Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5878: True Child


However, the seeds that fell from the real world, passing through the cave without being destroyed, are absolutely extraordinary, and Hua Qianxu is very moved.

He sent out his immortal consciousness and continued to search.

At this time, Lu Ming had already been far away from this place. He flew for a few days and found a hidden place again. He spread out his palms, and the formation flew out. on the ground.

Lu Ming entered the formation and began to retreat to study the real seeds.

Open your palm, the real seed suspended in the palm.

Lu Ming can vaguely feel that the real seeds are filled with boundless energy, like a chaotic void, impossible to speculate.

It’s no wonder that putting it in one place, over the years, can spawn a large number of fairy medicines, even imperial medicines.

But how to use it?

Before, Shi Ling obviously borrowed the energy of a real seed to be able to rival Hua Qianxu for a short time.

But Lu Ming did some research, but he didn’t succeed, so he couldn’t borrow the energy inside.

“If real seeds can take root and sprout, I wonder what kind of amazing plants they can grow? Or a big medicine?”

Lu Ming whispered.

Afterwards, he took out the fairy spring and watered it, but it was useless.

It is useless to bury it in immortal soil and water it with immortal blood and immortal spring.

He tried a lot of things to no avail.

“If it can germinate easily, it will not be easily put into the real universe.”

Blue Sky Ancestor Reminder.

“Then what should we do? Is it true that real seeds can only take root and sprout in the real world?”

Lu Ming frowned.

“You are right. The real world has not only the power of truth that is strong and pure to the extreme, but also has real rules. Perhaps only in this way can it take root and sprout.”

The way of the ancestors of the blue sky.

“Isn’t this useless? It will take a long time to stay by my side to cultivate the Immortal Medicine Emperor Medicine.”

Lu Ming smiled bitterly.

Those immortal medicines and imperial medicines in the Wonderful Land of Unparalleled Opportunity were conceived after a thousand star years.

For Lu Ming, it is tasteless.

“It’s useless for others, but not necessarily for you. Don’t forget, you have a Dazhen Luoyu plate.”

The way of the ancestors of the blue sky.

Lu Ming’s eyes lit up.

Yes, Dazhen Luo Yudie, but it can communicate with the real world and borrow real power. At the beginning, the ancestor of Qingtian was like this, so that Ye Qing, Xue Universe and others always maintained their peak combat power, even stronger.

If you can borrow power from the real world and pour it into the real seeds, maybe the real seeds can take root and sprout.

It seems that if you want to use the real seeds, you must first master the Dazhen Luoyu Plate.

When he transformed into the Immortal King, he used the three real powers as a fulcrum, and he was barely able to use the Dazhen Luoyu Plate, but he could only hide things in the inner space, and all other functions could not be used.

But now he has made great progress in cultivation. Not only has he stepped into the half-step universe, but the chaotic meanings of the three bodies have also reached 89,999. The three bodies are one, comparable to the general universe.

With such strength, he should be able to use some of the power of Dazhen Luoyu Plate.

Immediately, Lu Ming collected the real seeds, took out the Dazhen Luoyu Plate, and under the guidance of the ancestor Qingtian, began to refine and master the Dazhen Luoyu Plate.

Time flies, year after year.

In the blink of an eye, nine years have passed.

The improvement in cultivation is really different. The control of Dazhen Luoyu Plate has really improved a lot.

After nine years, Lu Ming felt that he could barely control the Dazhen Luoyu Plate, penetrate the real world, and borrow the power of reality.

“Senior, if I use the Dazhen Luoyu Plate like this to open the channel, will it be discovered by the Immortal Emperor outside the Jingzhen universe?”

Lu Ming asked, he was very worried about this.

“Don’t worry, the channel for communicating with the real world can run directly from your side through the space to the real world. It can only be controlled within a square inch and will not disturb people outside.”

The way of the ancestors of the blue sky.

Lu Ming is relieved.

The Dazhen Luoyu Dish was suspended in front of him. Lu Ming used the Trinity to inject everyone’s power into the Dazhen Luoyu Dish.


The Dazhen Luoyu Plate trembled and then glowed. A special energy rushed out of the Dazhen Luoyu Plate and sank into the void above.

Suddenly, Lu Ming seemed to feel that the void was penetrated, and a passage appeared, extending to the eternal unknown.

Then, a ray of energy flew from the other end of the passage and hovered above the Dazhen Luoyu saucer.

“No, I can’t hold it anymore.”

Lu Ming’s face flushed, he felt that the power in his body was about to be drained, he quickly stopped controlling Dazhen Luoyu Disc, and the passage disappeared instantly.

Lu Ming quickly injected that ray of energy into the real seed.

That ray of energy is the real power drawn from the real world. This real power contains real laws, which is very different from the real power in the chaotic void.

The real seed, absorbing this ray of real power, immediately began to glow, green and proud, as if it had come to life.


In addition, there was a special field that covered Lu Ming.

Lu Ming felt warm and indescribably comfortable.

At the same time, he felt the profound meaning of chaos between heaven and earth, and frantically gathered towards Lu Ming, who seemed to be bathed in a sea of ​​chaos.

This effect is countless times better than the Profound Truth Nucleus.

The profound meaning of chaos in Lu Ming’s body trembled and glowed at this moment, and began to grow vigorously, becoming more tenacious and more powerful.

Just a moment later, within Lu Ming’s three bodies, a new profound meaning of chaos emerged.

The 90,000th Mystery of Chaos.

Lu Ming didn’t expect that under the real seeds, the 90,000 kinds of chaotic meanings would come naturally.

When the 90,000th Chaos Profound Truth appeared, it was intertwined with other Profound Truths, resonating, and a qualitative change occurred.

It seems that a peerless formation has always lacked the most important rune, and it was incomplete. Now, this most important rune has finally been completed.

Lu Ming’s body is glowing, his immortal soul is glowing, constantly transforming, his immortal power is flowing like a torrent, and he is rapidly improving.

After half a day~IndoMTL.com~ Lu Ming’s body calmed down.

However, he can feel that his current strength is much higher than before, no less than ten times.

“Too strong, 90,000 kinds of chaotic mysteries, it really is a qualitative change, the difference between ordinary geniuses and real children and real women.”

“If I meet Hua Tianye now, the **** who can abuse him don’t even know him. I don’t know how it compares to Hunyuan Ruyi?”

Lu Ming had seen Fa Tianxia and Hua Qianxu take action, and compared himself, in the state of the Trinity, Lu Ming felt that he could fight without any worries.

At this time, the real seed gradually returned to Pingdan, as if that ray of energy had been absorbed.

“Wonderful, the real seed is really wonderful. In the future, I will continue to penetrate the real world and attract energy. Wouldn’t it be possible for me to make rapid progress in my cultivation.”

Lu Ming’s eyes lit up.

But before that, he still has a small piece of remaining Profound Truth Core Crystal, which has not been refined, and will be refined first.


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