Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4780: Gifts in the sky


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The corner of Mu Qianxi’s mouth twitched slightly and said: “Shuilong, don’t have such dangerous thoughts. Most of them are sacred waters of the ocean, and they still need some land embellishment, otherwise it will be too monotonous.”

“Then the ghost doctor building on other islands will be expanded to cover the entire island. What does the owner think?” Shuilong asked.

“The Ghost Doctor Building does not need such a big place.” Mu Qianxi said.

Shuilong felt a little regretful, “Master doesn’t need it, so forget it.”

The battle was finally over. Mu Qianxi went back to the Ghost Doctor Building to rest for the time being, and did not let Shuilong move out to a new residence.

She is sitting in the Ghost Doctor Building, and her previously assigned mission of finding the formation continues.

I searched all over the land, but there is no news about Taichu Source Water.

It probably doesn’t like land either, because it’s not on land.

But the sea is so vast, even if the aquatic tribe cooperates, it will be more difficult to find it.

If it was so easy to be found by the Aqua Tribe, it would have been discovered by the artifact long ago.

“Master, in addition to practicing, is refining medicine. Isn’t it too boring? Do you need the water dragon to help you solve your problems?”

“The previous sparring partners were not easy to use. Do you need the master to grab some others for you to play with?”

The master is quiet and the housekeeper has nothing to do.

“Water Dragon, you can also take a rest!”

“No! The water dragon has been sleeping long enough.”

It took him a long time to wake up, and he was eager to serve his master all the time.

Wudi and Xiaohong are quite energetic. After being promoted to six stars, they fight at sea every day.

Wudi, as a furry, doesn’t want to touch the water.

Nai He didn’t dare to cause sabotage in the Ghost Doctor Building, so he had no choice but to fight at sea.

No matter what, we have to compete.

Mu Qianxi could only let Shui Long, who had nothing to do, be the referee.

“Master Shuilong, who is more powerful, me or this lazy pig!”

“Lord Water Dragon, I am definitely better than this stupid cat.”

After many fights, Shuilong wanted to accompany his master more than watch these two fight.

He replied: “Invincible is stronger?”

“Why?” Xiaohong was unconvinced.

Shui Long smiled lightly and said: “Why! Because Wu Di told me that you were a contracted beast that was subdued by Huang Jiuye and became the master. Unlike it, you followed the master voluntarily.”

The judgment of which one of them is strong and which one is weak is not based on their fighting ability, it is all based on the water dragon’s subjective thoughts.

This is not fair, but when it comes to the master, he never pays attention to fairness.

Xiao Hong was speechless, this brought back old scores!

That was before, but now it follows its master very willingly!

It didn’t dare to complain about Master Shuilong’s actions, so it could only grit its teeth and rush towards Invincible.

“What a stupid cat, you are not stupid at all, but you are playing tricks on me.”

“You are not playing dirty tricks, this is wisdom, okay!” Master Shuilong recognized that it was better than the lazy pig, and its invincible tail was raised to the sky.

After following the master for so long, he has naturally been influenced by it and understands strategy.

Master Shuilong doesn’t like His Highness Jiuye to begin with! To uncover the dark history of lazy pigs, lazy pigs can only move to the back.

Wudi and Xiao Hong became very powerful, and Xiao Mo Mo and Xiao Fox showed their cuteness to Shui Long.

“Master Shuilong, we also want to advance!”

Shuilong smiled and said: “Compared with watching the master practice hard to refine medicine, I still prefer the master to relax and happily open gifts. It’s almost time.”

He suggested to his master that she go get the second gift.

Mu Qianxi nodded and said: “I feel that I am almost consolidated, and I can go!”

“Can you find some fish for the master to play with?” Shuilong asked.

“Of course, Qin Mu’s people on land have almost been pulled out now. The strongest ones in the divine waters are the water tribe. I don’t believe Qin Mu didn’t reach out and just lead them out.” Mu Qianxi nodded.

What Shuilong cares about is that his master simply plays and has a good time, but Mu Qianxi wants to get rid of potential enemies and achieve the same goal through different routes.

“Okay! Then I will release the news.”

Soon, a news came out in the Divine Waters.

Lord Lord, will open a secret realm above the clouds.

Any water tribe that can fly and fly up to the clouds is qualified to be his master’s follower and enter the secret realm.

There are many branches of the aquarium, including not only fish that can swim in the water, but also fish that swim in the clouds.

After this news spread in the Divine Waters, it also alarmed other domains. Even the Gods were moved?

The secret realm opened by Lord Overlord is naturally more amazing than other secret realms they have entered before.

No one wants to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, right?

“Bang——” However, those who came from outside, they all hit a wall and were refused entry into God’s waters.

As the creator of the divine waters, Water Dragon has full such authority.

The people who were refused entry shouted, “Why?”

“Give me a chance! Lord of Water.”

“We also have the right to explore the secret realm!” A peaceful voice came out, “This secret realm is for the owner, and my secret realm also has the right to refuse anyone entry. Only the owner’s guards and Playmate, I don’t want some messy things to come in

, affecting the owner’s experience in the cloud secret realm. ”

It means that those of you who intend to steal the secret treasure from his master and cause trouble are not allowed to enter.

“It doesn’t matter that His Majesty the God Emperor is so partial to Mu Qianxi, this Lord of Water has done an even better job, and His Highness’s life is too good.”

Those who are denied access to God’s waters speak harsh words outside.

“How about we hire someone to break this barrier!”

Sufficient interests enable them to do whatever it takes.

“It’s difficult to do it. You have to ask masters like His Majesty the God Emperor and the two His Majesties from the Shura Tribe!”

His Majesty the God Emperor will definitely not do anything detrimental to His Highness Qian Xi.

As for the Shura clan, the two majesties are in retreat, and the Shura clan has been quiet for a long time.

They gave up, and the flying aquatic tribe arrived at the fastest speed the moment it heard the order.

So above the clouds, there were colorful colors, and all kinds of behemoths spread their wings.

And the aquarium in the water is so envious and jealous!

Spurted out countless water arrows, trying to shoot them down so that they would lose the qualification to enter the secret realm.

After coming to Shenshui, Mu Qianxi arrived at a familiar land, and most of the people she met were human beings.

The strength of Shen Shui Shui that we have seen is just the tip of the iceberg.

Nowadays, the aquarium is out in force. The flying aquarium does not account for a large proportion of the entire aquarium, but it is also very shocking.

This race, which was born from water, has many categories and great strength.

“I have met Lord Master, His Highness Qian Xi.”

No matter how many betrayers they have behind their backs, if they dare to appear in front of them now, they must be extremely respectful.

Shui Long said calmly: “Your mission is to follow the master into the secret realm to obtain the most precious gift in the secret realm. Among them is the Yun Clan who is causing trouble. You must not let the Yun Clan hurt her.”

This reminds everyone of an old incident in the Divine Waters. Once upon a time, a cloud tribe entered the Divine Waters and swallowed everything flying in the air.

The flying aquatic tribe almost had no place to live and was exterminated.

Then, Master Shuilong waved his hand and crushed all the Yun tribe into a ball. I wonder where they were thrown?

It turns out that a secret realm was created to refine them.

For races like the Yun Clan, as long as there is sky between heaven and earth, they are basically immortal and can only be refined. Shui Long said to Mu Qianxi: “Master, I don’t know what I will refine after so many years of refining? I hope it will be in line with the master’s wishes and make the master like it.”


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