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Reiner knows that if you want to become a legendary mage, you must create your own legendary magic. On the road to legend, the experience of previous generations is of no use. All that is needed is the courage to pioneer and the accumulated knowledge.

At this critical moment, it is extremely dangerous to attack the legend. If you are not careful, you will be completely swallowed by the sea of ​​consciousness of Sauron’s alien species, and you will never recover.

Reiner looked at the indescribably huge giant in front of him, thought for a moment, and decided to attack the legend immediately.

Thoughts are like ripples, spreading out the moment they appear. There are no secrets in the sea of ​​consciousness. The giant immediately noticed Reiner’s unusual movement and glanced across it.


A huge sense of oppression hit Reiner. Just the gaze from the gods was enough to make ordinary humans die on the spot. In this sea of ​​consciousness, the giant was indeed the only god.

Reiner remained motionless. Around him, the magic barrier was destroyed and reshaped, waves rippling, resisting the authority of the gods.

At this moment, in Reiner’s mind, everything passed like a dream.

The thrill and longing that human beings feel when they look up at the stars for the first time.

The Taoist priest flies to the moon on fireworks and the young man drives his paraffin wings closer to the sun.

The spirit of the great man who was given death and the destroyed circle will live on forever.

The trajectories of the stars are calculated by cocooned hands, and the scholars on the stake remain unyielding until death.

The knight under the apple tree chatted and laughed with the ridiculed dwarf.

Electricity and magnetism, teachers and students who are separated from each other and friends who have forgotten their years.

Hymn to the elements, the exiled couple and the crowd under the guillotine.

The secrets of evolution are revealed during the journey, and the dusty theories are dyed red with the blood of duels.

Great ideas are written on the patent office’s stationery, and the laws of time and space are unveiled.

The world of quantum is illusory, and the collapse of the wave function is shocking.

Countless pictures intertwined in Reiner’s mind, including both the mage civilization and the earth’s civilization.

No matter whether magic exists or not, no matter how the world is constructed, what drives civilization forward is never ignorance and worship, but questioning and exploration, not the authority of the emperor, but the courage of mankind.

Reiner felt that he had entered a strange state.

In front of him, the sea of ​​consciousness and the giant Sauron disappeared, and he seemed to have come to a pure white room. This room had no doors or windows, nothing, only eternal silence.

Countless formulas flashed before Reiner’s eyes. They are the crystallization of human wisdom and the never-ending exploration of tiny humans trying to understand the vast universe.

At this moment, Reiner felt a certain call, and an idea was planted in his mind.

Millions of years of history are the nourishment of thought, and human wisdom has irrigated this thought. Soon, it took root in Reiner’s mind, grew vigorously, and became a towering tree.

This is not an accident, but the information that Reiner subconsciously collected during his long-term observation, finally bearing fruit at this moment.

“Is this the essence of magic?”

Reiner thought.

In front of him, a little girl suddenly appeared in the room.

This little girl is wearing a white dress. Her appearance cannot be seen clearly, but she does exist.

Reiner seemed to see the other person’s smile. This was not the kindness of the first meeting, but some kind of relief and affirmation.

“Congratulations, you have taken this step.”

Like a mother watching a toddler finally gain its feet, the little girl said.

“This means that your childhood has ended.”

Leiner didn’t ask who the other party was because he already knew it.

After a moment of silence, Reiner spoke.

“The magic that exists in this world is a very special kind of energy that has quantum properties. It will collapse under the observation of consciousness and can be controlled by consciousness, but this is only the surface manifestation of magic.”

He looked directly into the other person’s mist-shrouded eyes and said.

“After studying quantum theory, I have been thinking about a question, that is, what is the feedback of the world? Why does the progress of the theory lead to the feedback of the world, and the feedback of the world will allow the wizard to obtain more magic power? .”

Reiner paused, while the little girl said nothing, quietly listening to Reiner’s speech.

“Just now, an idea suddenly came to me, a guess about magic power.”

He said, as if he was thinking about whether he should say it out loud, and as if he was considering the weight of the answer, but in the end, Reiner spoke.

“Magic power, this kind of quantum, is essentially an artificial particle. To be precise, it is a robot at an extremely microscopic scale.”

As if feeling the affirmation from the little girl, Reiner continued speaking faster and faster.

“This is not a creation of the last era, but a product of the more distant past. In that civilization, humans had mastered the technology to expand particles into low dimensions and mastered the art of making microscopic particles into objects that could be controlled by consciousness. Robot technology, this kind of robot can even reproduce and reproduce autonomously, and eventually make all the particles in the world into its own kind.”

Where Reiner didn’t notice, the distortion of time and space appeared, causing the white room to expand dozens of times.

“However, time changes and civilizations are destroyed. After several civilizations, no existence can know the existence of these robots. People only know that with consciousness, objects can be controlled to a certain extent and rotten wood can be made to make fire. , causing the sea water to freeze.”

The room is no longer there, and Reiner is now in a pure white world.

“From this, we can learn two things. First, the number of robots that can be controlled by consciousness is limited. Different consciousnesses will create checks and balances. Simply put, the survival of the world does not depend on one person’s will. For transfer, it is the result of the mutual interference of countless consciousnesses; secondly, robot interference in reality must also abide by the laws of physics.”

As he spoke, the picture in his mind was completely clear.

“This brings up two points. First, although the consciousness can control the robot to interfere with reality, it is easier to interfere with the laws of physics. After understanding the laws of physics, the subconscious mind will change the way to drive the robot. , making it simpler, which is reflected in reality, that is, when mages sum up the theory, they can perform stronger magic and interfere with more things. The process of mastering knowledge and changing cognition is to change one’s own consciousness. The process that drives the robot’s way of action.”

After a pause, Reiner continued.

“Second point, the robot’s actions will tend to obey the laws of physics and be more easily guided by the consciousness of obeying the laws. This is the essence of feedback from the world. When a mage discovers a truth that no one has discovered in the past, And after proving it, his consciousness, or perception of the world, will change. Such consciousness will attract more robots to be controlled by it, and reflect the reality, that is, the magic power that this mage can use will increase!”

He raised his head and looked at the little girl, the incarnation of the essence of magic, gradually disappearing in the vast world.

This is not a **** or a demon, but a personified will that has been independently evolved by many robots over a long period of time.

“This is the truth about magic, this is the truth about this world!”

With Reiner’s words, everything around him fell apart, and only the little girl’s murmur echoed in Reiner’s ears.

“You are the first person in a hundred and three thousand years to grasp my essence.”

She said, her voice soft and full of motherly love.

“My name is Xinghai.”


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