Invincible Hero of Necromancer Chapter 3084: Struggle of Will



As if receiving some unique infection from Rhode’s words, at this moment, the Red Dragon Sword in Moriel’s hand continued to tremble. Facing Rhodes who was approaching her step by step, she could no longer hold the sword in her hand tightly.

Rhode was naturally aware of this. Seeing the success of Moriel’s fight against the bewitchment of the Door of Betrayal, Rhodes was also happy about it. It seemed that as long as this continued, it would not be a simple matter for the two of them to join forces to pass through the Door of Betrayal. Things that exist in the imagination.

“Stop…I won’t warn you next time.”

However, after a brief inner wavering, what firmly occupied Moriel’s heart again was the will that was bewitched by the door of betrayal. The wavering that originally existed in her eyes seemed to They all disappeared, and what remained was the boundless anger and the extremely strong killing intent against Rhodes.

After noticing something strange about Moriel, Rhodes still refused to give up. At the same time, he did not stop approaching and kept advising: “Wake up, you are just bewitched by the Door of Disloyalty. Want to Thinking about our journey in the illusion, how could I compete with you for the right to enter the door of betrayal at this time?”

Rhode’s persuasion did not have any effect. The negative emotions spurred by the Gate of Disloyalty had now firmly occupied Moriel’s heart, making her say nothing to him. If you don’t believe it, under the influence of the door of betrayal, Moriel will only believe what she wants to believe.

“Really? If you are so kind to me, who did the artifacts that belonged to me end up in the hands of? Why didn’t you return those artifacts to me early in the morning?” Moriel asked.

Hearing Moriel bring her words back to what happened in the past, Rhodes was helpless for a moment and had no choice but to follow her words and said: “Listen to me, those things in the past have already happened. There’s no way to change it. Rather than this, I want to know more, didn’t you already have the time realm at that time? Why don’t you go back to the past and change the things that happened?”

Rhode’s words seemed to stimulate some bad memories in Moriel’s heart that she didn’t want to mention, and immediately had the opposite effect. She heard the red-haired woman in front of her roar, but she didn’t look at her. He wanted Rhodes to attack, but instead covered his head, with a sign of struggle in his expression, as if he was struggling with the power of the Door of Disloyalty.

The changes that happened to Moriel first made Rhodes slightly stunned, and then he figured out something. Only those memories that made Moriel extremely profound can awaken Moriel’s will and give her the ability to fight against betrayal. The door controls are relatively resistant. In the memory used to awaken Moriel, Rhodes was not patiently persuading her like he was now. Instead, cynicism was more in line with Moriel’s impression of him.

Seeing that a sarcastic tone was far more effective than patient comfort, Rhodes scratched his head for a moment. He didn’t expect that this method could awaken Moriel’s own will. Although Rhodes was a little helpless, he could only follow the current situation. The pattern continues, who makes Moriel remember him like this? Then he said:

“That’s it. The Door of Disloyalty is just a dead thing. As a hero, how can you be bewitched by such a dead thing? Or should it be said that the heroic will that belongs to you also changes with the heroes in this time? All disappeared? I think you are not the hero Moriel I know at all. Who are you?”

Rhode’s loud shout reached the struggling Morrill’s ears at this moment, which also made her groan. The battle with the Door of Disloyalty in her heart was far deeper than it seemed on the surface. More serious, but also more dangerous.

“What are you talking about?” Even so, Moriel still raised her breath and asked Rhodes at the side. At the same time, she glared at Rhodes fiercely, as if she had said the words before. , at this moment, it deeply stimulated her heart. How could Moriel, who had always been proud, endure such slander. Rhodes actually said that she was not a hero. This was simply a great insult to her.

Rhode’s words finally had some effect. At least now, Moriel has also noticed the power belonging to the Door of Betrayal that is eroding her heart. Under the bewitchment of the Door of Betrayal, any intimacy The seamless relationship will be quietly broken, leaving only endless fights in the end. No matter how close she was with Rhodes before, they will eventually fight for the door of betrayal.

“You actually said that I am not a hero? When I get rid of the control of the Gate of Disloyalty, I will definitely make you look good…” Moriel gritted her teeth and glared at Rhodes with an unkind expression. She had to say that Rhodes De’s words were very effective. Even Moriel, whose will was originally bewitched, immediately woke up under the stimulation of the words, and for a moment seemed to have escaped the control of the door of betrayal.

However, perhaps because the effect of those words was so good, Moriel also felt an unknown anger against Rhodes in her heart. She secretly decided in her heart that when she was completely free from the bewitchment of the Door of Disloyalty, even her With her will restored to clarity, she also wanted to teach Rhodes a lesson and let him know the consequences of daring to say that.

Rhode seemed not to notice the change in Moriel, and said without any sign of weakness: “So, do you think what I just said was wrong? That means you think you are still a hero. ? In this case, why don’t you prove it to me? Let me see the unyielding will that belongs to a hero. Let me see how far you can go. Or are you planning to succumb to the sect of betrayal and let your will Completely manipulated?”

Listening to Rhode’s irritating words one after another, Moriel let out a dull roar. Although she was still in human form, for some reason, Rhode actually heard from the roar she made. I could vaguely hear the power of the giant dragon.

In the confrontation with the Door of Betrayal, Moriel’s will has regained the upper hand. For Rhodes, this is of course good news. As long as Moriel can completely resist the temptation of the Door of Betrayal, the two of them can There is no need to fight each other, and the enemy can pass through the door of betrayal smoothly.

The bewitching power belonging to the Gate of Betrayal is so weird and terrifying. If Rhodes hadn’t heard something was wrong from the roar of the Demon King, I’m sure even Rhodes himself would have been completely trapped. into the control of the door of betrayal.

If one of Rhodes and Moriel can get rid of the temptation of the Door of Disloyalty and return to a clear state, then the situation is not too bad, and there is still the possibility of salvation and compensation. If both of their wills are controlled by the door of betrayal, the situation will be considered irreversible.

Under the control of the Gate of Betrayal, if the wills of both Rhodes and others are bewitched, a fight to the death between the two people can be said to be inevitable. Whether it is Rhodes or Moriel on the side, when they are awake, No one wants to see this happen. Once a deadly conflict breaks out between the two, not only will they lose their partner who fell into the illusion together and went through hardships to find a way out, it will also make the current situation more complicated and escape from the illusion seems to be out of reach. .

As the first of the two to wake up, Rhodes certainly has the obligation to prevent a bigger conflict and try his best to wake up Moriel, who is not yet sober.

If Moriel is in a conscious state and intends to completely break with him and let the two finally enter a life-and-death situation, although Rhodes is a little worried, he still admits it and will use all his strength to fight with her. However, it was clearly not Moriel’s own consciousness that made the decision now. It was only due to the manipulation in the Gate of Betrayal. What Rhodes needed to do most was to awaken Moriel’s will.

“Wake up from the control of the Door of Betrayal, and don’t forget who you are. You are the hero Moriel, not a puppet controlled by the Door of Betrayal!” Rhodes said loudly, after the words were stimulated one after another. Next, Moriel’s willful struggle against the Gate of Disloyalty reached its most intense moment. Her body could no longer maintain a standing posture. Instead, she was half-kneeling, using the Red Dragon Sword to support her body. This prevented her from completely collapsing. land.

“Are you okay? Let’s enter the door of betrayal together.” Looking at Moriel in this state, Rhodes couldn’t help but feel a little worried. At the moment, Moriel didn’t seem to take any defensive measures. As long as Rhodes When Germany found the right opportunity, he could use the power of the Vulcan Sword to try to severely damage him or even end him completely, but Rhodes did not do this.

First of all, Rhodes didn’t want to fall into the trap of the Door of Betrayal. Mutual betrayal between the two was undoubtedly the outcome that the Door of Betrayal wanted to see the most. The ancient door standing in the depths of the lake of fire, I don’t know what it witnessed. With all the tragedy caused by betrayal, Rhodes certainly didn’t want his decision to be controlled by it. Secondly, if Rhodes wants to escape from this chaotic illusion of time, he will inevitably need the help of Moriel. No matter what, Moriel was once the inheritor of the Holy Female Dragon. Without her, Rhodes will not be able to use time. The power of the field.

Thinking of this, of course Rhodes would not take action against Moriel who was half-kneeling on the ground. Instead, he chose to step forward and help her up from the ground.

However, as Rhodes approached, what awaited Rhodes was a wave of scorching flames, and the fiery red dragon sword swept past Rhodes. Rhodes was shocked, but he reacted immediately. , relying on the high basic attributes to avoid Moriel’s sneak attack.

Morill suddenly attacked from a half-kneeling position. How could there be any sign of losing her strength? Every move contained a killing power, and even Rhodes was forced to retreat under Moriel’s fierce offensive. He did not stop until the two were separated by a certain distance.

It wasn’t until the offensive completely subsided that Rhodes took a deep breath. Moriel’s offensive was so fierce that even Rhodes almost fell into her trap. What alarmed Rhodes the most was that the weak look she was half-kneeling on the ground didn’t seem to be the result of Moriel’s conflict of wills, but was deliberately put on by her in order to find an opportunity to make a sudden move.

At the same time, Moriel used the Red Dragon Sword to force Rhodes back. There was no joy in Moriel’s expression, but only extremely complicated emotions. She stared at Rhodes beside her, thinking in her mind The will that was originally bewitched by the door of betrayal gradually calmed down at this moment.

Just as Rhodes guessed, Moriel deliberately chose to pretend to be weak, just to see Rhodes’ true behavior at this moment, and no one would let him enter the door of betrayal. Moriel believes that Rhodes is even more so. Of course, he will not give up the opportunity to enter the Gate of Disloyalty to anyone else. Despite his nice words, he wants two people to enter the Gate of Disloyalty together, but no one can say There’s no telling how exactly that will actually happen.

Bewitched by the Gate of Betrayal, Moriel has completely lost her trust in Rhodes’ words. No matter how nice he says, she will not believe him even a little bit. Only the actions that Rhodes really did can still Having those knee-jerk reactions doesn’t lie.

Because of this, Moriel believes that as long as she shows her weakness, Rhodes will definitely make a real reaction. At that time, whether Rhodes intends to take advantage of the situation and find a way to kill her , or planning to enter with her, she can know the true choice that Rhodes made in his heart.

The temptation stemming from the Gate of made Moriel no longer trust Rhodes. She determined that Rhodes would definitely attack her to compete for the qualification to enter the Gate of Disloyalty. Once something happened, it would be a breach of trust. The will of the gate will completely occupy the hearts of the two of them, and there is no possibility of getting rid of it. However, Rhodes’ choice was beyond Moriel’s expectations. He had no intention of attacking. On the contrary, he was walking towards her step by step, just like that. Even when Moriel made a surprise attack, he did not choose to fight back, preferring to take the blow rather than get himself injured.

The power of the Red Dragon Sword is not so easy to block. After all, the Red Dragon Sword is one of the components of the artifacts of the past. The terrifying power contained in it can only be exerted by Moriel, who was once the Dragon King. It is rare. The level is probably only inferior to the Vulcan Sword on Rhodes.

Faced with the attack of such a sword, even Rhodes would inevitably suffer a big loss if he was caught off guard. If it were the old Rhodes here, let alone the sweep of the Red Dragon Sword, even if it was The attack of the Doomsday Blade will also be deflected by the Titan’s arrow in his hand. However, the current Rhodes does not have those artifacts of the past, and Rhodes is not willing to use the power of the Vulcan Sword, so as not to damage his sanity. Moriel, who had not yet recovered, had no choice but to resort to force.

From Rhode’s hand behind her back, Moriel saw the slowly dripping blood. Looking at this scene, the bewitchment originating from the Gate of Betrayal dissipated from her heart little by little, and her eyes completely recovered. Tomb Sweeping Day.


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