Emperor’s Domination Chapter 6459: Destroy the world


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The Earth-Splitting Yuanzu and the Earth-rising Buddha both looked ugly. In the real world, Danlu Great Emperor is nothing in front of them. They are the ancestors of heaven. It is not easy to destroy a Great Emperor with only one Supreme Dao Fruit. However, they are defeated by Danlu.

Suppressed by Great Emperor.

This is such an aggrieved thing for the Earth-Splitting Originator and the Earth-Rising Buddha.

Fellow Daoist, that’s too crazy.” At this time, Earth Splitting Originator was also furious. It was like an elder, Old Ancestor, being reprimanded by his children and grandchildren. How could he not become angry? “The Yuanzu is not convinced, then let’s take action.” Danlu Great Emperor glanced at domineering. With a look of disdain, he no longer regarded Yuanzu and the Buddha as the same thing. He stretched out his hand and raised his hand to the Buddha and the Buddha. The Earth-shattering Yuanzu made a move,

Said: “Two ancestors, please come together, I will show my shame today.”

Such words will make Earth Splitting Yuanzu and Earth-rising Buddha explode with anger. Danlu Great Emperor These words sounded like he was very humble, and he insisted on saying that he was “showing his ugliness”. However, as soon as he said it, he asked the two of them to come together, how could they be treated as one person? It’s happened,

Why don’t you take them seriously? As the original ancestors of the Earth-Splitting Yuanzu and the Earth-rising Buddha, of course they have the magnanimity of own and the cultivation of own. However, when provoked by Danlu Great Emperor‘s words, no matter how grand the magnanimity and the cultivation are, they all disappear.

The whole person became angry. Being so despised by a junior, how can such aloof exist(ence), such as the Earth-shattering Yuanzu and the Earth-rising Buddha, swallow such a sigh of relief? They have been Yuanzu for who knows how many years, sitting in the sky, looking down at the heaven and the earth


In their eyes, all living beings, various Emperors and Deities, are like ants. A Supreme Dao Fruit Danlu Great Emperor, in the real world, they can even kill him easily.

Now, the situation is reversed. Danlu Great Emperor is above them, looking down at them as if they are ants. Why doesn’t this make them mad? Countless cultivator powerhouses and all living beings present, at this time, feel that there is no problem at all, because in the hometown of gold, Danlu Great Emperor is the most powerful giant, even if Earth Splitting Originator and Earth Buddha have been obtained

The corrections of gold are no match for Danlu Great Emperor, and even if, the two most powerful ancestors, can only defeat Danlu Great Emperor if they join forces.

For the natives of gold, this is no problem, because in their minds, Danlu Great Emperor belongs to Supreme, and Danlu Great Emperor belongs to gold. Only golden blade Great Emperor and Zhanhai Yuanzu could not help but smile bitterly. The reversal of World Dao was a bit ridiculous. In the real world, Danlu Great Emperor is indeed inferior to various Emperors and Deities, and it cannot be compared with

Compared with Yuanzu Zhantian.

However, in this land of gold, Danlu Great Emperor is above everyone else. What can anyone do? “Okay ” The Earth Splitting Originator was also so angry that he went crazy. With a “clang” sound, the gold boring bar in his hand was pointed directly at Danlu Great Emperor. It was extremely sharp. At this time, the Earth Splitting Originator was also extremely domineering and instantly knocked out own‘s gold. of

The power exploded, and her soft and waxy voice exploded in between Heaven and Earth like thunder: “Let’s see how far your gold power has been corrected.” Whether it is the Earth-shattering Yuanzu or the Zhanhai Yuanzu, after they have Golden Tree, All have been corrected by the power of gold, just like the Earth-shattering ancestor, she used the power of gold to correct a gold boring machine that surpassed her own cultivation.

This gold boring machine is not only sharp, but also suppression kill anything, even the Immortal Ancestor can be killed.

The Earth Buddha used the power of gold to correct own‘s cultivation, making him, the ancestor with the strength of the Earth Ancestor in the real world, become an exist(ence) comparable to the Earth Ancestor in the hometown of gold. .

Danlu Great Emperor is no exception. He added the most powerful gold power in the entire gold hometown to own cultivation, making him the most powerful giant in the entire gold hometown.

“Infinite Life Buddha ” At this time, the rising Buddha also announced buddhist chant, took out a wooden fish, and said: “Then let me learn from you and see how strong the power of gold you dominate is.”

Qidi Buddha was born in Buddhist Gate, and his Buddha nature was considered good. However, now that Danlu Great Emperor said this, he couldn’t help but get angry.

“Come on, let’s learn a lesson today.” Danlu Great Emperor looked at her with a look of disdain, and there was already a feeling of between Heaven and Earth, that I am invincible.

“I’m showing off again.”looks atDanlu Great Emperor was so scornful of the world’s power that even HeifengHeavenly King couldn’t help but murmur. “Killing ” ​​the Earth-shattering Yuanzu was even more direct. In this moment, all the power of gold burst out without reservation. Under the “Boom, Boom, Boom” loud sound, as the Earth-shattering Yuanzu’s Golden Tree erupted, time, place

With the power of gold, it exploded instantly, and the gold light that came out was like thousands of suns rising at the same time, so dazzling that people can’t open their eyes. At this time, when Earth Splitter Yuanzu was in berserk, all her gold power instantly formed the most terrifying storm. Under the “boom, boom, boom” loud sound, the entire gold hometown shook, and in her gold storm , to

The entire gold hometown was involved. Suddenly, every mountain was involved in this gold storm, and was crushed to pieces in an instant. “Phoenix boring destroys ” At this moment, Earth Splitter Yuanzu roared, and the gold in his hand was boring. As the gold was boring, countless golden light poured out, and the golden light and Golden Tree poured out from the gold boring. of gold

The light is different. The golden light that gold boring down poured down was very sharp. When a wisp of golden light fell on the ground, it was like an extremely sharp knife cutting tofu. It cut the ground in an instant, making everyone look at it in shock.


Just the golden light dropped by the gold boring can kill them, and it may even be the Great Emperor Aragami. So, how terrifying it is to hit the gold boring.

And just when gold is boring, as golden light falls, Golden Phoenix rises, one by one the sky-killing Phoenix rises into the sky. When such a sky-killing Phoenix flies into the sky, it cuts the heaven and earth, and cuts off karma, Destroy Samsara

In an instant, with the sound of “chirp”, thousands of Mie Tian Phoenix merged into one, becoming the unique Mie Tian Phoenix.

Under the roar of the Phoenix, it dived towards the Danlu Great Emperor.

At the sound of “Boom, Boom, Boom” loud sound, the World-Destroying Phoenix swooped down, and countless spaces in gold‘s hometown collapsed in this moment, and thousands of mountains were shattered in this moment. . “World-destroying ” Such a world-destroying blow scared countless creature in the hometown of gold to soul destroyed/terror-stricken. This is the strength of Tianzu, especially under the blow of the gold boring machine corrected by the power of gold, that It’s even more acceptable


At the time of take action, the Earth-shattering Buddha also roared buddhist chant, and he knocked on wooden fish. The sound of wooden fish resounded throughout the entire hometown of gold in an instant.

Buddhist Lord slaughter “At this time, the Buddha who rose from the ground spat out Mantra , wooden fish The sound came out in an instant concentrate It’s done Supreme chapter, echoing in between Heaven and Earth .

At this moment, not only the Golden Tree of the Land Buddha lit up, but the entire land of gold also emitted golden Buddhist Light with such a Buddhist Law chapter.

For a moment, the golden Buddhist Light illuminated the world. Under the endless golden Buddhist Light, a Supreme Lord Buddha was born. This Supreme Lord Buddha rises from behind the Buddha on the ground. When such a Supreme Lord Buddha rises, its body is so huge. Under the roar of “Boom, Boom, Boom”, Only this one

The Lord Buddha of Supreme rises into the sky.

When its body completely rises, it will burst through the entire gold hometown.

It seems that even the hometown of gold cannot accommodate this Supreme Lord Buddha because its body is too huge.

Under the body of the Supreme Lord Buddha, sun and moon stars, it is just the dust surrounding it.

Anyone looking at raise one’s head will not be able to see the whole body of this Supreme Lord Buddha, because it is too huge.

“Buddha destroys ” fell with a Zen chant from the rising Buddha, the Supreme dominant Buddha made a “boom” of loud sound, and a Supreme Buddhist Hand suppressed it.

At this moment, the entire hometown of gold was in darkness, and the entire hometown of gold was shrouded in this one Buddhist Hand.

Buddhist Hand was destroyed, and when suppression kill fell, under the “boom” of loud sound, in the land of gold, all the giant mountains rising into the sky were wiped out.

When this Buddhist Hand rolled towards the earth, it was as if it was going to flatten the entire land of gold.

“Oh my God” At this time, countless creature were so frightenedsoul destroyed/terror-stricken that they wanted to turn around and run away, but they were suppressed there by such strength, shivering under the destruction of the Buddha, how could they escape? . The Phoenix Boring and the Buddha were destroyed, and the two world-destroying certain kills were blasted down. This would simply raze the entire land of gold to the ground. Even if the entire land of gold could not be wiped out, I am afraid that some of the land of vast would be destroyed. Beat it to pieces,

It will be smoothed out, and countless creature will die tragically in these two ways of destroying the world.

So, when the Earth-shattering Yuanzu and the Earth-rising Buddha both take action, countless creature were frightened and screamed in horror, but they couldn’t make a sound.

Just when the two world-destroying styles came down, Danlu Great Emperor also went take action.

Bring it on! ” Even if the world-destroying style terrifying is like this, Danlu Great Emperor can’t help but look calm. When laughing, he raised his hands and shouted: “Look at my

gold Tiandi Wish ” At this time, Danlu Great Emperor take action does not have any moves of Dahuang Tianjiang, nor does it have any Grand Dao power of Dahuang Tianjiang. When he was take action, every movement and every breath he took was the pure power of gold.


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