifice yourself. Disgusting other bastards.”

Tiger stood up: “Just stay with me. It will be over soon.”

Albert draws his longsword. Aiming at his left arm———

Keng. chopped down.

Albert chopped off his left arm. .

“Ugh.—–” The process of cutting off his arm was not as painful as the tiger imagined. The first time to update his Haitao sword comes with a Bingjie plug-in. In the moment of full swing, it can generate extremely cold air-conditioning. So while cutting off the arm. He also froze his left arm. There was no massive bleeding that took away his stamina. No dizzying pain. This plan seems to work.

“Look, look.” The tiger was still talking to himself to the unconscious werewolf: “This is… not taking it off. It’s just… a broken arm. I But I didn’t break the rules.——–Let all the test regulations die.”

The tiger dashed out without looking back. Run towards the Amethyst Lava Dragon.

“What…that kid———…” Still dodging and dodging beside the monster. Palamidis waiting for an opportunity. I saw Albert rushing over again. I was about to scold Tiger loudly.

But he also saw it. Tiger cut off his left arm. Do something so crazy. There is only one purpose – to liberate the power in your body.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhly Something gleamed with intense white light from his severed arm. Formed a “new” left arm. The arm of the spirit body.

“Old, tiger…” Chanel, the elf girl, saw this scene. Surprised.

“That tiger is really crazy.” Evan jumped to avoid the attack. At the same time, he looked back at the tiger. . .

“What? It’s still hiding this hand.” Tristan ran to the farther platform to avoid the attack. At the same time take time out to observe the movement of the tiger.

“Die. Die. Die..” The tiger waved the arm of the spirit body frantically. The arm is as expected. It can be big or small. Extend the distance with Albert’s will. Although this extension seems to have some kind of length limit. He swung the lizard-tooth dagger with the tiger claws of the spirit body and slashed wildly. The floating artillery was caught off guard.

Touch. bang. slap. Under the sword of the tiger. Several floating guns were shot down. This is the first time. At the moment when everyone was forced to be embarrassed by the intensive firepower. Tiger’s fierce counterattack opened a gap in the battle. It is estimated that even the adversary was stunned by this peculiar situation. For the first time, the floating guns around the update were stagnant for a moment.

“It’s now.” Ivan, a young half-dragon young man, shot indiscriminately. Every bullet hit those floating cannons. An explosion sounded immediately.

“I won’t make you arrogant anymore.” The elf girl Chanel also fired several arrows at the same time. These enchanted, highly penetrating iron arrows travel through the densely populated areas of floating cannons. One arrow shot through several floating cannons. A more violent explosion sounded.

“Humph.” Palamidis dashed out. The long gun in his hand was slashed. It blasted dozens of floating cannons around.

Each of these floating cannons has a [core]. By the control of the stone core. They can have such attack accuracy and powerful evasion ability. However. There are always good and bad sides. The slime-like creatures at the core of the plank cannon are all a living entity. That is, part of the Amethyst Lava Dragon. while they were attacked. There may also be short-term stiffness due to pain. Once one appears stiff straight. The entire floating artillery army will be affected by this rigidity.

So also. The very short moment in which every floating gun was destroyed. All floating guns are stationary. Take advantage of this. Everyone present can continue to carry out continuous strikes on the floating artillery army. before they can act again. Destroy the floating artillery army. .

Theoretically it is. Everyone who realized this began to act independently. Attack hard.

Swipe, swipe, swipe. The magic swordsman Solal jumped and danced among dozens of floating islands. The two knives in his hands were constantly slashing. everywhere. The floating cannons exploded.

Tristan is not to be outdone. Waving the spear in his hand. A flurry of scribbles. Create a powerful explosion in the floating cannon group.

Whoosh. A beam cannon shot at Seefer. But the leopard youth easily blocked it with a shield. The attacks of the beam cannons were noticeably sparser. Just be careful. This kind of attack is nothing to fear. Zephyr stabbed and destroyed the floating cannon that fired the cold shot.

And his brother Seglade. It takes the form of a leopard. Carrying his teammate Mordred galloping between several floating islands. He didn’t lose to his father Palamidis at all in speed. It is turning into a blue shadow. Keep approaching the floating forts. And Mordred, who was in charge of the attack on Seglade’s back, threw his fists. His glove sent shockwave after shockwave. Easily destroyed every floating gun that passed by.

Rumble rumble rumble rumble. .

Clap la la la la la la la. .

All kinds of explosions and guns and swords began to sound. The situation reversed in an instant. It only took ten seconds. The violent counterattack of the crowd wiped out more than half of the surrounding floating artillery army. At the same time, the army of floating artillery was continuously eliminated. The attack power and agility of each body are also declining. Precisely because they share the inconvenience of feeling. The remorse and fear of the comrade being wiped out continue to spread among the floating cannons.

It works. Follow this trend. Extinguishing these floating cannons is not a dream. Then it was the turn of the Amethyst Lava Dragon. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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