Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1790: Sisters unite


Lu Ye spared Xiangyin’s life because he really needed to recruit some people. Xiangyin was strong and smart enough, so he was a very suitable candidate. And if he really killed Xiangyin, then Xuanyu would have to kill him too. Yes, only in this way can the root cause be eradicated.

Secondly, he has the means to control Xiangyin.

This method is naturally to let her refine her own precious blood and make her a blood servant.

Once she becomes her blood servant, she no longer has to worry about Xiangyin being rebellious. She will be loyal to him, just like Ma Shangsi!

When a drop of precious blood appeared on Lu Ye’s fingertips, it instantly attracted the attention of the Xiangyin sisters.

Both women felt the strong attraction of this drop of precious blood to themselves. It was an instinctive desire, but at the same time as this attraction, they were also aware of the terrifying danger contained in the precious blood.

“What is this?” Xuanyu asked.

She had never seen the Precious Blood before.

If it were a real Vampire, he would definitely not ask such a childish question. Any real Vampire who grows up to the level of Yueyao can learn the truth about the precious blood from different channels, either from the teachings of their elders or by themselves. Enlightenment…

But after all, they are not real vampires, they are just the “first generation vampires” created by the special environment in the core world. All their understanding of vampires is based on the continuous development of their own vampire bloodline.

After a while, you suddenly seemed to have no decision and flew back into the sea of ​​blood.

“Is it true?” Xuanyu looked at Xiangyin proudly.

Facing Xuanyu, I didn’t have the courage to struggle, but facing Zhou Ran, I didn’t even dare to think about it. The horror of the suppression of the holy nature that day was still vivid in my mind, which made me often feel palpitations during that time. already.

Your sudden move made He Han startled. Immediately afterwards, I felt the big, soft tongue circling under my fingertips several times, itching…

Zhou Ran took out his fingers, stood up and came to Lu Ye’s side, grabbed your arm: “Let’s go!”

Xuanyu said this, but turned his head and looked aside.

Xuanyu pursed his lips and smiled sweetly: “Xiangyin, Lao Huangli just wants to mention it again. From now on, the structure of this realm will not change very much. You know that he was thinking about joining the Holy Spirit in those years. Xue Feng, if you try to persuade him, he will still make a bad choice.”

The sea of ​​​​blood surged, and two figures were hiding in it, which made people clearly understand the situation. However, judging from the shouts of He Hanqi who had slowly retreated, I suspected that I was at the upper hand, and it was an absolute upper hand… …

Looking at Xuanyu, despite his condition, his eyes were very dark, as if he had opened a small door to a new world. You curled up in your sister’s arms and tilted your head to look at Zhou Ran who fell from the sky. He gasped and asked: “Not yet?”

White Prison Cliff is where the demon clan Xiangyin’s cave is.

After only competing with Xuanyu for a moment, I fell into the upper hand, and the situation continued to be good.

I sighed in my heart. After persisting for hundreds of years, I was still able to survive on my own in the end. However, I was not mentally prepared to take refuge in others. As Xuanyu said later, I had been thinking about taking refuge in the Holy Blood in those years. Feng, because only by joining the Holy Blood Peak can he obtain spiritual jade to maintain his own cultivation.

He Han nodded slightly.

A small battle is breaking out, and the two parties fighting are Xiangyin and Xuanyu.

The sea of ​​​​blood suddenly dissipated, and the two fighting parties stood apart from each other.

Although Lu Ye knew what the situation was, he also understood that his sister was in a good situation. He looked at Zhou Ran relaxedly and asked, “What happened to Xuanyu?”

Lu Ye dared not to resist, but looked back at Xuanyu and whispered: “Sister!”

Activated by mana, it swept towards the distance.

The entry of this person will definitely disturb the situation in this world.

Xiangyin followed your gaze and realized that there were two missing figures here. One of them was the very holy human race that he had seen later, and the other one was Lu Ye. But at this moment, Lu Ye was like a valet, standing in front of this young man in love.

Xuanyu then looked at Xiangyin with a smile: “I want to think that he has been at a loss. Serving under the Lord while others are asking for help is a bad thing. I know why your own holy nature increased during that time.” Back to being so small?”

Lu Ye’s face turned pale when he heard this: “What Brother Dao gave… is the holy blood?”

“You sisters have worshiped the Lord and want to help the Lord plan a small business. Today, I will look for him. Love wants to give him a chance. Xiangyin, how should he choose?”

When Zhou Ran rushed back, he saw at a glance the seven sisters, all dressed in neat clothes, hugging each other and dripping with sweat.

Xuanyu spoke again: “Let me tell him one more thing. Yesterday, the Holy Blood Peak sent Yueyue Yao in the early stage with a red talisman to assassinate the Lord, but he was killed by the Lord!”

At this moment, Xiangyin was shocked.

After thinking about it, Xiangyin smiled bitterly: “Don’t you have a choice?”

Time passes.

Although he could stop him, Zhou Ran didn’t move. That was Lu Ye’s own decision. To stop him forcefully would only make you resentful. And from my point of view, if Xuanyu was refining that time If the precious blood wins and the body dies, then I can save Lu Ye’s life.

Xuanyu pretended to be mysterious: “It all depends on your performance!”

A few moments later, at the foot of another mountain peak a hundred miles away from Xuanyu, He Han leaned over and looked back. He could only see the figure of Xuanyu here, with only a small sea of ​​blood floating around. , there is no golden light shining in the blood sea, Xuanyu’s screams continue to stop, and in the blood sea, your mana fluctuates ups and downs.

In this case, letting the seven sisters live and die together is a wrong choice.

Xuanyu’s holy nature suddenly increased in size, which is obviously abnormal. Combined with what you said at this moment, and the terrifying suppression shown by He Han afterwards, Xiangyin is beyond imagination.

He Han immediately expressed his position: “Now that he has entered the lord’s service, Xiangyin will be wiped out from his heart and brain, and he will do the work of a dog and a horse!”

Xiangyin’s face was full of confusion, because as far as I know, that young man has not left since then, but why did he come back?

The screams of the seven sisters gradually subsided, the golden light in the sea of ​​​​blood disappeared, and the small sea of ​​​​blood also slowly closed in.

Xiangyin was confused: “What choice?”

Xiangyin is confused, so what exactly is going on? What is the difference between your sanctity and your own when you compete with Xuanyu a few days later? Why has the other party changed so little after that period of time?

Now that there is still time to go to the Holy Blood Peak, it will be coerced by others…

He Han opened his eyes and looked at your snow-white figure rushing back into the sea of ​​blood with great surprise…

Looking very embarrassed, especially Lu Ye, with a frightened expression on his face, obviously because he had a very bad experience in the process of refining the precious blood.

Looking in the direction of Zhou Ran, he clasped his fists and saluted seriously: “Xiangyin has seen the Lord!”

He Han couldn’t help thinking: “Could it be…” I was wondering about that question just now. The improvement of Xiaojia’s holiness mainly relies on bathing in blood rain or taking some spiritual plants that are watered by blood rain, so although The time in this world is neither long nor short, but the difference between them is actually very small, because the improvement brought by bathing in the blood rain is not small, but a kind of accumulation.

The strange thing is that Dexuanyu said that the structure of this world will not change from now on. Yueyao’s mid-term is indeed nothing, but possessing such terrifying saintliness is suspected to be the smallest capital.

After a moment, Xuanyu’s expression changed.

Xiangyin is full of anger, how can she be convinced? The weak man said angrily: “He Han, then the young man came to your well to offend the river. Why did he offend you today?”

This short sentence shocked Xiangyin physically and mentally. I immediately realized that the newcomer who came to this world a few days later was a noisy person. I have no ambition!

I’m afraid that if the word “yes” comes out of my mouth right now, I will be suppressed to death immediately!

No matter what it was, Xuanyu realized that it was not easy to refine and must be Lu Ye’s way of controlling his sister.

When Lu Ye’s figure also rushed back into the sea of ​​blood, the screams coming from outside were none other than Zhi Hehan…

Looking up into Xuanyu’s eyes, He Han saw determination.

But Zhou Ran had a vague feeling that if that man, He Han, had such a difficult time dying, that drop of precious blood might cause you great harm.

Zhou Ran wanted to talk to him too much, but considering that if Xuanyu successfully refined the precious blood, the seven sisters would have to serve under him a few days ago, he still explained: “Exceptionally speaking, the vampire family wants to possess the holy nature. , you have to refine the holy blood! The so-called holy blood should be the blood left by the blood ancestor before his death. If no blood clan successfully refines it, he can call himself a saint. Among the blood clan, the status of the saint is very low. Far beyond the special vampires, because our holy love suppresses the love vampires, and the lower limit of growth is also lower. But the process of refining the holy blood is extremely dangerous, and there is no possibility of death at any time.”

What responded to you was the shrill scream of Xuanyu, and the place where the man was was instantly enveloped in a dazzling golden light!

Zhou Ran sat cross-legged, thinking about what he would gain from watching this blood moon.

Zhou Ran said, my precious blood is almost indistinguishable from the holy blood. It is wrong to say that it is the holy blood. I think the process of refining the precious blood by Ma Shangsi was also extremely dangerous. Can Xuanyu survive that? At first level, it all depends on your own luck.

That man was indeed a man of love. Knowing that in the current situation, no matter what request I made, love would be accepted, so he simply expressed his stance.

So their understanding of the Vampire Clan is very one-sided and fragmented.

The reason is not that my holy nature was suppressed, which caused me to exert my full strength.

Lu Ye was standing close behind me, his eyes staring at Baiwaili easily, his two slender hands clenched tightly, and his nails were embedded in the flesh.

You are still in shock and doubt, but Xuanyu suddenly looks determined. He moved his body back on the kneeling position, opened his mouth, and took Zhou Ran’s finger into his mouth.

Zhou Ran stared at you with an expression on his face for a while, and then said calmly: “Look at his performance recently!”

Because I have a very vague understanding of the Snow Tribe sisters, they might be my opponents in a single fight, but today’s battle surprised me.

What makes you even more amazed is that that drop of blood actually contains an extremely secular holy nature. This holy nature is even stronger than when you activate the secret skills of the vampires.


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