Keyboard Immortal Chapter 647: Shocking Big Melon

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Above the court, hundreds of officials gathered together and whispered. Many people asked the big bosses to find out what happened, but unfortunately, those guys remained silent.

“The Emperor and the Queen have arrived!” It wasn’t until the eunuch’s shrill voice sounded that the noisy hall became quiet.

Soon Zhao Ruizhi and Bi Linglong came in from the side one after another. Zhao Ruizhi sat on the dragon chair in front, while Bi Linglong sat on the phoenix chair behind the bead curtain.

Seeing that both of them were present, many ministers who were originally worried breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that everything last night was still under control.

However, many attentive people noticed that the position where Bi Linglong was sitting today was a little different from usual. On weekdays, the Queen Mother sat in the middle, and her seat was a slightly smaller one next to her.

But now she was sitting in the center, but the Queen Mother did not appear, and even the other chair was removed directly.

Many people in the audience had already heard some rumors, and they all felt guilty when they saw this scene. The Liu family was indeed doomed.

I originally thought that the Queen Mother had been running the palace for many years and was a great master. With her here, the Liu family would have a chance to make a comeback. Now…

After all the ministers saluted, Bi Linglong cleared her throat and said, “You must also know that something happened last night. The Queen Mother intended to abolish the establishment and united with the Liu brothers to conspire inside and outside. Fortunately, King Yi , King Wu and other royal families helped, and with the concerted efforts of all the major families, the rebellion was put down.”

Not long ago, her father Bi Qi came to the palace and talked with her for a long time.

She also knew that at this point, she had no choice but to go along with it. Otherwise, if she really wanted to pursue the case, would the Bi family be found guilty of falsely passing on the imperial edict or even treason?

Anyway, she

I have never dealt with the Queen Mother, but now the Queen Mother is in danger, so let’s stabilize the situation first.

We will slowly liquidate some people later.

Despite being mentally prepared, the entire hall was still in an uproar after hearing the news.

Everyone knows that the current emperor is the flesh and blood of the Queen Mother’s sister. With this blood relationship, why would the Liu family be crazy and replace them with other princes who have nothing to do with the Liu family?

It’s just that now that the matter has settled, it’s hard for everyone to say anything for the loser.

I just kept looking at King Yi and King Wu. It turned out that they were the main force in what happened last night.

At the same time, he also looked at Bi Qi from time to time. Everyone knew that the Bi family and the Liu family had always been at odds. If they said that he was not involved in such a thing, no one would believe it.

Sure enough, following the discussion of merit and rewards, Yi Wang Zhao Huang was promoted from Zhendong General to General, the leader of all generals.

The sons Zhao Shun and Zhao Si, who had made great contributions last night, were both granted the title of king and granted the title of ten thousand households. Among them, Zhao Shun was promoted to the right guard general.

Wang Wang was promoted to Liu Yao’s previous position as General Wei, responsible for the defense of Beijing.

At the same time, he serves as the leader of the middle school and controls all the six schools outside the city.

Biqi’s food town increased by 8,000 households, and he also served as a servant and a general of chariots and cavalry.

Many discerning people can see that although the rewards Bi Qi received are not as dazzling as King Yi and King Wu on the surface, they have gained a lot of practical benefits.

Although Shangshu Province has the highest status among the three provinces in name, it has to handle various specific government affairs. It is not only busy with affairs, but also far away from the decision-making center.

The waiter is different. He is a key figure around the emperor who discusses and formulates policies.

The Chariot and Cavalry General is the third-ranked general among all generals

With the existence of the number, the general is now King Yi, and the second-ranked hussar general, King Qi, has died and is now idle.

Speaking of which, he now ranks second in the military.

In this way, he will have access to both military and political power at the same time. I am afraid that the Bi family will become the most wealthy family in the world in the future.

Everyone who participated in getting rid of the Liu family last night received satisfactory rewards. In addition, some other highly respected ministers also received rewards.

For example, Tingwei Jiang Boyang was appointed as a sergeant, allowing him to enter the center of decision-making power. He also served as the prince’s young master, allowing him to add an additional 500 soldiers and honor guards.

Everyone secretly guessed that the queen’s move was probably to appease her

Ministers of the DPRK.

For someone like Jiang Boyang, who has always been upright and upright, and holds the position of court captain, he is already in charge of the law. If he seriously pursues the legality of the matter of dealing with the Queen Mother and the Liu family last night, it will really end badly.

Especially considering that the Jiang family is related by marriage to the Pei family, the Yu family and even the royal family. The unmarried daughter Jiang Luofu is also a teacher at the back of the college and plays a decisive role in the college.

Jiang Boyang had no expression on his face. He didn’t know whether he was bribed by this honor or because he considered that after the Liu family was destroyed, everything was ready for cooking. After all, he did not raise an issue in the court.

Because of the demise of the Liu family, there were a large number of official positions and power vacancies in the court, so almost every minister in the court meeting received a reward, which was considered to be a happy one.

Seeing that after her skillful operation, the civil and military officials of the entire court finally acquiesced in the matter, Bi Linglong finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Who knew that Zhao Ruizhi, who had been silent at this time, suddenly spoke: “Where is Zu An, why haven’t you heard about his treatment?”

? ? ?

The whole hall suddenly fell into chaos

A kind of terrifying tranquility.

Many people looked at each other with confusion in their eyes. Why are they still related to the regent?

The colleagues they consulted were also confused, making eye contact: “I don’t know?”

A smile appeared on the face of Bi Linglong, who was listening to the government behind the curtain. After hearing this, her expression suddenly changed and she looked down at Bi Qi.

She was smart and realized immediately that what happened yesterday was actually aimed at Zu An?

How dare they!

At this time, Bi Qi replied: “The regent went to the place where the demon clan was sealed to fight against the demons outside the world. There is still no news. I’m afraid…”

“Hmph, isn’t this giving him an advantage? I want to deprive him of the position of regent.” Zhao Ruizhi waved his fist angrily.

“Absolutely not. The regent has made great contributions to the country. Even if something happens to him unfortunately in the Sealed Land, the human race and even the whole world should remember his achievements. How could he do such a deplorable thing? Something happened!” Jiang Boyang finally couldn’t hold back the anger in his heart and said sternly.

Sang Hong also went out to report: “Yes, the regent has repeatedly made outstanding achievements for the court in recent years, and now he is willing to take extraordinary risks in order to solve the problem of demons outside the world. I don’t know what mistake he made to make your majesty so angry.”

Are you kidding? The Sang family and Zu An are now tied together, how can he just sit back and ignore it.

At this time, a series of ministers who had good relations with Zu An, such as the Qin family and the Murong family, all spoke in agreement. In addition, many ministers who were close to the National Academy also began to speak out.

Zhao Ruizhi never expected that the ministers who were very respectful just now would be so aggressive at this time, seeing that many of them had a reputation for majesty

Senior, I couldn’t help but feel guilty for a moment: “Even if you are right, but…he bullied my Linglong, how can I…how can I spare him lightly?”

These words did not have the slightest power of the emperor. On the contrary, he became more and more aggrieved as he spoke, and his voice became inaudible.

It’s just that everyone can hear clearly which of the ministers who are qualified to attend the morning court are not highly cultivated.

The court, which had been so excited just now, suddenly became quiet. They all looked at Bi Linglong in shock, wondering why such a shocking thing suddenly appeared?

Bi Linglong almost ran out of breath and fainted. She was shy and angry at the same time, but she reacted quickly and immediately snorted: “The emperor was frightened last night. Today he is a little confused and started talking nonsense. Someone, help me.” The emperor returns to his palace to rest.”


Soon, the **** and the maid came to help Zhao Ruizhi. The queen usually had a high prestige. Except for special circumstances like yesterday when the incident happened suddenly, everyone still subconsciously obeyed her orders.

Zhao Ruizhi quit: “I’m not confused. I don’t want to go back to rest. People named Zu bullied you, and you did it all to protect me…”

At this time, King Yi coughed and interrupted him: “Your Majesty is indeed a little confused, so you should go back to the palace and rest early.”

He is the one who is under the greatest pressure here. You must know that in order to trick this stupid emperor into stamping his seal last night, his two sons used Zu An as a reason to really pursue him

After checking, I’m afraid their family won’t be able to eat enough to carry around.

On a normal day, it would be close to treason for a minister to speak to the emperor like this, but now no one in the entire hall thought it was inappropriate. Instead, many people agreed and urged the emperor to hurry up

Click back and rest.

Are you kidding? If you let this stupid emperor reveal some information, how will it end next?

With so many people in the hall, who can guarantee that the news will not leak out?

After all, the other party is a legitimate emperor, and everyone cannot ignore what he says.

And if what he said is true, then the affair between the courtier and the queen would be an extremely explosive scandal even in history. Every one of them will be nailed to the pillar of shame in the history books. .

The key is how to deal with this matter in reality?

Really punish the regent?

Not to mention the fact that the regent has strong connections in the court and is the liberator of the National College. Even without these, based on his own strength alone, who dares to touch him and who can understand him?

The Jin King, the ancestors of the Meng family, countless masters from the Dai Palace, and the terrifying golden dragon are all still dead.

Who dares to die?

Besides, if we really force him to the side of the demon clan, and then he leads his army south, it will be a question whether the entire Great Zhou Dynasty can still exist.

If what the stupid emperor said is false, then if it spreads, it will also be a huge blow to the emperor’s sanctity and majesty. The entire royal family and all the princes in the court will probably become a laughing stock.


Your Majesty, please shut up!

This is the common thought of almost everyone in the court.

Zhao Ruizhi originally wanted to say something more, but Bi Linglongfeng glared at him with a confused look, and he was so frightened that he shut his mouth.

I have been disciplined by the other party since I was the prince. Sometimes the other party is like his mother, with a natural coercion of a cat over a mouse.

After Zhao Ruizhi was “invited” back to the palace by the **** and the maid, Bi Linglong looked at the civil and military officials of the court and wanted to say something

, but my cheeks felt hot again, I haven’t been this embarrassed in many years.

No matter how smart she is, and how majestic she is as a mother, she is only a teenage girl after all. How can she calm down after such a thing.

She actually thought about countless situations in which her relationship with Zu An would be exposed, but she never thought of this situation.

Everything happened so suddenly…

She didn’t speak, and the other ministers of His Highness didn’t dare to speak. They were all cautious, for fear of accidentally getting into trouble.

It’s just that it’s very painful for those who just stood up to ask for Zu An’s life. It’s not okay to continue to say it now, and it’s not okay to retreat.

Sang Hong looked weird. You know, he always felt a little depressed when he thought about his daughter and daughter-in-law being taken over by Zu An. He could only keep comforting himself that his son-in-law was only half a son, so it was considered that the wealth would not go to outsiders.

Until now I saw that he could even handle the queen, I even felt a little inexplicably proud for a while. His daughter, daughter-in-law and the current queen were all sisters!

Jiang Boyang’s face was also very exciting at this time, thinking that although he knew that the boy was a libertine before, he never expected that he would be so bold, even the queen would dare to get involved?

No, I have to go back and keep my daughter away from him.

You must know that Jiang Luofu had known each other in Mingyue City, and now he was working as an errand under him at the National College. It was really dangerous.

Wu Wang’s expression was also very exciting. In fact, Zu An had always been a thorn in his heart, especially when he thought that in order to find out the secrets of the “Phoenix Nirvana Sutra”, he personally sent his wife to his room. At first, he thought it was He is a small person and can be silenced afterwards.

Ghost knows he will become a success afterward

It’s grown to this point!

During the last ambush in the capital, Yuqing fell out with herself in order to save him. It seemed like she was clearly in love with that guy.

Can just once, just once, make his usually loving wife completely devoted to him?

Every time King Wu thought about this, he would go crazy with jealousy and regret

, but the one named Zu is too powerful, and he has no ability to retaliate.

Until last night, he finally saw a glimmer of light.

But now he is even happier, because even the queen has been tainted by him, and the emperor has to suffer this kind of injustice, and I am not alone anymore.

What is that guy’s ability that fascinates women so much?

The most depressing people in the hall are probably the people of the Qin family. You must know that Zu An is the son-in-law of the Chu family. Although the two had reconciled before, everyone knew that it was just a temporary measure. These Don’t the regent Nian have a good relationship with Chu Chuyan and the Qin family members?

The Qin family is Chu Chuyan’s natal family, and their own uncle came out to steal sex, and even stole it from the queen…

Hey, I’m just here for a morning meeting, why do I feel like my head is glowing with green light?

At this time, Bi Linglong coughed slightly, and she finally came to her senses: “In the past, there were indeed some rumors about this palace and the regent, but at that time, Jijiu personally testified for us, and the late emperor supervised us. It can be seen that we It seems that the emperor heard some slanderous rumors from somewhere, and my dear friends must not take this matter seriously.”

Hearing what he said, King Yi’s face changed slightly, thinking that his two little **** were dozens of years old and still couldn’t tell the difference, so now it’s better


Others said: “Yes, empress!”

It’s just that everyone is starting to gossip more and more. The Queen’s explanation is reasonable and impeccable no matter how you look at it.

But this is the case with many things. The more you explain, the more guilty you will feel.

Originally, when Jijiu came out to testify, everyone thought there was nothing wrong with it, but now that they think about it, it turned out that before his death, Lao Jijiu passed his position to Zu An. It seems that the relationship between the two was unusual. His style of conduct may have already established him as his successor.

So after such rumors happened, what happened if he lied once in order to save Zu An?

Besides, even if nothing happened between the two of them at that time, what happened later?

After the death of the late emperor, the queen and the regent had the final say in the entire palace, and the regent was in and out of the palace for a long time, so there were really too many opportunities.

Looking back, when he was still in the East Palace of the Crown Prince, the Regent often visited and interacted with the Crown Princess.

Compared to the silly fat guy Zhao Ruizhi, the regent is handsome and unrestrained. The key is his unparalleled cultivation. Which girl can withstand his charm?

In the past, it was just Bi Linglong’s identity and her extremely mature and sensible political skills that made everyone subconsciously ignore that she was still a girl.

Now that I was awakened by Zhao Ruizhi, I felt a sudden realization.

These two people look so good together!

Seeing the strange eyes and expressions of the ministers in the audience, Bi Linglong probably guessed what they were thinking, and she almost fainted.

These old foxes with unhealthy thoughts are really disgusting!

But what happened between her and Zu An was true, which made her feel guilty even if she wanted to refute it.

In desperation, I can only keep a straight face


“Don’t leak a single word about today’s events. If I hear any rumors, I will definitely punish you severely!”


She doesn’t want to stay in this hall for a second longer!

Seeing Bi Linglong running away with a frosty look on her face, all the ministers in the hall had a hint of smile in their eyes.

She is anxious, she is anxious!

She is still a little girl after all.

Bi Linglong returned to the palace with a straight face. No one of the maids around her on the way dared to say a word, not even Rong Mo dared to persuade her.

“Let Lord Bi come to see me!”

After leaving an order, he locked himself in the room alone and did not allow anyone to come in.

Then he got into bed, covered his head, and rolled around on the bed, leaving only one pair of legs kicking around:

“Ah ah ah, how embarrassing!”

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