Light Spirit Epic Chapter 10: Miracles in France


Chapter 10 The Law of Miracles (in)

When Arthur woke up, he just felt uncomfortable: he was covered in photon-measuring sensors that stuck to his skin, making him itchy and painful. The beeping and beeping sound of the measuring instrument beside him seemed to laugh at the ignorance of the young man.

“Don’t move, your physical examination is not over yet,” said a woman’s voice, which was very sweet, but not too sweet. The rose-like perfume smell on the woman was consistent with the [sweet] in her voice, it was just right, neither strong nor light.

Arthur neither likes nor hates this sweetness.

The teenager is still in ignorance, his eyes are covered by blindfolds, and the darkness makes him even more uncomfortable. He suppressed his worry and asked in a hoarse voice: “Check? Where is this? Where do you want to fight next?”

“Battle? What are you talking about, little idiot? You just woke up and wanted to fight again after such an intense simulated battle? I really don’t understand what your head is thinking.” The sweet-sounding woman replied .

“Simulated battle?” He had a feeling of being tricked, and his heart burst into flames: “Wait a minute, where is this?!”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” the woman’s voice said, “Of course this is the medical room.”

“Medical room? What medical room? Where is the medical room?!” Arthur asked.

“Of course it’s the medical room at the base of the Knights of the North, you fool!” The woman’s voice snickered, “Why even ask such an idiot question?”

Arthur suddenly realized. —— Sure enough, was tricked. He couldn’t help but get angry.

“The fighting ability is good, but the brain is not very good, right?” A man’s voice sounded, and the sound of his footsteps entered the medical room at the same time.

The boy also recognized that it was the voice of the masked man who kidnapped him before.

“You bastard…” The young Arthur said angrily, enduring the pain and jumping up from the bed.

“Oh, didn’t you say that the inspection is not over yet?” The woman hurriedly stopped.

The young man was angry, he took off the blindfold with one hand, and the curse words in his mouth were like arrows, and he had already disregarded the presence of a lady next to him.

After taking off the blindfold, what appeared in front of him was a knight and a girl.

Looking at the knight’s face, the young man withdrew his anger and swallowed the swear words that were about to erupt.

This man is tall and strong, with a faintly mischievous smile on his slightly old face. His brown hair was a little gray from the baptism of years, but his spirited gray-green eyes exuded the cunning brilliance of an old urchin.

None of this is a good description of this man. In fact, the simplest sentence to describe him is:

—— full of alcohol.

This guy must be an old alcoholic who doesn’t like alcohol. What knight dares to get drunk on his own business? If you are not afraid of being fired, you can try it.

There is only one person in the entire Beitian Knights who can be so arrogant and eclectic, ——

In front of Arthur is none other than the head of the Knights of the North, the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens. Arthur had seen this man from a distance in various knightly awarding ceremonies of the Knights of the North.

——A person who is out of reach.

The dark brown-haired girl beside him, with smooth and white skin and bright green eyes, is the precious daughter of the Grand Duke of Lyon Dickens, a genius in the medical field, and a talented woman with extensive knowledge. , the dream marriage partner of the knights of the entire knight order, the chief medical officer of the North Sky Knight Order, … with a lot of titles, Miss Greenville Leon Dickens!

——Another unreachable person.

Arthur never dreamed that he would be surrounded by these two people in such a small medical room. But at this moment, the anger in his heart overshadowed his astonishment and shame.

“Isn’t this… Your Excellency the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens?” Arthur lowered his voice, fearing that he would accidentally yell out: “So it’s your Excellency who has been playing tricks on me for the past two days?”

“Trick? It’s not really!——It’s just a special isolation treatment for the members of the Knights, and by the way, let him receive simulation training.” The leader of the North Sky Knights said, “Anyway, the newly built simulation The training facility just needs testers, hehe!”

Is this **** [test] a waste of life? Arthur cursed inwardly.

“The villain has always respected His Excellency the Great Duke——” the boy whispered, and he had all the reasons to be angry. But in the face of such a big man, he had to suppress his anger, otherwise he would easily move his head.

“——I have always respected Your Excellency. Until today, I did not know that His Excellency the Grand Duke is such a joker…”

Arthur couldn’t help but hooked the Heavenly Knight and his master, Richard Leon Dickens. Is there a father like a son?

The Grand Duke of Leon Digens sneered disdainfully: “Hmph, this joke can’t be tolerated? Boy, don’t be so noisy, just take this as your unauthorized use of the Viking fleet three days ago. If you kill my fun, I’ll have to play with you, is it fair?”

“You…you know?!” Arthur was shocked, his heart almost stopped beating.

“Isn’t even this clear? The cavalry you rode out had a monitor. Until it was destroyed by the falling spaceship, the recorded video was including You ruthlessly killed the vikings — the whole — process — process.”

“Tsk…” The young Arthur groaned. I just blame myself for being so clumsy, I don’t even understand this little thing. Next time, he will make the cavalry crash more beautifully!

“If you want to be a hero, please clarify the surrounding environment first.” The Celestial Knight sneered again.

Arthur is speechless. He got up, pulled out the various measuring instruments on his body, and walked a few steps while supporting his body.

“If you have nothing to do, please allow me to say goodbye first.” Then he hurried away.

“This kid…” The Grand Duke of Leon Dickens murmured in a low voice, the boy’s reaction was much colder and less interesting than he had imagined.

“Is that what you were talking about earlier, Father?” the girl couldn’t help asking.

“Well, it’s [Dragon].” The Grand Duke grinned.

“I can’t see how fierce he is at all.” Greenville said, “The number of photons on his body is even less than that of a normal person.”

“A miracle, as a miracle, is inherently unreasonable.” The Grand Duke of Lyon Dickens said again.

He saw the shadow of a huge destiny in the boy, and he was eager to control him and take this huge power as his own.

The Archduke of Leon Dickens considers himself an excellent dragon rider.

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