Konoha’s Light Chapter 633: This is my last chakra


Hearing Long Shi’s joyful confession, even Soseki’s face became strange. The title of the emperor of the universe, the second class, shouldn’t be called him?

However, recalling his previous nicknames like “Hexagon Warrior”, he suddenly didn’t find it strange again.

Naruto coughed up blood and asked, “The emperor of the universe? What the **** are you talking about?”

Long Shi laughed loudly, “It’s okay to tell you now, I am indeed from Otsutsukimoto’s family, but not from this time and space, but from the future time and space!”

Hearing Long Shi’s words, everyone was shocked, “From the future?”

However, after all, this is not the first time they have met someone from the future, and the surprise quickly calmed down.

On the contrary, it was Yishi and Taoshi. They felt that Longshi had a strong purpose before, and when they heard that he came from the future, their confusion was immediately resolved.

“Is it to change the future? However, how bad is the future situation that makes the family make such a decision regardless of everything?”

Longshi continued, “As for the emperor of the universe, he is the man behind you, Soseki Shimizu! He almost destroyed our rule by himself, and in just a few hundred years, he let this primitive planet replace us. Otsutsuki’s position in the starry sky… No, even far beyond! He formed the Starry Sky Alliance in this star field, united those scattered small and medium forces, defeated our clan, and became the strongest in the starry sky One of the biggest forces, he was dubbed the title of the emperor of the universe because of this!”

Everyone couldn’t believe it. If it wasn’t from the mouth of the enemy, even they themselves would have a hard time believing that such a future would happen to them, because it is too absurd!

But thinking about it seriously, such a development seems reasonable.

The leader has always been the best one, whether it is Konoha, Ninja World, or Xingkong!

Also, forming an alliance sounds like something a leader would do!

One-style pupil shock, although he also thinks that Kiyomizu Soseki will be a huge threat to Otsutsuki, but it is impossible to imagine that Otsutsuki, who has traversed the starry sky for hundreds of thousands of years, will be destroyed in just a few hundred years !

Liu Dao is very pleased, “I have made small mistakes in my life, but I finally made the right choices in major matters. I sealed my mother, founded the Ninja sect, and chose Soseki…”

Soon, his gaze became firm and resolute, “For the future of this world, even if I try my best to completely annihilate my soul, I will keep Soseki!”

In this impetuous atmosphere, Long Shi laughed loudly, “It’s a pity, your glorious future will soon be ruined, you have no future!”

Seeing the reckless appearance of Long Shi, Yi Shi Tao Shi frowned slightly, why does it feel that Long Shi has been lowered again? Didn’t he say that there would be no emotional fluctuations?

However, they are not too worried.

With the current situation, it is impossible to lose no matter how the dragon poses!

At this moment, Aizen, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly asked, “It seems that the future does not have my name?”

Longshi shrugged, “You are indeed a very powerful person. If you can live to the future, maybe you can become a big shot shoulder to shoulder with Kiyomizu Soseki! But it is a pity that there is no trace of you in the future. In my opinion, You probably lost to Soseki Kiyomizu in the original battle!”

“Just shoulder to shoulder?” Aizen shook his head slightly, then smiled freely, “Sure enough, the only one who can defeat me is myself!”

Dragon style puzzled, “Yourself?”

Aizan ignored him, but turned to look at Soseki, “About my identity, you should be somewhat aware of it? After all, I personally led you to visit my hometown!”

Soseki said in a deep voice, “What should I call you? Aizen Soyousuke? Or… Soseki Kiyomizu from the parallel world?”

Obito in the crowd opened his eyes wide and went crazy in his heart, “I guessed right? It turns out that Aizen is really a senior from a parallel world!”

Dragon Style was dumbfounded, Parallel world? There are things that even he doesn’t know!

“The name is just a code name, you can call it whatever you want!” Aizen said indifferently.

Hearing Lan Ran’s confession, everyone was in an uproar, and they couldn’t even take care of the critical situation now!

“The leaders of the two strongest forces in the ninja world are actually the same person, which is amazing!”

“Idiot! It’s said that he is the leader of the parallel world!”

Momoshi was even more stunned, “Let me just say, how could those inferior creatures give birth to two monsters surpassing Otsutsugi in one era, that would make sense!”

Aizen continued, “We are one world with two sides. I tend to be extreme, but you are too gentle. If there is one person who is willing to sacrifice, the person who receives his power will break through the limit and reach the true ultimate!”

Soseki took a deep breath, “I understand, you come to receive my power…”

However, Aizen laughed and said, “Since there is already a perfect future to choose from, why bother to gamble on an uncertain fate…Come on, take my will to reach the top of the starry sky!”

Speaking, Aizen turned into a ray of light and threw it at Soseki!

Seeing this situation, everyone was shocked.

Ai muttered to himself, “It’s so bold to give up your own life without hesitation!”

Minato said with emotion, “As expected of Soseki in the parallel world, this kind of scale is really shocking!”

“Yeah! It’s really shocking…” Long Shi clapped his hands with emotion, and suddenly his face changed drastically, “I’m so **** emotional! Damn, I must be affected by that evil will again!”

“No, they must not be successfully combined!”

Thinking of this, the power in Longshi’s body boiled up, and he immediately wanted to freeze time and space.

But at this moment, Soseki suddenly shouted, “Ningji, stop him!”

Ningji, who was originally possessed by Kaguya and swallowed by the dragon pose together with Kaguya, suddenly regained consciousness at this moment, “Is the teacher…calling me?”

Although his will is very weak, Long Shi is also under the influence of Jiangzhi halo, and the inside and outside cooperate, making Long Shi suddenly lose control of his body!

On the other side, Aizan flew to Soseki’s light and made a final voice, “Sanren, Kaorin, you will treat him as me from now on, and work for my will!”

Sheren’s eyes were red, “Impossible, I only know Lord Aizen, even if you die, please let me follow you!”

Speaking, Sheren turned into a red light and followed.

Liu Dao’s complexion changed slightly, “It’s not right, he wants to use his own power to affect the balance and force Aizen’s will to prevail?”

Thinking of this, Rokudo also turned into a ray of light and threw it at Soseki, “Take it, this is my last chakra!”


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