Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4616: Resolve the shackles


This law of destruction is just a drop in the bucket compared to what Jiuye and Ah Ting faced before, but it is fatal to the fragile Chaos Realm.

As for the seal master, it is just right, even if it is the seal master who performs the sealing technique for the first time.

“Law, seal!” Mu Qingchen said.

The punishment law that fell on Ah Ting, the punishment law that imprisoned him for a long time, and the punishment law that wanted to destroy the Chaos Realm, finally disappeared at this moment.

“Boom—” Tianlei roared wildly in the air.

“Mu Qingchen, Mu Qingchen, a little person who doesn’t deserve my attention at all! He actually ruined my business. What was the God Emperor doing before? Why didn’t he kill him early.” It couldn’t understand, it couldn’t understand.

My last revenge was also destroyed, nothing was achieved, it was a great shame.

Crystal Crystal said lightly: “Everyone is a protagonist in their own life, and they are all important people! It’s not that you despise, or think that ants are not worthy of your eyes, they are some small people.

“You are too arrogant, your vision is too narrow, and Xi’er’s brother is talented enough, hardworking enough, willing to do everything for the person he wants to protect, so he can stand here and give You are sober.”

“Even if there is no law to destroy, the Chaos Realm is now fragile, and forced fusion will definitely be finished.”

Ah Ting’s face sank, “It’s true! The Chaos Realm is really fragile because of the long-term division of time.”

“A Nian, come back! The broken one is not serious, I can repair it, it is much better than being destroyed by the law of punishment, you are not like this.”

Seeing that Ah Nian was motionless, Ah Ting pulled Jing Jingying and rushed towards him.

He was angry, “You want to die, no problem! I won’t stop you this time, but don’t die in my territory, go back to your minefield and die, okay?”

A Nian also felt that Ah Ting was super angry, blinked his eyes, nodded and said: “Well! If Ah Ting doesn’t like me dying in the Chaos Realm, then change the place!”

This made Ah Ting even more furious. All in all, he just didn’t give up and die!

Mu Qianxi didn’t know what to do, it was useless to be angry with Ah Nian like this, and it was useless to scold her.

In fact, only he can understand the pain in his heart, and others cannot empathize.

Effective guidance or effective treatment is needed.

Mu Qianxi said in a low voice: “Jiuye, I kind of want to go back and focus on studying psychological medicine. Although I don’t know if it will work, I still want to give it a try. Ah Nian can’t go on like this!”

“Where is Xi going back? I’ll accompany you.” It’s been a long time since Xi said something he didn’t understand. What is psychological medicine?

Anyway, it’s right to follow, you can’t let Xi go where he can’t find it.

“Boy, you are very talented! You succeeded in performing the sealing technique for the first time, then I will give you a small reward, I will teach you how to seal the world with my own hands!” A careless and lazy voice spoke in Mu Qing It sounded in Chen’s mind.

He didn’t teach it seriously before, and it all depends on his own perception.

Now that I have successfully learned, I am qualified to ask him to give me advice.

“Master City Master, seal the world, just like you sealed the Chaos Realm before?”

“Almost, it’s much simpler, look good!”

No one taught her before, but Mu Qingchen succeeded.

Some people teach it now, which is completely equivalent to finishing things directly, it’s that simple.

“Chaos Realm, seal!”

The collapsed world, let alone the collapse, began to merge in a good direction.

Mu Qianxi was very surprised, “Brother, you quietly did a super powerful thing again!”

Mu Qingchen said with a smile: “There is a way to make the Chaos Realm better, so of course I can’t miss it, but I’m not the one who puts the most effort into it.”

The Chaos Realm was sealed, and Anian knew that he didn’t need to take action.

Countless chains in the Chaos Realm disappeared, and finally turned into a silver necklace that floated into Mu Qianxi’s palm.

Mu Qianxi was about to wear it on his hand, but Ah Ting rushed over and said, “Wait, stupid woman, I feel that you have a contract with Ah Lian! If you don’t have a contract, you can put Anian’s body on your hand , is it too unreserved?”

Mu Qianxi was taken aback for a moment, looked at the necklace in her hand and said, “Is this A Nian’s body?”

Crystal Ying walked over slowly and put it on for Qian Xi herself: “Yes! Didn’t he say anything when he handed it to you?”

“Stop mentioning this, he doesn’t even admit that he is Anian!” Mu Qianxi replied.

Crystal Ying looked at the entire Chaos Realm, “As expected of Xi’er’s brother, he is very powerful!”

A Ting nodded and said, “I see you differently!”

Mu Qingchen said: “Although the sealing technique is completed, it is impossible to merge in one go. The fusion and recovery of the Chaos Realm will take a certain amount of time, but there will be a problem after the fusion…”

Mu Qianxi asked, “What’s the problem?”

“It’s not just that all the time of this land of Chaos Realm is fused, every time of the creatures that exist in the Chaos Realm will also be fused. Well! The memory will be too complicated, and the spiritual power in their bodies will be superimposed …”

How much time is divided into the Chaos Domain? Anyway, there are countless numbers, and it is estimated that Ah Ting, the master, probably does not know.

This amount of spiritual power is superimposed and superimposed, even if each superposition does not increase much, once the amount increases, it will have a very amazing effect. Crystal Ying said with a smile: “Once the fusion is complete, the people in the Chaos Realm will become super powerful! Moreover, the fusion of the earth will make the spiritual power and the power of time very strong here, which can be regarded as a terrible disaster.” After that, the resulting

To the compensation! “

Ah Ting’s eyes lit up when he heard this, “That is to say, the people in my Chaos Realm will be the strongest in the future! They are much stronger than those in Thunder Domain, God Domain, and Sword Domain. One can fight hundreds of people. That’s great.”

Mu Qingchen said: “That’s the case in theory, but I don’t know how much time it will take?”

“Thousands of thousands of years have passed, and it’s not too short of time. As long as you stabilize yourself, the young master will be free.” Ah Ting smiled happily.

Mu Qianxi smiled and said, “Yes! Congratulations, Ah Ting.”

This should be the secret that has been kept in Ah Ting’s heart for a long time! Unbreakable shackles.

Before they were contracted by life, he never told her.

If it wasn’t for Anian, even if she came to the Chaos Realm to participate in the Nine Realms Competition, she probably wouldn’t know the secret.

Even after coming to the Chaos Realm, I encountered many dangers and went through several twists and turns.

There have been helplessness, fear, pain, and confusion, but now they get the result they want, which is great! It’s all worth it.

A Ting looked at Mu Qianxi and Mu Qingchen and said, “As the ruler of the Chaos Realm, I now announce that the Chaos Realm has fallen into a seal and merged to recuperate. The Nine Realms Competition is coming to an end, so you should leave.” Mu Qingchen said : “Xi’er, brother go first.”


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