I am God Chapter 201: :The will of the saints


Lan En stood under the puppet of God’s Grace, and on the entire land of the Misty Island, stone demons more than 30 to 40 meters high climbed up from the ground one after another.

The pattern spread out from the central castle, forming a domain enchantment that enveloped the island of mist.

But this thin layer of enchantment can’t bring any sense of security at the moment.

Everyone in the Temple of Truth looked at the shadow that seemed to be rising into the clouds. Even the brave and fearless people could only feel their own insignificance at this moment.

There is still powerlessness.

The mentors of the temple can’t even say the words to mobilize the battle, because it feels like a bug punching a giant, which has no meaning other than making people laugh.

Everyone can only look to the sage Lan En, hoping that the pair can create another miracle.

Lan looked at the mythical monster.

He thought of his teacher Sunderan, Haru, and Anhofus.

The appearance of this monster is inextricably linked to his own lineage.

You can even say it directly.

It is their knowledge and inheritance that made this monster appear in this world.

He remembered what the teacher said many years ago when he first built this temple.

“Hesitation and hesitation will not bring the future.”

“One generation does what one generation does. What my generation should do is to pass on the knowledge given by God and the ideals of saints to everyone.”

“If one day my actions really brought disaster, I believe that in that era, more people who benefited from the knowledge and ideals I imparted will stand up and save this disaster.”

His teacher Sand’an lit the torch of knowledge and power, bringing the power of ritual from the kingdom of gods to the world.

He raised the priest’s power from the second level to the third level curse seal priest, the fourth level **** priest, and finally ushered in the eve of the coming of the mythical power.

He never suspected it before, and that was a bad thing.

But at the moment, I am a little confused.


“Can our era really save this disaster?”

Thousands of thoughts flashed through his mind, and finally he said: “I should call you the villain in the bottle, or Anhofus.”

The shadow of myth opened its arms, as if embracing the sea of ​​clouds and the whole world: “You should call me the **** of knowledge, Lann!”

The second-generation sage of truth couldn’t help laughing, as if he was laughing at a child.

“You are not a god.”

“There is no **** like you, you are just a poor bug locked in a bottle.”

“You originated from the divine grace left by my teacher, from Haru’s monsters, and from the wild imagination of Anhofus.”

“But in the final analysis, you are just a monster that was artificially created.”

Lan undisguisedly tore open the truth, and exposed the lie of the villain in the bottle that he was created by Insai.

The villain in the bottle lowered his head angrily when he heard Lan En laughing at him.

A terrifying storm swept across the island of mist, eroding inward.

In an instant, the barrier covering the island of mist collapsed.

The Tier 3 Stone Demon and other Stone Demons who maintained the barrier also collapsed and died one after another.

“But they are all dead.”

“A person who cannot exist forever is just a weak person worth mentioning.”

“A lowly mortal.”

“But I can always exist.”

“Live forever.”

Lan rose head-on to fight against the power of the villain in the bottle.

The **** puppet, which was hundreds of meters high, stood together with him in the storm, colliding with the power of the mythical shadow.


“My teacher, Sang De’an, lives forever, in the body of every Sanye, and in every person who walks out of the Temple of Truth.”

The villain in the bottle sneered: “What is this? Are you deceiving yourself?”

In the black hurricane, Lan En looked at the evil eyes of the villain in the bottle: “We are human, and mythical monsters like you will never understand our thoughts.”

The villain in the bottle said contemptuously: “I am a **** on high, and I don’t need to understand the humble and weak emotions of ordinary people.”

After speaking, the villain in the bottle changed his words.

“If you want to delay time, it is useless.”

“The plague of blood can’t catch up, he is still fighting with my servant in Stan City.”

“As for your student Vivien.”

“I’m very curious, she will choose to save so many people in Stan City and her sister’s life first, or go all out to rescue her teacher.”

When the little man in the bottle said this, his voice was full of fun and joy.

It shows its evil taste of playing with people’s hearts.

Hearing Vivien mentioned by the villain in the bottle, the slight hesitation in Lan En’s heart suddenly settled down.

There was a smile on his face, he had always done a very good job as a student and never let himself down.

“I believe she will make the right choice.”

The villain in the bottle is equally curious: “Oh?”


“Then let’s wait and see, maybe I won’t be able to see her desperate eyes before long.”

When the villain in the bottle said this, the figure in Cross City suddenly sounded.

The hopeless and ignorant eyes,

“I’m also looking forward to seeing what choices she can make.”



“That’s the feeling, it’s really wonderful.”

The divine puppet behind Lan En moved at this moment, bursting out with three kinds of branded rays of divine art, converging into a long rainbow and rushing towards the villain in the bottle.

Lan already knew that his death was inevitable.

He no longer delays time, he knows that delaying will only make the trick of the villain in the bottle succeed.

Based on what the villain in the bottle said just now, he has already deduced that the blood plague must be involved and dragged to the city of Stan. Once Vivien chooses to save him, the most tragic scene will probably happen then.

At that time.

At the same time, Vivien lost her teacher Lan En and her younger sister An Li, and indirectly killed everyone in Stan City.

Vivien, who suffered such a blow, would definitely collapse immediately.

As in.

Leicester back then.

The villain in a bottle not only wants to destroy the holy place in the minds of all the priests, but also wants to break the heart of Vivien, the leader of the demon hunting group, and treat Vivien as a toy like Lester.

Lan can’t allow this to happen.

The relationship between Vivien and Leicester is currently the only hub that maintains the Temple of Truth and the Blood Plague Alliance, and it is also their greatest strength against the villain in a bottle.

If Vivien had an accident, it would be an unimaginable disaster for the Sanye people.

Little Man in a Bottle: “Oh!”

“Are you anxious? Is it because of your student?”

It stretched out its hand, and colored light flowed out.

It’s as if a giant reached out to press a jumping child, or slapped a trapped animal trying to break free from its cage back into it.

But Lan En broke out with all his strength without hesitation, and collided with the light of original sin of the villain in the bottle.


“Are you looking for death?”

Lan En clearly knew that he was looking for death, but he didn’t back down at all.

The strange spiritual force field where the three kinds of power were mixed together offset most of the light of original sin, and the huge shield of crystal structure broke through the storm and went towards the heights.

From a distance, a giant with a height of 100 meters rushed to the sky, attacking the mythical monster standing between the sky and the earth.

Like a hero who challenges the gods.

“I believe she will make the right choice. The Temple of Truth has never been a temple, nor is it a certain person.”

“As long as the will of the saints remains, the Temple of Truth will still exist in this world.”

“The villain in the bottle, Anhofus, your plot will not succeed.”

“I believe that she, who has inherited the saint’s will and my ideal, will be able to do it.”

“One day, my students will set foot on the holy mountain.”

Lan’s eyes burst into light: “Clear you, a man-made monster, out of this world, and correct the mistakes of Haru and Anhofus to the correct path.”

The villain in the bottle: “Just rely on you stupid mortals?”

“Always telling self-deceived things, but unfortunately these big words will never come true.”

Lan constantly breaks through the power and storm of the light of original sin, and gradually reaches the edge where the villain in the bottle blocks them.

That is, the bottle-shaped barrier.

The godly puppets of General Lan En disintegrated in an instant, turning into a densely packed army of puppets.

The huge puppets of divine grace turned into paste-like existences and stuck directly on the barrier.


All the paste puppets exploded immediately, and the entire barrier began to tremble violently.

However, it can also be seen.

The ointment monsters immediately disintegrated from their puppet state and turned into pieces of fine stones of grace.


The Divine Favor Stone also shattered, turning into the blood of the myth and the power of the curse seal exuding fluorescence.

Lan directly detonated his own mythical power. He is the world’s first priest of grace, and also the most powerful priest of grace.

The self-explosive power directly blasted through the barrier surrounding the island of mist, and caused a chain reaction.

The self-detonation of the puppet of God’s favor directly caused unbelievable shouts from all over the island of mist.

“Master Sage.” Someone rushed out of the castle.

“Master Lan En” someone knelt on the ground and screamed in pain, as if his faith had collapsed.

“The power of divine grace collapsed?”

And there were quite a few mentors in the castle who had prepared long ago, and it was too late for them to be sad when they saw Lan En’s death, so they immediately yelled.


“Hurry up, one can escape.”

Swarms of winged demons soared into the sky, and each winged demon carried a dozen people on their backs and flew towards the distance, in different directions.

The villain in the bottle didn’t expect Lan En to go all out as soon as he came up, and he was caught off guard.

It doesn’t even understand why this mortal is so stupid and rushes over to die.

This kind of act of sacrificing oneself for others has never been considered by the villain in the bottle, and even thinking about it makes it feel like laughing.


“Stupid mortal, do you think this can change anything?”

“Everyone must die.”

The barrier was shattered, and the villain in the bottle immediately burst out with rounds of original sin light.

Terrifying rays of light covered the island of mist, and at the same time, many rays of light chased the fleeing Winged Demon.

There was no suspense in this battle from the very beginning. The power of the villain in the bottle has already surpassed the boundaries of ordinary people, which is called the power of myth.

Lan exploded and opened the barrier set up by the villain in the bottle, but he also died.

All the people left on the entire island of mist were drained of their divine blood under the light of original sin, and turned into ghosts who didn’t know what to do.

Most of the winged demons that escaped were shot through by the light of original sin and fell.

Only a few sporadic people rushed to the distance with people and disappeared above the sea.

The shadow of the myth converged the light of original sin, and became a light and shadow standing in the sea and sky again.

The originally noisy and lively island became silent in an instant.

Except for Lan En who was able to resist for a while, no one in the entire Misty Island could enter the eyes of the villain in the bottle. The battle ended directly when Lan En died, and it ended in the moment when the light of original sin erupted.

“No fun.”

The villain in the bottle was looking forward to seeing some more exciting pictures.

I didn’t expect it to end in the blink of an eye, which is really boring for it.

After Lan En blew himself up, the power of the fourth-order divine grace disintegrated, but the divine blood remained.

Although the divine blood turned into light dust and dissipated in the air, the villain in the bottle still collected more than half of it.

It’s just that the villain in the bottle did not find Lan En’s memory carrier. It seems that Lan En deliberately released this part before he died. At this moment, it should belong to the dream world.

“No fun! No fun! No fun!”

The voice of the villain in the bottle is a little irritated. Killing and fighting are not what it is interested in. Playing with others is what it likes to do most.

The villain in the bottle still wants to make Lan En into his own collection and bring it back to the holy mountain.

Like Anhofus.

The light of original sin of the villain in the bottle can be described as extremely evil, it can turn people into ghosts, so that they can never return to the dream world.

According to the facts recognized by mortals, these people are already dead.

But according to another level, these people are just changing from one life form to another.

So before the ghost dissipates, it cannot return to the star sea of ​​the dream world.

The edge of the island.

There was the sound of rolling wheels in the black mist, and a lingering man with only half of his body left was lying on a wheelchair, looking at everything on the island of mist.

It is Lan En’s student – Xiao.

Xiao’s eyes swept over everything on the island of mist, but nothing could be seen in his eyes.

It’s like.

His teacher couldn’t see through his eyes what he was thinking.

The voice of the villain in the bottle came down from a high place: “Aren’t you sad that your teacher died?”

Xiao: “Everyone’s life is a story, and every person in this world has his own meaning of existence.”

“It’s just that someone’s story is like a stereotyped repetition, no one wants to remember and read.”

“Some meanings are like the autumn wind passing over the water, leaving only a trace.”

“But my teacher, Lan En, the second-generation sage of the Temple of Truth and the strongest of the Sanye people.”

“His life has been full of glory, and enough meaning has been given to his life.”

“Can exit like this.”

Xiao’s voice paused for a moment, and then he smiled: “It’s perfect.”

The villain in the bottle, Anhofus, laughed: “Hahahaha!”


“You are an interesting person, I will give you everything you want.”

“You will become the new High Priest of the Divine Deed, and I will give you enough stage.”

“I believe.”

“You will give me the most exciting show.”

The power of the mythical shadow passed down, and Xiao’s body continued to melt, but a strong and tall figure gradually climbed up from the original place.

Xiao turned into a bone demon, a fourth-order bone demon.

This is a deal between him and the villain in a bottle.

Xiao looked at his hand, the power he longed for all his life was so easily obtained.

Things that he can’t do, for some people, are innate or within easy reach.


“It’s finally on the stage.”

Xiao landed on the island and removed all the things that could be moved on the island, including the treasured magic arts of the entire Temple of Truth, the classics and magic arts created by priests from generation to generation.


Lane’s experimental data on another mythical path of wisdom and power, and the egg that hides the unknown.



The light in Winged Demon’s body surged, and he opened his mouth to spit out colorful saliva, and let out a hissing sound.

The Winged Demon carried seven or eight Clovers in the costumes of the Demon Hunt Squad, and they were rushing towards the city of Stan.

When Vivien rushed to the destination with the people, the battle between Blood Plague Sturn and the High Priest of Truth had reached the most critical moment.

At this point, the High Priest of Truth canceled all the illusions, and no longer concealed them in the slightest.

Looking down from the sky, you can directly see the scene in the city, instead of the bustling and prosperous phantom before.

Listening to the sound of the mighty tide, Vivien watched as most of the river of blood rushed into the gate of truth, and Stuen was competing with the high priest of truth for control of the illusory world behind the gate.


It won’t take long for Stuen to break through that fantasy world and release everyone’s consciousness back into reality.

But this also means that the High Priest of Truth has completely entangled the blood plague Stuun.

It will be difficult for anyone to withdraw from this battle until the two are tied.

But this is not what Vivien wants to see now.

She hoped that the battle would be over by the time she came, and then Blood Plague Stoun could go with her to rescue the Isle of Misty in danger.

In the blood river, a **** Sanye stood up.

He asked Vivien.


“Why are you here?”

After speaking, the Sanye people looked in the direction of the sea.

“Is there an accident, I feel the breath of that demon in another place.”

As the Winged Demon hovered in the sky, Vivien yelled at him.


“The goal of the demon is the island of mist, and now it has descended on the sea.”

The **** shadow nodded: “I also felt its breath appearing in the distance just now, but it was too late, and I couldn’t withdraw from the battle.”


“This is a whole city of people.”

The **** shadow raised his head and looked at Vivien seriously: “Are you sure you want to give up on them?”

At the same time.

A puppet of the High Priest of Truth suddenly appeared on the Gate of Truth, looking at Vivien, the head of the Demon Hunt Squad.

The body of the High Priest of Truth is still fighting against the blood plague inside the Gate of Truth, but he also pays attention to everything outside.

“Hey, isn’t this Vivien, the leader of the Demon Hunt Squad?”

“Is this going to capture me back and burn me to death in the execution ground of the City of Gods?”

At this time, Vivien was in an extremely bad mood, and she made an extremely angry voice: “You lunatics, I must make you pay the price.”

“You won’t succeed, you won’t succeed.”

But saying such a thing can only show that Vivien is in a mess.

Sure enough.

Hearing this, the High Priest of Truth laughed wildly without any fear.

“Don’t be so anxious!”

“Leader Vivien, I can give you a choice.”

“You just ask me, I can open the door of truth now and let Stuen come out, and go with you to save your teacher.”

“Maybe your teacher can last longer, just long enough for you to save him?”


“I am so benevolent and kind that people are touched.”

The face of the High Priest of Truth was full of emotion: “Ah! For the first time, I found that the hearts of people like me are also full of love and justice!”

The High Priest of Truth laughed wildly, no matter how humble he is in front of the “God of Knowledge”, it can’t change the nature of these people in the Ghost Order as a group of lunatics.

“Come on! Make your choice!”

“Vivien, head of the Temple Demon Hunt Squad.”

He looked at Vivien with burning eyes, expecting her to make a choice.

“It is to kill me and save everyone in this Stan city.”

“Oh! And your lovely sister, An Li, the most talented priest of the Temple of Truth.”

“It’s better to give up everything and go rescue your teacher.”

The High Priest of Truth opened his arms and raised them high: “The great sage of truth Lan En.”

He deliberately protracted the ending of the word Lan En very long.

The High Priest of Truth knows the plan of the God of Knowledge, and even more so, the evil and preferences of his master.

He knows even more that even if the plague of blood rushes over now, there is a high probability that it will be too late.

The **** of knowledge asked him to put on an interesting show, and that was his design.

Lan wanted to delay time, but the God of Knowledge was also delaying time with him.

Vivien, the leader of the prestigious Demon Hunt Squad, chose to give up the lives of everyone in the city and her sister, and chose to rescue the island of mist.

I still give up the island of mist and choose my sister and this city.

Whatever choice she makes is so interesting.

This is simply the greatest test and torture for people’s hearts, and it is also the favorite play of the villain in a bottle.

Vivien was also completely stunned.

Let Blood Plague Stuun withdraw from the battle immediately, and rush to the sea with her, maybe there is still time.

The Temple of Truth cannot be lost, and she can’t even imagine the scene of teacher Lan En dying.

For the whole of Sheinsey and them, it was tantamount to a scene where the sky fell.

But if so choose.

It is tantamount to giving up the lives of everyone in Stan City, including her sister An Li.

Suddenly, Vivien remembered the image of her going to the Temple of Truth to study, her excitement of being accepted as a student by Lan En, and her longing for standing under the stone statues of saints.

But at the same time, a picture of her pulling a trailer and her sister looking for a witch doctor also appeared in front of her eyes.

The little sister stretched out her hand to her and told her how sweet Tang looked.



“I can’t make that choice.”

Vivien clearly knew that all of this was just a conspiracy by the demons in front of her. How could the other party be so kind to let her rescue her teacher?


Vivien knew it clearly, but she couldn’t make a choice.

She thought she was a strong and rational person, but at this moment she could only stand still and hesitate.

Finally, she tremblingly slightly raised her hand.



The river of blood surrounding the gate of truth kept setting off huge waves, impacting the gate of truth.

Suddenly, the shadow floating in the blood river looked into the distance.

Interrupted Vivien’s next words.

“The aura of the monster above the sea erupted violently, and now the aura of the monster has begun to subside.”

The blood shadow looked at Vivien, and said to her calmly.

“It’s over.”


Vivien’s trembling hands dropped for a moment, and her whole body collapsed weakly. She supported the frame on Yimo’s body to stand firm.

For a moment, Vivien didn’t know whether it was sadness or some other emotion.

But tears kept streaming from her eyes.

She could only scream hoarsely, looking at the High Priest of Truth with bloodshot eyes.

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”


The huge waves of the blood river set off dozens of meters, rising continuously, directly submerging the entire gate of truth.

The blood shadow disappeared into the blood river, leaving only a voice: “As you wish.”

The Gate of Truth erupted with bright light, and until this time, the crazy head priest of the Ghost Order still wanted to resist, and even wanted to drag the entire city of Stan to be buried with him.

But the river of blood has already poured into the gate of truth. His strategy of luring the enemy trapped the enemy very well and dragged him to death.

When Vivien made a choice, he had no way out.

As the river of blood poured into the gate of truth, the huge gate immediately cracked one after another, spreading towards the outside continuously.

And the High Priest of Truth hidden behind the Gate of Truth was completely caught by the Blood Plague Stuun.

As the sky gradually dimmed, the battle finally came to an end.

“The villain!”


The river of blood swallowed the High Priest of Truth and dragged his corpse into the river of blood.

But although the High Priest of Truth died, the moment the Gate of Truth disappeared, he retreated with his divine blood.

The giant gate disappeared between the sky and the earth, turning into a distorted light.

Blood Plague Stuen couldn’t leave this giant door behind, because it was the manifestation of the four abilities of the villain in the bottle.

Eternal life, original sin, truth, and divine bond make up the whole villain in a bottle.

Blood Plague Stuun put away the Blood River and disappeared into the city.

He comes without a trace and goes without a trace. Only where the villain appears can he be found.

At the same time, the Sanye people in Stan City who had been asleep for two or three days finally woke up one by one.

“So uncomfortable.”

“Hey! What kind of smell is this, it stinks.”

“Why am I lying here, wasn’t I in the store just now?”

Rescuers who had been waiting outside for a long time also rushed into the city and rescued some Sanye people who were not in good condition.

The members of the Demon Hunt Squad who had entered Stan City woke up one by one, and An Li led them to Vivien on the city wall.

It’s just that she still doesn’t know what happened. She only knows that her sister once again turned the tide and saved the entire city of Stan.


“You came too timely.”

Vivien just looked into the distance and said something.


“Go to sea.”

Although she could imagine what she was going to see, Vivien still had a glimmer of expectation.

Extreme expectations.


Dream world.

When Lan En woke up again, he was already on a small boat.

Of course Lann knew where this was. He turned his head and looked behind the ship, which was the world of mortals.

“Vivien, An Li.”

“And Xiao.”

He thought of his students, he knew that his departure would be the beginning of another era, but he didn’t know whose era the next era would belong to.

Who is it again.

It will rekindle the flame of the will of the saints, illuminating the whole Heinsay.

Or, the light of the will of the saints has since disappeared from this world.

He was a little reluctant and a little worried.

But in the end I chose to believe.

“My time is over!”

“Leave everything to the next generation!”

The ferryman paddled through the nothingness with his boat, and the gate of the kingdom of gods in the distance opened slowly, and light shot out from the gap to form a fan.

The boat sails in the light, and enters behind the door a little bit.

The ship returned to the kingdom of elves, and the elves who made a contract with him came to welcome him.

“Are you?”

“A messenger of God?”

Lan En has never met this messenger of God, but he is very much looking forward to meeting her.

The goblin shook his head: “I’m not Lord Sheila, is Lord Sheila still in the sun?”

At this moment, Sheila is still controlling this artifact step by step on the Cup of God.

Lan En felt a little regretful, but he still followed the goblin step by step.

He saw those dreamy and magnificent pictures recorded by his teacher Sang De’an in the kingdom of fairies.


He entered the Great Goblin Library.

I met his teacher here, the old man standing behind the stage.

Kneeling in front of Sang De’an, Lan En dared not raise his head to look at him: “Teacher!”

Sang De’an just looked at him with a smile: “How about the Temple of Truth?”

Lan En is silent: “Teacher!”

“The Temple of Truth is still there.”

“The will of the saints is still passed on.”

“I believe.”

“There will still be people who will continue to incarnate the fire to illuminate the entire civilization, so that the age of truth will never end.”


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