Emperor’s Domination Chapter 6461: One type


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“What kind of death do you want?” At this time, Li Qiye stood there lazily and yawned, very casually and calmly, as if he was talking about something trivial. Same.

When such casual words are spoken, even though there is no momentum or any deterrence, it is just like chatting with an old friend, but it still makes people feel chilled. There is no need for Li Qiye to intimidate anyone, and there is no need for Li Qiye to suppress anyone with their momentum. Just being so casual can already make people feel fearful, and for a moment they feel like own has fallen into an abyss

. Even if Li Qiye didn’t have take action and just said a casual word, I don’t know how many people felt that own head had landed. Great Emperor Aragami was no exception. They couldn’t help but reach out and touch own’s neck. Fortunately

Okay, head is still on the list. Even so, at this moment, people feel fearful. Even exist(ence) like Great Emperor Aragami, when facing Li Qiye, if they were to have a fight with Li Qiye, their legs would tremble.

It is even possible that the courage of take action is gone. As for the other strong cultivator people, there is no need to say more. Not to mention courage, they don’t even have the slightest thought.

This is such a magical feeling, and it is also a wonderful feeling of terrifying. Just imagine, an ordinary young man stands in front of you. He does not exude any strength, nor does he have any intimidating aura. Such a young man, even if he knows that he is deep and unmeasurable, will not be so intimidating

Fear, it is impossible for people to have such a feeling of fear in their hearts.

However, Li Qiye made everyone present feel fear in their hearts. In that moment, it was as if something thing had pierced their hearts.

The two ancestors of even if and Earth Splitter couldn’t help but shrink their pupils. They stared at Li Qiye’s‘s eyes and couldn’t help but tremble. At this moment, the Earth-Splitting Yuanzu and the Earth-rising Buddha couldn’t describe this feeling. At this moment, Li Qiye was standing in front of them. No matter how they looked at it, he was ordinary. There was nothing visible about him. What’s so powerful

The power of Grand Dao cannot be seen as the power of gold, which even makes people doubt that this is just a mortal.

He is such a mortal. At a casual glance, there is nothing special about him. However, if he looks carefully, he seems to be one whole body. He is not with the dream, but with the heaven and the earth.

Before this, Danlu Great Emperor gave people the feeling of being integrated into the hometown of gold, and people felt that Danlu Great Emperor was part of the hometown of gold. However, Li Qiye does not give people the feeling that he is one with the heaven and earth. However, this coexistence of heaven and earth is not because he is there because of heaven and earth, but where he is, heaven and earth are there. It seems that it is him. Birth

He created heaven and earth.

The Lord of Creation, or at this moment, such an idea emerged in the hearts of the Earth-shattering Yuanzu and the Earth-rising Buddha.

The Lord of Creation makes people think of a exist(ence) sky. Of course, even those as powerful as the Earth-Splitting Yuanzu and the Earth-rising Buddha have never seen Cangtian in legend. For them, even if they vaguely know, for exist(ence) like Cangtian, it is just a concept.

Among them.

Now when we take a closer look at Li Qiye’s in front of us, the Lord of Earth Splitting and the Earth-rising Buddha all have the same thought. Li Qiye in front of them is like the Lord of Creation. So, is he exist(ence) of the sky?

Of course, no one can give them the answer, and they own can’t always know.

I don’t know why, but at this moment, looks at Li Qiye’s, the ordinary young man in front of looks at, the Earth-Splitting Yuanzu and the Earth-rising Buddha suddenly lost their confidence. Before that, when facing Danlu Great Emperor, even though Danlu was the hometown of Emperor Lord and gold, and the hometown of gold, they still had the heart to fight, and they were still full of confidence in the strength of own. Confidence,

Even after losing to Danlu Great Emperor, they are still confident. It is not that easy to kill them.

However, at this time, I don’t know why, the ordinary Li Qiye in front of looks at, the Buddha of the Earth, and the Yuanzu of the Earth Split don’t have the confidence. It seems that they have no confidence at all.

At this time, when the Earth-Rising Buddha and the Earth-Splitting Yuanzu looked at each other, they felt the same way about each other.

“Good, good.” Finally, the Buddha took a deep breath and said slowly: “How about we teach you the ten moves and eight postures?”

“Ten moves and eight moves?” Li Qiye smiled faintly and said leisurely: “If I want to kill you, use ten moves and eight moves? Do I think highly of you own, or look down on me? If I really want to kill you , just one formula is enough.”

“What Li Qiye words like this immediately shocked everyone, not to mention the strong cultivator, even if Great Emperor Aragami, were also shocked and dumbfounded.

“One type ” I don’t know how many people were dumbfounded for a moment, looks at Li Qiye, and then looked at the Earth Splitting Yuanzu and the Earth Buddha. They were all speechless for a moment.

The Earth-Splitting Yuanzu and the Earth-rising Buddha are both among the most powerful exist(ence) today. As Yuanzu, they have always been superior to Nine Heavens. It is already very difficult to kill exist(ence) like the Earth-Splitting Yuanzu and the Earth-rising Buddha. If you can kill the Earth-Splitting Yuanzu and the Earth-rising Buddha with one move, then I am afraid no one will. Believe


For countless cultivator experts, they cannot believe that it is possible for this is what to kill the Earth Splitting Yuanzu and the Earth Buddha with one move. So, how powerful is this exist(ence)? Immortal?

“One Style even if Earth-Splitting Yuanzu and Earth-Rising Buddha, they were all in disbelief and looked at Li Qiye. Just now, although Danlu Great Emperor defeated them in one move, it only meant that Danlu Great Emperor had the upper hand. It did not mean that they were completely beaten to the ground, let alone killed and wiped out. But no

Such an easy thing.

However, at this time, Li Qiye actually said that he could kill them all in one move. How could anyone believe it? “One move, what kind of one move.” At this time, the Earth-shattering Yuanzu couldn’t calm down. She didn’t believe that human world someone could really kill Yuanzu like them with one move. Their Primordial True Self was so indestructible

, they are almost close to does not die and extinguish, kill them, easier said than done.

Ah!, I wonder if you have chosen a way to die?” Li Qiye smiled. At this time, everyone is stare blankly. It doesn’t matter if they kill the Earth-shattering Yuanzu and the Earth-rising Buddha with one move. It’s even more outrageous. They still have to choose how to die. Isn’t this too much? human world can’t compare

This is the more arrogant exist(ence). This is more than just treating the Earth Splitter Yuanzu and the Earth Buddha as ants.

At this moment, Earth Splitter Yuanzu couldn’t help but blush. She had been proud of Heng Tian (Cross Heaven) all her life. When had she ever been humiliated like this? For her such a strong character, she was a person who could be killed and not humiliated. .

“What a one-position ” Earth-shattering Yuanzu couldn’t help but shouted, “Let me teach you one-position

“Offended ” Even the Buddha who rose from the ground could not bear such humiliation. Clay figures all have three parts of clay nature, let alone the ancestors like them, how could they bear such humiliation. “Feng Boring destroys ” At this time, Earth Splitter Yuanzu took the risk and roared. With a “buzz” sound, her Golden Tree completely exploded, and even her Primordial True Self lit up in an instant

, burning own’s blood energy. At this moment, as the Earth-shattering Yuanzu risked her life to fight and merge with Li Qiye, under the “boom” of loud sound, her Phoenix Boring Miedu instantly bloomed with blood light, and in the light of gold stained with blood

At the time of light, it seemed like rain of blood was raining in the entire gold hometown.

And the wooden fish sound was also ringing for the Buddha on the ground. The Buddha kept talking, and whispered long roar: “Buddha is destroyed “. At this time, the Buddha fruit appeared on the Buddha on the ground. The Buddha fruit split instantly and scattered the power of Buddha all over the ground. In an instant, it seemed as if a Buddhist world was born here, and all the strengths in the entire Buddhist world were blessing in the Supreme giant.

On the Buddha.

“Boom Boom loud sound knock down came down, and the entire town of gold seemed to be sunk.

Under the blow of the Earth-shattering Yuanzu and the Earth-rising Buddha at all costs, and when they did not hesitate to burn True Blood and Buddha Fruit, their strength soared crazily in that moment.

At this moment, Earth Splitter Yuanzu and Earth Buddha were all risking their lives. They even wanted to die with Li Qiye. They just didn’t believe that even with their certain kill strength, Li Qiye could kill them with one move. The attack from the Earth Buddha and Earth Splitting Yuanzu at this time was more powerful and more devastating than the attack from Danlu Great Emperor just now. For a moment, all the creature in the hometown of gold were frightened. They would be here at any time. Two Great Destructions

In this way, vanish(ed) in a puff of smoke was destroyed to the point where not even the dregs were left.

“That’s it?” Li Qiye just raised his eyelids and took a look.

This is an understatement, what a huge humiliation for the Earth-Rising Buddha and the Earth-Splitting Yuanzu.

However, at this time, it was take action. When he stretched out his hand, he had no invincible power, no Supreme power, it was just a serious stretch.

It is enough to reach out carefully and shoot straight down with one hand.

Li Qiye stretched out his hand and swatted it down, just like swatting a mosquito.

“Bang a resonate sound was slapped down with one hand. Under the hands of Li Qiye’s, the world-destroying blows of the Earth Buddha and the Earth-Splitting Yuanzu were as if they were made of flour paste, vulnerable to a single blow, and were shattered into pieces in an instant.


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