Daily Life at Hogwarts Chapter 1302: Solution


As soon as he passed through the hall, Albert was surrounded by Fred, George and Lee Jordan who suddenly jumped out.

“What’s wrong?”

Albert looked at the three of them and asked puzzledly.

“George saw you and Hagrid coming out of the Forbidden Forest.” After confirming that there was no one around, Fred asked in a low voice, “Did you go into the Forbidden Forest to hunt that monster?”

“It’s such a fun thing, you didn’t call us.” George protested from the side, and Lee Jordan nodded in agreement.

“You didn’t go by yourself. I asked you this morning if you want to go together.” Albert was speechless immediately, and immediately pointed out that the three of them didn’t go by themselves.

“Ahem, that’s not important!” George coughed dryly.

“By the way, have you finished your homework?” Albert began to change the subject.

“It’s not important, let’s put it aside for now.” Fred said.

“Not important?” Albert deliberately emphasized: “Really not important?”

The three of them immediately felt guilty.

Not long ago, they ended their confinement, so they naturally didn’t want to be confinement again.

“Okay, Hagrid and I wandered around the Forbidden Forest, but found nothing.” Albert said angrily, “My feet are sore from walking for too long, why, you want to help me?” Massage?”

The three of them shook their heads in unison.

“I know what you are thinking, but this is not a game. The Forbidden Forest is dangerous. Fred and George should have a deep understanding. Also, if you don’t want to do your homework, you will definitely be locked up.”

The three of them were very embarrassed, but they still leaned over to let Albert tell what happened in the woods.

“That’s it, gone?”

A few minutes later, Lee Jordan’s eyes widened in disappointment. He thought that something interesting would happen, but in the end, nothing happened. Albert and Hagrid actually wandered around in the Forbidden Forest, which completely disappointed them. extreme.

“Otherwise, what do you think will happen? Did Hagrid fight that monster?” Albert’s tone became even more hostile, making the three of them shut up obediently and dare not complain anymore.

The story of the novel is very exciting, that is because the person who writes the story usually chooses the wonderful fragments to tell, but this is the reality, most of the time in the reality is very dull.

“Is your tongue fat ready? You can’t open a joke prop store without your own products.” Albert said to the twins.

Fred and George flew away, probably going to the library to look for materials.

“Wizard Card Club is ready?” Albert looked at Lee Jordan who was about to slip away again, “It’s a good opportunity for you to host this game, don’t you need to think about it How can I do it well?”

Lee Jordan slipped away too.

“Fight with me, hum, it’s still tender!” Albert peeled a hard chocolate candy and threw it into his mouth, feeling even happier.

After returning to the common room, Albert took a book and sat in an armchair by the fireplace to enjoy the fire.

After eleven o’clock, Albert went to the library to do his homework.

Fred and the others had already searched for the information, but it was cheaper for Albert. He didn’t spend much time looking for the information, and he finished the thesis in two or three clicks.

The second-grade homework is no longer difficult for Albert, but he still doesn’t mind using his brain.

“The manuscript of the Transfiguration Club, can you read it for me.” Katrina moved to her side and pushed a paper in front of Albert.

“Wait a minute.” Albert packed up his things, picked up the parchment and read the ten lines at a glance.

What should I say!

This is a paper, but not an academic paper or something.

The reason is that Katrina’s knowledge is not enough, and it is difficult to explain her own things clearly.

However, for a second-year wizard to be able to write such a paper, it can be seen that Katrina has worked hard. But “Transfiguration Today” is an academic magazine facing the entire British magic world, so…

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“Based on your current level, this paper is already well written. I suggest that you finish studying the books on metamorphosis first, and then expand your knowledge base. Also, academic papers need some of your own opinions. Learned understanding and cognition, not someone else’s.”

Albert gave his own suggestion, and it would be fine if he was asked to help change it, but Albert felt that it would not be good for Katrina, and the other party might not appreciate it.

“Oh!” Katrina was a little disappointed, but still understood Albert’s suggestion.

“You are amazing.” Katrina said with deep emotion, “I heard from Professor McGonagall that “Transfiguration Today” will give you the most promising newcomer award.”

“Is there a bonus?” Albert asked suddenly.

“I… don’t know.” Katrina froze for a moment, then shook her head.

“Here, you should have confidence in yourself.” Albert smiled and took out a few candies and handed them to Katrina, “Candies are good for making your mood happy, so I’m sharing the happiness you bring with you .”

“Share happiness?”

Katrina peeled off the packaging bag, ate a piece of candy, and secretly glanced at Albert. She felt that the other party didn’t seem to care much about the so-called Most Potential Newcomer Award.

Of course, if the most potential newcomer is awarded a bonus, it may be a different matter.

He is really a strange guy who wants money.

Albert really didn’t care too much about winning the Most Promising Newcomer Award. Ever since he had a bunch of old friends, every letter he wrote was like writing a paper.

Fortunately, he has the knowledge provided by the panel, so the two parties can exchange letters happily. During the months of training, Albert’s skills and experience have increased, which is why he insists on correspondence.

O experience!

With experience comes motivation.

It’s realistic, but that’s how it is.

Another kind of fleece, and he is more familiar with magic.

Of course, the letters are not necessarily all papers, and occasionally they will talk about some gossip news in the magic world, or some shady news.

During lunch, Fred and George were whispering mysteriously, and they didn’t know what they were talking about.

Albert didn’t bother to care about them. After eating, he went directly back to the dormitory, found the hidden Felicity Elixir, took a sip of the exact amount, and squinted his eyes to feel the changes brought about by the Felicity Elixir.

“Well, this feeling is awesome.” Albert’s mood became even more joyful. He stuffed the Elixir of Felicity into his pocket, strode out of the common room, and prepared to go to Hagrid. I feel that this time it will be successful. Solve the problem.

On the moving stairs, Albert saw the back of Professor Smith. Suddenly, he had an idea, changed his route, and hurried forward to greet him.

“Professor Smith~IndoMTL.com~Albert, is there something wrong?”

“Well, it’s Hagrid. He has encountered some troubles. Can you help keep it secret?” Albert said in a pretentious way.

“Hagrid?” Professor Smith looked at Albert suspiciously, and said, “I’m not very familiar with Hagrid, what’s wrong with him? Oh, of course, I will definitely keep it a secret.”

“A while ago, Hagrid raised a three-headed dog in the Forbidden Forest. Later, the three-headed dog ran away by itself.” Albert looked around and said in a low voice.

“No wonder there were such rumors a while ago.” Professor Smith looked at Albert and smiled, “Do you want to ask me to help find that three-headed dog?”

“No, I want to tell Dumbledore about this,” Albert shook his head and said, “A password is required to enter the principal’s office.”

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