Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul Chapter 1: Young Lingxiao


     In the early morning, a white fish belly just appeared on the horizon, and in the shadows, someone was sweating on the martial arts field long ago…

   This is Tianfeng City, the main mansion of the Ling family.


  ’s crisp shout, tore through the dawning sky, and the boy’s appearance can be seen clearly.

   He seems to be only thirteen or fourteen years old, slightly taller, slightly thinner, and his skin is showing an unhealthy color.

   This should be the cause of malnutrition, but the youth looks heroic, although not handsome, but there is definitely the kind of aura that a warrior should have.

   It was just dawn at this time, and the rooster in the yard hadn’t crowed yet, not to mention the rest of the people. It was a martial arts training ground where he was alone, sweating and practicing martial arts.

  ”Grandpa said, the stupid bird flies first. I am not as good as a human. I should put in ten times a hundred times more effort than others. If you don’t believe me, you can’t break through to the second level of Wumai! Those people laugh at me today, and they must be stunned tomorrow!”

  The young man’s name is Ling Xiao, and he had an incompetent relationship with the Ling family.

   About a year ago, in order to expand the strength of the family, the Ling family in Tianfeng City issued extensive invitations. Anyone with the surname Ling can participate in the assessment of the Ling family, and those with excellent grades can be officially absorbed into the Ling family .

   He entered the Ling family only after passing the examination. At a young age, he followed his grandfather to beg for a living, but because of a broken exercise method he picked up, he opened the martial arts, and he was promoted to the first level of the martial arts. Not genius.

   Even the Ling clan who was in charge of the assessment at the time praised him.

   But Ling Xiao knew in his heart that all this was just because of the words Grandpa said, “This world, warriors rule the roost, if you become a warrior, we don’t have to beg.”

   From there, he practiced day and night, and he did not forget to practice even when he was begging. That’s how he achieved such an achievement.

   Others think he is a genius, but in fact, he just cultivates more desperately than others.

   After becoming members of the Ling clan, both Ling Xiao and grandpa moved into the house prepared by the Ling family. At this time, Ling Xiao is full of expectations for the future.

   There is a girl named Ling Yu.

   She is not from Tianfeng Chengling’s family, but her family is very good.

   Before Ling Xiao went to their door to beg for dinner, this savage lady would always sneak out after the family went in, throw Ling Xiao’s rice bowl to the ground, and then use the little leather boots made of that high-grade material. Step on a few feet.

   Incidentally, I would like to say: “I will give it to the dog but not you!”

   But after Ling Xiao entered the Ling family, Ling Yu looked at Ling Xiao differently, and even took the initiative to approach Ling Xiao and make friends, which made Ling Xiao full of pride and determined to go further in martial arts. The determination is a blockbuster in the Ling family.

   However, ideals are full and reality is cruel.

  The warriors who have the highest martial arts in the district, in the huge Ling family, are nothing more than a drop in the bucket.

   Tianfeng City Ling Family, but a family with a population of tens of thousands, coupled with this expansion, the population has reached two to thirty thousand, almost the absolute overlord of Tianfeng City.

How can a family like    really appreciate a martial artist with the highest level of martial arts?

   They randomly pulled out a maid, a servant, that’s all Wumai First Heavy!

  The young girls of the same age in the Ling family have a very good foundation. They are all martial artists with the second level of martial arts and above, and some even reached the third level of martial arts! The four levels of Wu Mai’s realm were completely the existence that Ling Xiao could only look up to.

   Of course, if he can break through to the second layer of Wumai within a year, Ling Xiao may also be proud.

   However, some things are really hard to demand, because the broken exercise method that he picked up before conflicts with the basic exercise method of the Ling family, so he can only practice from scratch.

   Gradually, it has been surpassed by many people who came with it.

   And at this time, Ling Yu, who had changed his attitude towards him, once again became the supreme young lady, because she not only broke through to the second layer of Wu Mai, but also hooked up with the genius disciple of the Ling family.

  Ling Xiao, who knew the reality, didn’t let this down. On the contrary, he didn’t forget how he came to the Ling family, so he practiced harder and harder, and vowed never to be driven away by the Ling family, or he would depend on him for life. My grandfather is going to suffer again.

  The Ling family stipulated that all the outer disciples who could not break through to the second layer of Wumai within a year must be eliminated, or they would simply become servants of the Ling family.

   At this time, there was only one month left before Ling Xiao entered the Ling family.

  hu! what!

   The young boy was waving his arms, and his mouth was full of fighting spirit.

   Ling Xiao knows what the result of waiting for him in a year will be, but he will not give up. If he can practice from the beginning to the first level of martial art, he believes that he will be able to cultivate to the second level of martial art.

  Ling Xiao is practicing the basic martial arts of the Ling family-“Manniu Jin”.

   “Manniu Jin” is the most common basic martial arts. It includes martial arts and martial arts. It can not only improve the realm, but also can be used for combat. It is a basic martial arts favorite of low-level martial artists.

  This set of “Bull Jin”, because the number of exercises is so much that when Ling Xiao hits out, he has a completely natural feeling, which shows that he is still more suitable for martial arts.

   Although this ordinary martial arts is very ordinary, it also has levels-basic, beginner, intermediate, advanced, top!

   There are five levels, “Manniu Jin” is just the most common basic martial arts.

   This level of division is naturally not for fun, but because the higher the level, the better the effect of the exercises and the greater the power of martial arts.

  Ling Xiao is just an expanded outer disciple. He doesn’t even have the lineage of the Ling family. In addition, he doesn’t show any extraordinary talents, so he can only practice basic martial arts. Even the junior martial arts, are not qualified to contact.

   “It feels like a breakthrough, but it is always stuck in the most critical place. Alas, if only there is a breakthrough pill.”

   has been practicing for a long time, Ling Xiao took out the water bag and drank, thinking of her helplessness in her heart.

  After nearly a year of observation, he can see that he is no worse than anyone. It can even be said that because of the hard work, it is reasonable to say that the cultivation should be faster.

   In fact, the problem still lies in the exercises and pill.

  Ling family members and those wealthy outer disciples, either have a higher level of practice, or they have the money to buy breakthrough pills to help them break through.

  The disciples of Wumai Duozhong have basically used Breakthrough Pills.

   This kind of pill is not too expensive, and it has no side effects, but Ling Xiao just can’t afford it. The Ling family can provide him with food and drink, which is the greatest benevolence and righteousness. It is impossible to give him money.

   “Go away, I told you this waste a long time ago, this is my exclusive land, you are not qualified to practice here!”

   When the sun had completely risen, it was already an hour later, Ling Xiao packed up his things and was about to leave, because he didn’t want to conflict with the people of the Ling family.

   But it was still too late.

   there was a loud shout, it was Ling Chong, a disciple of the Ling family.

  While speaking, Ling Chong even jumped onto the high platform and pushed to Ling Xiao. Fortunately, Ling Xiao has been practicing hard, so although he has not broken through the realm, his body is very strong. Don’t look at his face, but he is thin. The strength in the body is not small.

   Ling Chong didn’t push him, he stuck there like an old tree.

   “Ling Chong, I have no grievances with you, why always insult me?”

   Ling Xiao was angry, and it was not the first time that the other party treated him like this.

   “Joke, you think I really like to bully you with trash. It’s just that your ears don’t work. You have warned you not to practice martial arts here. Don’t spread your trash gas to us.”

  Ling Chong looked at Ling Xiao with joking and playfulness in his eyes.

   That’s right, he did it on purpose, but what about it, all the outer disciples who have expanded in, just this Ling Xiao dare not listen to him, and who will trouble Ling Xiao if he doesn’t?

  The disciples of the Ling family have an innate sense of pride, feeling that the expanded outer disciples are just servants with the name of the disciple, and they can be driven at will.

   So almost all outside disciples have been bullied by their own disciples~IndoMTL.com~ It’s just that some people choose to be silent, some people choose to beg for mercy, and Ling Xiao chooses not to be humble or overbearing.

   Ling Xiao didn’t want to cause trouble, but if he didn’t practice martial arts in the martial arts field, he would have to go far to find a suitable martial arts field. He had to take care of his grandfather, too far away.

   “Ling Chong, you are really useless, even this outsider can’t push off the martial arts platform, how did you mess with it?”

   “That is, you are also a martial artist of the second level of martial arts anyway, this kid is the first level of martial arts, you are not as strong as him?”

  ”Hurry up, Ling Chong, chase this kid away, we still have to train.”

   Together with Ling Chong are either his own disciples or the outer disciples who have taken refuge in these own disciples. Anyway, they are all masters who like to watch the excitement.

   After all, it’s not too much to watch the excitement.

   “Damn, you dare to look down on Lao Tzu, I will shoot this kid down with one palm, let him know what a martial artist is!”

   Ling Chong was stimulated by the violent general method, and he glanced at Ling Xiao contemptuously, and suddenly a palm shot was printed directly on Ling Xiao’s chest.

   “Is it enough?”

   Blood spilled from the corner of Ling Xiao’s mouth, but he didn’t fall down or fly out.

   He can avoid injury by flying out, but he doesn’t want to, once people shrink back and fear once, then they will develop such a problem.

  He is reluctant!

  ”This kid! Looking for death!” Ling Chong was angry and flew up and kicked Ling Xiao.

   Ling Xiao suddenly spit out blood, so scared that Ling Chong hurriedly dodged, he kicked it empty and flew directly out of the martial arts platform.

   looked at Ling Chong who had fallen under the martial arts stage, Ling Xiao showed a smile on his face, then shook his body, fell to the ground and passed out.



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