Douluo Dalu 5 – Rebirth Of Tang San Chapter 208: My family has no emperor, and the new emperor has no city


Even Zhang Haoxuan doesn’t know the origin of this blood, but there is no doubt that the value of this blood that can be personally guarded by the four god-level powerhouses must be extremely high.

The demon girl of the red fox clan bowed respectfully to this blood with colorful luster, and then said respectfully: “This blood comes from one of the supreme powerhouses of our clan. The seven-color deer demon emperor. I am very fortunate to be able to appear in our auction this time. There is a legend about the seven-color deer demon emperor. I believe I don’t need to say anything. This blood contains a drop of the demon emperor’s body essence Blood, its value is inestimable. This blood does not come from our Kerry City, but is consigned by the ancestral home. It is specially here to support our Kerry City auction.”

The blood of the seven-color deer demon emperor!

About the legend about the Seven-Colored Deer Great Demon Emperor, Tang San really saw it in the classics, and also heard about it from the teachers of the Salvation Academy. This one, among the monster clan Tianyu Empire, is an absolutely legendary existence.

The seven-color deer demon emperor is also known as the elemental demon emperor. In terms of combat strength alone, this man once ranked fifth in the entire ancestral court, including the Richen Empire of the Spirit Race. He is the strongest of the strong.

It’s a pity that the Seven-colored Deer Clan is a legendary Lone Clan, also known as the Lone Clan. The so-called independent clan means that there is only one clan, and there are no clan members, that is, a single clan.

The lone race is generally a powerful race mutation, and the same mutation is almost difficult to appear. The Du Clan is not all powerful, and there are some existences that have mutated into the Du Clan and disappeared in the world. But once a strong person appears among the Du Clan, it will be a particularly powerful existence.

The seven-color deer demon emperor is the representative legend of the Du Clan.

Among the monster clans of the Tianyu Empire, the Deer Clan is not considered powerful, or even relatively weak. Until the appearance of the seven-color deer demon emperor.

The seven-color deer demon emperor was originally a bloodline absorbed by Tang San, called Lingxi deer demon. But it is determined by talent, determined by intelligence. Relying on the consonance of the deer demon, he found his own path step by step, allowing his own blood to continuously evolve and mutate in the ocean of elements. In the end, it became a powerful existence capable of simultaneously controlling the seven elements of water, fire, earth, wind, light, darkness, and space. And rushed to the throne of the demon emperor in one fell swoop.

As it was promoted to the Great Demon Emperor, the status of the entire deer clan, especially the Lingxi deer demon clan, in the Tianyu Empire rose linearly. The consonant deer demon is as famous as the golden deer.

It’s a pity that this seven-color deer demon emperor is an independent clan, and even its descendants failed to inherit its powerful bloodline, and the seven-color deer bloodline ended with it.

After all, Falanxing is not the real God Realm, although it has huge energy and huge resources. But he doesn’t have the spirit of the gods, so no matter how powerful the demon emperor is, he will eventually end his life. What’s more, the Tianyu Empire and the Richen Empire are not completely peaceful, and wars often occur.

The Seven-colored Deer Demon Emperor once led the Tianyu Empire to defeat the Richen Empire by virtue of his tyrannical strength. However, he was seriously injured in a big battle. After all, this single strong man did not have many supporters in the ancestral court because he had no follow-up inheritance and he was too strong. In the end, it fell and became the most legendary history of the deer demon lineage.

There is a legend about the seven-color deer demon emperor, which has always been the most sacred legend of the deer demon lineage. The deer demon has always been rumored that one day, a new seven-color deer demon emperor will appear, and the nobility of the consonant deer demon lineage comes from this. It’s a pity that in history, there is no such a seven-color deer demon emperor.

Because of this, this auction as the final axis is particularly precious. It is not just as simple as the blood of the Great Demon Emperor, but also directly comes from the blood inheritance of a Great Demon Emperor himself. This is of great significance, especially to the deer demon lineage, which surpasses everything.

Why is this blood being auctioned in Kerry City? Obviously it also has a deep meaning, because the vicinity of Kerry City is the largest gathering place for deer demons. Without the existence of the Seven-Colored Deer Demon Emperor, the weaker deer demon lineage would naturally be unable to enter the center of the Tianyu Empire. Their royal family, the Golden Deer Clan and the Consonant Deer Demon, all lived here in Jiali City.

Although the combat power of the Deer Clan is not particularly strong, they are one of the few races that are good at management among the monsters. Being good at management means that they are rich!

The Deer Clan is on good terms with the Peacock Monster Clan and is protected by the Great Peacock Monster King. Although Kerry City is located in the outskirts, it is not much worse than other big cities in terms of wealth. There are many in it. The credit belongs to the lineage of the deer demon.

The Zu Ting auctioned off the blood of the Seven-Color Deer Great Demon Emperor. And this is a conspiracy, a conspiracy that the Lu Clan cannot refuse.

Even though he knew that even if he obtained the bloodline of the Seven-colored Deer Great Demon King, it would be difficult to pass on the power of his bloodline, but at least there was a glimmer of chance. The lineage of the deer demon is really eager for the appearance of the second seven-color deer demon emperor. Therefore, they are determined to win this lot.

What’s more, the deer demon is not monolithic. Both the golden deer demon and the rhinoceros deer demon are very strong and rich. Of course, they all hope that this blood can make their clan a great demon emperor. Although the rhinoceros deer demon is the most likely, but as a royal family, the golden deer demon is not without the opportunity to evolve. There are even legends that the seven-color deer demon emperor himself was a hybrid of the golden deer demon and the consonant deer demon, which is why he evolved later.

When the auction started, it entered a **** state almost instantly, and the bidding price soared almost instantly.

The largest private room in Kerry City Colosseum.

There is a man sitting on the main seat. His appearance is not particularly handsome, he can only be described as ordinary, and his figure is not tall. It looks like an ordinary human man.

Beside it, almost all handsome men and beautiful women. However, he has a unique temperament. The whole body seems to be between illusion and reality, giving people an unreal feeling.

At this time, the outside auction has already started, watching the price continue to rise. The man’s brows could not help but frown.

If Tang San was here, then he would definitely find that beside this man, sitting almost next to him, was the one he had been dreaming of.

Young Master Mei looks very calm, looking at her nose and mouth, as if everything in the outside world has nothing to do with her.

Wang Yan sat on the other side, occasionally glancing at Young Master Mei, there was obviously some confusion in his eyes.

That’s person sitting on the main seat is the current Lord of Kerry City, the patriarch of the Peacock Demon Clan, and the Great Peacock Demon King.

“Ancestor Ting is looking at my Kerry City’s development is too good? Give me such a drudgery.” The voice of the Peacock Demon King was obviously a little angry.

The prosperous development of Kerry City is inseparable from the efforts of the Lu Yao family, especially in terms of economy, Kerry City has become more and more prosperous in recent years. And the blood of the seven-color deer Great Demon Emperor was transported to be auctioned, which was temporarily decided by the ancestral court, and it was the will of the great demon emperors in the ancestral court. Even if it is, it has no right to stop it. This time the blood of the seven-color deer demon emperor was escorted by two demon kings of the same level as it, so they naturally had the intention of monitoring.

Feeling the anger of the Great Peacock Demon King, no one around spoke.

The big peacock demon king narrowed his eyes slightly, and he didn’t know what he was thinking about. The next moment, his eyes suddenly turned to the beautiful young man beside him.

“Xiaomei, what do you think?” To this little daughter, it didn’t seem to treat it as a human being, and when it looked at her, it softened a bit.

Young Master Mei raised his head and looked at the Great Peacock Demon King, “My family has no emperor, and the new emperor has no city.”


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