Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4812: She can’t be saved


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Qin Mu felt that it was almost done, and looked at Mu Qianxi coldly, “Let’s fight!”

“Boom–” Mu Qianxi is only at the seventh level of the God Emperor and is no match for Qin Mu.

The power of space, the power of time and other special powers are all used, and they can only dodge.

Had her body not been strong enough, she would have fallen at his feet like her brother.

This was the fair fight he wanted. How could Mu Qianxi be stronger than him, how could she defeat him?

Now Qin Mu was extremely satisfied, but unexpectedly, a stick hit him from behind.

With the help of the Gods, he won’t have to face enemies from both sides to win the world. If he has the chance, he can help his sister kill Qin Mu!

The Supreme Scepter solidified the power of the strong golden element and smashed it down. Qin Mu’s head was so smashed that stars appeared, his head bloomed, and his anger spewed out.

He shouted: “Win the world, how dare you sneak attack me!”

“Mu Qianxi, you dare to ask for help when you fight with me.” He was filled with righteous indignation!

Mu Qianxi said: “I don’t care about a fair fight when fighting a thing like you. As long as I can kill you, any fighting method will do?”

“Brother, I’ll leave it to you.”

Now that the eldest brother has his hands free, Mu Qianxi naturally doesn’t waste time with him and doesn’t even bother to fight with him.

“You…” He ignored him directly, which made Qin Mu even more furious.

“It’s boring to fight against a defeated general who has been defeated by me countless times. I have more important things to do, so you can just be beaten by my big brother!”

Mu Qianxi glanced towards Mu Qingchen and Qi Mocha, her expression becoming more and more solemn, brother…

Qi Mocha looked at Mu Qianxi’s increasingly cold and pale face, and said tremblingly: “Impossible, it’s impossible that even Qianxi you can’t do anything about it?”

“I can’t feel anything anymore? Life…breath…soul…how could it be so complete?”

She just died, but with her current alchemy skills and the power of life she controls, she is enough to reverse life and death.

In fact, she thought too well and was too self-righteous.

Her brother’s current condition is something she has never seen since she started practicing medicine.

Light green light burst out, “Time is reversed.”

As long as the situation is reversed to when my brother is still alive, everything will still be possible.

But the power of time has no effect on my brother. How could this happen?

Mu Qianxi’s pain made Qin Mu feel very happy.

“Hahaha! Mu Qianxi, you are here too. I am a child of luck. If I want to kill someone, I will not give you a chance to save him. So what if you have good medical skills? What if you have the ability to reverse time? ”

The sadness and sadness of hating her were not enough, so Qin Mu stabbed her with a knife unscrupulously.

Ying Tianxia’s current strength is just a little trouble for him. He can be distracted and does not have to deal with it wholeheartedly.

“Boom——” A giant water-blue dragon with a rainbow-like momentum and full of cold murderous aura descended from the sky.

After the terrifying attack, Qin Mu’s speech that added fuel to the fire came to an abrupt end.

“Master, I’m late!”

One victory in the world is not enough to suppress Qin Mu. The water dragon comes two against one, which is enough to make him suffer.

He hopes that his master will be happy, and he felt that he did it some time ago in the Shenshui River. The master is carefree and living every day happily.

But this happiness was ruined by this bastard. Now he can only feel the master’s sadness, pain, self-blame, and annoyance!

These emotions should not belong to the master, and the master should always be happy.

The water dragon came with its owner. They were supposed to arrive together, but they were asked to leave after entering the divine realm.

The person who asked him to leave was Wu Ya, the number one prophet in the God Realm.

“Did you come up with this ghost idea?” Shui Long said coldly, wanting to deal with the culprit.

“The death of a human race cannot change the future of His Highness Jiuye at all. Why should I do such a thing?” Wuya said indifferently.

They knew that Mu Qingchen was Mu Qianxi’s closest blood relative, but they could never understand his importance to her.

So, with their arrogance, they disdain to use this method.

Wu Ya said calmly: “But, she has really gained a lot, she must lose some!”

Not only Qin Mu was unhappy to see Mu Qianxi so carefree and carefree, Wuya was also unhappy, she was too arrogant.

Before, I just wanted to take away her life and everything she had. There was no need to let her lose something insignificant.

His calculations were wrong and derailed again and again. Knowing that it would not be easy to kill her, he took some interest to comfort himself, so naturally he allowed Qin Mu to do this. Shui Long frowned, “What nonsense, my master got very little! At least he has to get the complete eternal protection of the Nine-layer Hongmeng Lotus, and get the power to kill you, kill the God Emperor, and destroy the way of heaven.” Much!

“So, do you regret your original decision? You chose to be the first prophet. The one who can predict the future is your eternal ring.”

The first prophet chosen at the beginning was not Wuya!

The one who can better control this extraordinary power is naturally the eternal artifact with the same special existence.

Among the eternal artifacts, the dominant state and character of water are the most stable.

But at the beginning, Shuilong said to Tiandao, “Let me try my ability to predict the future. If I can predict when my master will appear and what he will look like, it is not impossible to have an additional identity and power.” ”

Even Water Dragon cannot deny that its ability to predict the future is quite good.

The only thing that makes Tiandao dissatisfied is this person. When he speaks or shuts up, he is the master in his heart.

I really don’t know what went wrong when he was born to let him know these two words.

Obviously, other eternal artifacts will definitely not recognize any owner.

It also allowed Shuilong to experience the power of predicting the future, but when Shuilong predicted his future master, he came up blank.

“No one is qualified to be the master of the eternal artifact.” Tiandao said.

Shuilong’s hope was dashed, but he said firmly: “I don’t believe it, I said it was there! This power of prophecy is of no use at all, I still don’t want it. My future is definitely not what this power can do.”

“The future this power sees will definitely not be my future, but the future you want. Who cares?”

He decisively refused and gave up communicating with Tiandao. Tiandao experienced what anger was for the first time.

In anger, it picked up a newborn creature on a cliff by the sea, gave him the power of prophecy, and became the first prophet.

Shui Long doesn’t want to reminisce with this guy, he just wants to kill him. After all, the master hates him. If he disappears as soon as possible, the master will be happier.

Until he sensed his master’s intense sadness, he didn’t care about wasting time here in Wuya, and instantly appeared in front of his master, seeing that infuriating side.

Qin Mu came to kill with full confidence. Originally, he was crushing and powerful, but now the situation has changed.

His subordinates were suppressed at every turn against other protoss masters.

He was jointly attacked by Ying Tianxia and Shui Long and was injured.

It was all because of the crazy things of the Gods that they helped Mu Qianxi. His plan to ambush Mu Qianxi could not be completed, so he immediately evacuated.

“Little sister, senior brother was too harsh. I’m really sorry for your biological brother’s death! It’s not my fault. Anyone who makes him too weak will die. Don’t be too sad.” Before leaving, he also said Bad sarcastic remarks.


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