I am God Chapter 585: : God, you finally came to the sky temple he built for you


The North Pole.

After staying in the dark and cold star world for too long, she suddenly entered the colorful human world, which also made Sheila’s mood much better.

Sheila couldn’t help but move to the window, pressing her face against the glass like Sally, and looking at the world below.

Sheila recently discovered.

Yinsai God thought of the past again and again, thinking of the past.

The thing she said about going home was the trigger.

More importantly, Yinsai Shen wants to leave.

She transformed the Moon of God, leaving behind the soul seed and the final path of wisdom, perhaps preparing for everything.

Wait until that moment.

It’s time for them to follow the God of Insai to the future.

So the days for them to stay in this world and this era may be running out, and Sheila couldn’t help but take a few more glances at the beautiful scenery in the world.

Looking at the “mirror” surrounded by black storms that reflected the sky clearly, Sheila asked Sally.

“When they were just a continent, they couldn’t perfectly control their own power.”

“Even if the power is condensed out of the giant island of Luhe and turned into my own country, uncontrollable power is still surging.”

“So the Sea of ​​Storms was formed.”

“If you hadn’t blown the horn, Sally, there would still be a storm around the giant island of Ruh.”

“What would happen if they swallowed the whole world?”

Sally said nonchalantly: “It doesn’t matter, you can put it in the sky.”

Sheila originally wanted to say that in the sky, there is a kingdom of gods.

But think about it, by the time the giants devour the entire world, it will already be the next era.

By then everything will have changed, things will have changed and people will have changed.

It is really too early to talk about this issue at this time.

So Sheila lay quietly on the window, admiring the mirror of the sky and the sea below with Sally, watching the hot air balloon landing on the sea little by little.

At this time, changes occurred in the depths of the sea.


A dull call came from the depths of the sea, echoing in the sky and the sea of ​​clouds.

Sally understood the voice and pointed down.

“The iron skull is calling us.”

In the sea, a huge whirlpool appeared.

The whirlpool is like a passage, leading directly from the mirror-like sea surface to the depths of the seabed.

The Creator’s car fell from the sea of ​​clouds in the sky, passed directly through the tunnel, and headed downwards.

After passing through the tunnel and the sea.

Sheila discovered that there was a huge hole in the seabed.

There is no water at all here, but a strange space.


One after another, terrifying giants appeared.

It was something like a squid or an octopus with tentacles one after another, and something like a metal carapace grew on their heads, as if they were wearing a helmet.

This is the descendant of the Ruch giant Seler Siren.

With their big heads on their heads, they neatly squeezed out of the water wall separated by the strange space and lined up on the road.

It’s like steps on the road.

Although the hot air balloon boat passed by their heads, they were not used at all, making it look more like an elaborate ceremony and welcome ceremony.

But this was not what Sheila paid attention to. She looked towards the deepest part of the strange space, and saw the scene in the depths in the light and shadow refracted by the ripples of water.

Under the sea water.

There is something.

It is a towering mountain with an ancient city.

Higher up in the city, there are majestic palaces standing on the top of the mountain. The style of those buildings is full of traces of time, and has the simplicity of ancient times. If you look closely, you can see the magnificence of a prosperous civilization.

Because it has experienced primitive wilderness and prosperous times.

Sheila looked at the building and immediately recognized what it was. She had seen this place many times in ancient times.

Silla completely understood what was going on and said with a smile.

“It turns out.”

“It’s really the mirror of the sky!”

The hot air balloon boat passed little by little over the heads of the “little iron heads” who greeted them, and finally landed at the foot of the mountain, stopping at the square in the center of the city at the foot of several mountains.

Sheila looked at them and called out the name of this place in the past.

“The city of servants of God.”

“There is also the Sky Temple.”

I don’t know when, the forbidden land of death in the frozen mountains, the kingdom of the giant gods.

It was actually moved here.

As the giants were not satisfied with the continent of Ruhe and began their journey to devour the world, their core kingdoms also began to shift one after another.

The Starry Night Mountains went to the starry sky, and the Sea Monster moved his sky temple to the North Pole.

The moment the hot air balloon boat stopped, Sally pushed open the door and stared at the mountain and the temple on the mountain.

Then, her eyes moved to both sides of the avenue that led directly to the temple, staring at the two tall statues kneeling on the road, and grinned.


Sally turned around and looked inside.


“We’ve arrived.”

“Come down quickly!”

Sheila was the second to come down after Sally, and the mythical spirit Viren and the Void Mother also followed closely behind.

However, Sheila stood at the foot of the Holy Mountain, looking up at the ancient city of Servants of God and the Sky Temple of the Three-Leaf People.

She suddenly remembered something, and remembered a piece of history that she was very familiar with even though she had not experienced it personally.

“Here, is it…”

Sheila thinks that she shouldn’t come here.

Because the meaning here is somewhat different, the City of Servants of God and the Temple of the Sky were both established by the second-generation King of Wisdom, Jessel.

Jesel claimed to be the priest of God and built the sky temple. From the beginning, it was built to welcome the coming of God Insai.

However, it was not until Jessel died, or even until the Trileaf people became extinct.

God has never come.

She could probably understand some of the reasons why God never came, although she never asked.

But no matter what.

This is God’s will.

Sheila moved slightly, preparing to turn around and want to say something to the God of Insai.

But she stopped again because she didn’t know what to say.

However, this time.

A figure has appeared in the center of the crowd. The creator in white robe glanced at the Sky Temple and said softly.

“Let’s go.”

Sally immediately chased after him, following the leg of God Insai, in a hurry, as if she was afraid that she would fall behind.

For a moment, Silla had a look of surprise on her face, but it immediately turned into a smile.

“Okay, God.”

There are several places reserved by the giant **** Ruh. At first, they came over the Demon Abyss King City and took a look at the city of Yessel.

Later, they successively arrived at the City of God’s Advent, Anhuo City in the Moonlight Jungle and the Temple of Ice, as well as the Lava City and the Temple of Glass, and finally the Starry Night Mountains and Stan City.

Except for the City of Life guarded by the Earth-Drilling Demonic Insects, Sally had already brought it back.

The only thing left is that the City of Servants of God and the Temple of the Sky have never been here.

The three gods walked towards the holy mountain together.

When God Yinsai stepped on the steps, the entire holy mountain changed in an instant.

The ancient sky temple bloomed with light, and all the various holy objects, sacred vessels, and sacred scriptures placed in the temple sensed something.


The door of the temple made a loud buzzing sound and was pushed open bit by bit.

Lights of various colors surged together and bloomed from the temple, illuminating the entire holy mountain.

This moment.

The rippling water above the head and the sacred light of the temple intertwined, making the whole world brighter.

Like a sanctuary.

And all kinds of sacred scriptures and inherited voices echo on this ancient pilgrimage road.


Some of these voices, above all others, echoed above the pilgrim stairs.

The first sentence is a pious chant that is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

Exploded in people’s hearts.

“God said, call Deliki.”

The voice had the inherent hoarse accent of the Sanye people, giving it an indescribable ancient charm.

Just listen to the sound.

Some ancient pictures immediately appeared in my mind.

The three-leaf sky priest, who was covered in bone armor, stood high above the temple and started the prayer.

He raised the stone carving in his hand high and looked up at the sky above his head.

The next voice was no longer one person, but thousands of people.

This is the holy mountain of the Sanye people and the place of their faith.

In the ancient times, when countless Sanye people became completely old, they would set out from their hometowns and head towards this holy mountain and temple.

Someone died on the road, the holy road where bones are buried.

Someone died at the foot of the mountain and was buried in the holy lake.

They came all the way and sang this song.

An oath called the Lydeliki Oath.

And their bodies have long since decayed, but their voices still surround this holy mountain.

The sound kept getting higher and higher, like ocean waves stacked one on top of another.

Ancient, sacred and grand.

In the end, the huge sound seemed to drown the entire world.

Yin Shen stepped forward step by step.

These are all words she once said, to Lai Deliki.

“God said, The king wears a crown.” This sentence is the origin of the crown of wisdom.

“God said, I am the God who created you, and you are their king.” This sentence is the beginning of civilization and race.

“God said.”

“Even the sun in the sky will eventually go out, and everything will inevitably perish.”

“God said.”

“No matter how devout the faith is, it will be forgotten, and no matter how tall and hard the temples and stone statues are, they will eventually collapse into ruins.”

These two sentences predicted the death of Laideliji and the extinction of the three-leaf people.

But at least.

In this era, there are still people who believe in Insai, and the ancient sacred temple still stands.

Although there are only a few people who believe in Yinsai, this sacred temple is just a restoration that the giant **** took time to restore after its collapse.

Yin Shen then moved forward, passing between the two majestic and tall statues.

On one side is Jessel, the second-generation king of wisdom.

On the other side, there is Laideliji, the god-king, the source of wisdom.

Two generations of wise kings knelt on the ground to welcome her arrival, but the sacred chapter had not yet been sung.

“God said…”

“God said…”


Finally, she reached the end of the stairs and stood in front of the Sky Temple.

The temple was empty, with no one in sight.

Only the voice of faith keeps coming.

Silla stood behind Yin Shen, looked at the temple, and couldn’t help but sigh.

“Sky Temple.”

“It’s really spectacular.”

She looked up at the door of the temple, at the painted dome, and at the dazzling array of trefoil sacred objects.

But no matter how spectacular the scene is, Sheila has seen it before.

It’s just the heaviness of the Sky Temple that has accumulated over time, but it is unique here and gives people a different feeling.

Finally, she saw the statue of Insai in the temple.

She saw herself sitting on the right side of the temple, leaning on a hollow long-backed chair and falling into a deep sleep. She held a glowing dream egg in her arms. The egg was carved with unknown gems. It is completed and refracts colorful halos under external light sources.

And Sally sat directly to the left of the Creator’s altar, with a bubble-filled expression. Sheila stepped forward and looked at Sally’s statue for a while, and then walked to Laideliji, who was standing in the center.

Finally, he looked at the God Yinsai in the center of the temple.

“Jesel has been praying for so long, God, you finally came to the sky temple he built for you.”

Yin Shen walked to the front and looked at the statue that Jesser had set up for himself.

Pure white and flawless, revealing the ethereal and powerful posture of the gods.

At first glance, people feel that this is what gods should be like.

This is the second statue erected by Jesser.

The first one he built fell to pieces during the rebellion of the Trefoil craftsmen. Jessel was furious and used the crown to carve the mark of slaves in their blood for generations.

But God Yin never cares whether the statue is grand enough and whether people respect it enough.

In her opinion, this is just a stone.

She looked at the statue whose face could not be carved, and even its outline looked moldy, and all she could see was a ball of white distorted light and shadow.

It was cold and without temperature, and Yin Shen could not see any similarity between it and himself.

However, just because some people say it is Yinsai, it has become a symbol of God in the world.


“My arrival is not important.”

Yin Shen turned around and looked into Silla’s eyes.

“Both personal life and the civilization of the race need to be controlled by themselves.”

“I once told him that believing in me has nothing to do with me.”

“What a pity.”

“In the end, he chose to leave everything to illusory faith instead of believing in himself and the Sanye people.”

When Yin Shen said this, his voice fluctuated slightly.

“Giving wisdom but not freedom seemed to me to be a wrong thing.”

She raised her hand and pressed it on the shoulder of the statue of Deliki.

“It’s just that in the end I didn’t expect that these shackles are not given by people, but born from the heart.”

Sheila said with some regret: “Lai Deliji’s oath also trapped Jessel in the end.”

Yin Shen didn’t say anything more, she took one step forward.

The body transformed by the projection turned into a ball of light and went to no one knows where.

Sally stared at her statue for a long time, and then she also opened her mouth.

The posture is exactly the same as the statue.

Sally wanted to say that this statue looked nothing like her, but she was tall and majestic.

But I don’t know why, but I couldn’t help but chuckle when I looked at myself with my mouth covered.



Jesel is an existence that has entered the pyramid temple and has also seen the Creator and the Lord of Life.

So at this moment, Sally seemed to have a vision of a guy kneeling under the temple, looking at her in horror.

Sally looked at her statue and suddenly asked Sheila.

“Where did that guy end up, turned into stars and bubbles?”

The dream master shook his head and told Sally.

“He is not in the dreamy star sea.”


The other side.

In the northern polar region, in this strange sea within the storm.

Not far from the black storm, in such a dangerous place, there is a unique existence.

If you get closer, stand on the sea and look.

You can see that there is an endless “land” on the sea, or a large island.

It stretches for at least ten or twenty kilometers, because the boundary cannot be seen by the eyes.

But what makes people feel strange is that this place, whether it is a land or an island, is all covered with white stones.

It is covered with a layer of soaked sand and many underwater plants.

And on the stone, you can faintly see some complex and mysterious patterns.


Suddenly, the “land” moved.

Look down from above.

Suddenly I saw a huge stone giant rising from the sea.

It is completely white, with mysterious lines painted all over its body.

It turned over and made a loud roaring sound. It was not its words, but the sound of stone squeezing caused by its every move.

Listen carefully, it sounds like an earthquake.

It climbed up from the bottom of the sea and stood up little by little on its legs.

As it stood up, its height continued to rise, penetrating through the clouds and the sky and sea of ​​clouds little by little.

The clouds are just around its waist.

This is a stone demon king, a stone demon so big that it surpasses all known stone demons.

However, compared to the black storm that filled the air not far away, and the top could not be seen, its tall figure was completely covered, and even its head could not come out.

The Stone Demon King looked around, his eyes fixed on the distance.



The Stone Demon King stood up and walked towards the distance.

It wanders over the land and oceans of this world day after day, and it doesn’t know how long it has been walking.

It dies again and again, and is reborn again and again among its corpses.

Year after year.

Time and time again.

It has seen Archeopteryx evolve into many groups in the ocean, and it has seen the descendants of fish climb from the sea to land.

It has seen land being submerged by the ocean, and it has also seen land rising from the sea.

It saw the green moss of life covering the coast, saw patches of big trees and plants covering the plains, saw the mountains becoming dwarfed day by day, and saw its own body getting taller and taller. Sea of ​​clouds and sky.

After an ordinary monster dies, one, two or more new consciousnesses will be born in the corpse, and that is a brand new monster.

The Stone Demon King is different.

Everything about it is trapped in this body by a magic technique, and it can never escape.

It is constantly reborn in this body and then dies.

This is Lan En’s experiment.

It sounds familiar.

The later demon spirit clan seemed to have the shadow of this experiment, and the people of the Demon Abyss also relied on similar methods to survive these long years.

However, although the methods and magic of the Demon Spirit Clan do not have the power of reincarnation to accumulate divine blood.

But on the other hand, it is more complete and more mature.

At least, they left behind their own civilization and past.

As for the King of Stone Demons, he is in these endless and long years.

Nothing is left.

The Stone Demon King kept walking forward, and every move caused huge waves.

Its movement is very slow, but very powerful, covering an extremely long distance in one step.



The powerful steps reveal the confusion about life and the doubts that the end is not in sight.

It does not know why it is born, nor does it know why it dies.

Although it does not have advanced intelligence, it only has instinct.

But the instinct of life is telling it that even as a monster, it shouldn’t be like this.

It cannot feel pain, it cannot feel fear, and it naturally has no happiness or sorrow. However, it is a living body, and at least it has the most basic rights and freedoms as a living being.

It should at least go to a green mountain or jungle like all other monsters.

Then there, they transformed into a brand new ethnic group.

That too.

The end point that all monsters pursue in life, their only desire, and what they can achieve.


The stone demon stepped into the sea with one step, causing huge waves to rise and continue to spread towards the distance.

However, when they reached the calm, mirror-like sea in the distance, the waves seemed to hit an insurmountable wall and broke instantly.

Finally, it came to the edge of the North Pole Earth and Sky Mirror.

Further forward is the end of the world.

The North Pole.

At this moment.

Even the Stone Demon King, who only had the instinct of life, felt the strong danger.

This is the end point of reincarnation that it has chosen for itself.

It wants to throw itself into the mirror and start its next reincarnation.

But I don’t know when, when I woke up, this place became like this.

It wants to pass by as before, but its instinct tells it that what it gets when it steps there is not an end, but another, more terrifying ending.

Just when it was hesitating.

Suddenly, layers of colorful lights appeared in the sky, and a gorgeous rainbow hot air balloon descended from the distant star realm.

It stood on the edge of the storm, looking up at the vehicle of the supreme god.

Looking at the sky boat dragging dreams and illusions, I made my true voice.


In this desolate sea where death storms gather.

The voice was confused.

And desolate.

At this moment, it seemed to feel the guidance of fate.

It didn’t know why, but it felt so happy for a moment. After waiting for countless years, it finally saw the answer and jumped for joy.

It seems to want to step forward and chase the ship that carries its destiny.


However, take one step forward.

The situation has changed.

Under the earth, countless tentacles surged, and each of the descendants of the giant **** moved at the same time, roaring towards the King of Stone Demons.

What is even more terrifying is that under the sea, there is an eye that occupies the entire sea.

It finally saw the truth of this ocean.

This sea.

is alive.

It is the starting point for a being who wants to incarnate into the world to flood into the surface and devour the planet.

And the cold demonic eyes that opened from the depths of the earth were watching it.

This moment.

It can’t move at all, even its instincts are frozen.


One step further is the natural chasm.

Be it a mortal or a god.

There is an insurmountable distance.


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