Greetings, Mister Principal: Remarks at the end of this book


It only takes a genius one second to remember the address of this website: (Dingdian Chinese), the fastest update! No ads! After many twists and turns, the book is finally finished.

Students who have been following along may notice that the pace speeds up in the later stages and some plot progressions are a bit stiff. This is indeed my problem, but it is not the design of the plot outline.

But this book was reported.

The principal’s book won an award for the two-dimensional essay competition. After winning the award, I was reported. It was roughly that the plot with my sister involved ethics. The editor warned me that if I didn’t pay attention, the book would be closed. Even my sister’s existence was ignored as much as possible. Don’t mention it, I just wanted to write a character like Matou Sakura. Readers who have read the previous book also know that I don’t write harem stories, they are all single female protagonists, but I can’t help it. The comment section is a bit extreme. Even some cloud readers who have never read the book can understand why Qidian is so harmonious (laughs).

As a result, we can only cut off the plot related to the sister, otherwise people may not be able to read this book.

This led to a major change in the plot related to the Serpent of Chaos. Originally, the protagonist wanted to discover the secret of the Serpent of Chaos with his sister, and finally came to the demiplane of Midgar where Dana’s parents were killed, and discovered the ruins. The sacrifice of my sister will come later, and the plot will also change later. Due to the change of the outline, the war with Sauron’s alien species has been abbreviated a lot. Overall, the number of words has been cut from about 50,000 to 80,000. Make the last roll shorter.

Maybe it would be better not to write a similar plot in the first place (helpless).

Now that we’ve finished complaining, let’s talk about something else.

This book is essentially a popular science article. The idea comes from Arcane God. During the writing process, I also reviewed the natural science knowledge I had learned before. In the end, the story ends with Bell’s inequality. The reason is that it belongs to a subdivided field and is difficult to explain without using any formulas. Secondly, it is out of the scope of general readers’ cognition and lacks a sense of substitution. Simply put, it is not interesting.

In fact, when I was writing to the end, I already needed to read a lot of related books and summarize them into general science texts for readers to understand, which led to a slowdown in writing.

Originally, when this book reached its peak, I thought about whether to write it into a plane war theme similar to the wizard’s journey, but thinking about it, this would deviate from the original theme. Maybe I will try it in future books. one time.

That’s basically what I want to say. This book is my first book to achieve high-quality status. This is inseparable from the support of all readers. I would like to thank the leader [Wilde, the Warrior of Love] and the boss [Lao Wang’s next door] Grandpa], as well as all the helmsmen, everyone who has subscribed and supported the works of this book.

The new book was originally intended to be about something similar to P5 mixed SCP. It had been discussed in the group before, but I didn’t expect that not long after the book was published, the squid master wrote the Lord of Mysteries, writing similar themes to the extreme. So it can only be put on hold for now.

This book took a lot of effort to write. The next one will be about more relaxed subjects, which is about Wenzhao Gong making animations. I wrote it easily, and everyone can read it easily. It should have been uploaded and reviewed by now. The book The name is “Creator of the Second Dimension”. You can click to collect and recommend it.

Finally, thank you for your support. This book is only possible because of you.

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