Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3909: Hunting Immortal Venerable


For a moment, Master Tianque only felt his mind swaying, and he was panicking inside, because he had already identified that this aura came from Great Bright Heavenly Palace Crown Princess.

Of course, if it is just a wisp of aura from a Immortal Venerable level 9-layer, although it can intimidate some low-level Immortal Venerable, that kind of shock is far from enough to make Master Tianque lose his composure like this.

What really made him lose his temper was the owner of this wisp of aura.

That is Great Bright Heavenly Palace Crown Princess, the invincible being who single-handedly defeated the four supreme Old Ancestor of the Saint Beast family, and has been hailed as the first person under Supreme.

And now, their YangDivine Sword sect is even more proud of the fact that the sword-wielding disciple and Great Bright Heavenly Palace five Princess in sect are getting married.

Those five Princess are not considered dazzling figures in Great Bright Heavenly Palace. To be honest, they are not even worthy of Yang Divine Sword Sect’s sword disciple.

The reason behind this is all because of Great Bright Heavenly Palace’s Crown Princess!

Think of their YangDivine Sword sect going around and around and racking their brains, but they can only use five Princess as a springboard to climb the big tree of Great Bright Heavenly Palace. However, in the hands of Jian Chen, they directly hold a token with Crown Princess aura.

This makes Master Tianque not surprised.

After taking back the Spiritual Consciousness, Master Tianque couldn’t calm down for a long time, and the expression on his face was also changing. It took him a long time to regain his breath, and roared angrily: “Since you have Crown Princess on your body, Token, why didn’t you take it out earlier?”

“Why should I take it out?” Jian Chen coldly smiled: “I have never thought of using Crown Princess‘s name to fake Hu Wei. If it weren’t for your great-grandson and Great Bright Heavenly Palace five Princess becoming companion, I might consider killing you. It will make it difficult to do Crown Princess, then I will not show the this Token card at all.”

“I took out the token in the hope that you can retreat. If you stop here, I won’t pursue the past matters too much. But if you are stubborn and continue to target me, then I will also I can only let you die here.”

“That’s all, it’s up to you own to decide how to make a decision.”

After saying these words, Jian Chen put away the token, activated the concealment effect of Divine Armor, and disappeared silently.

As for Master Tianque, it was as if he had been struck by lightning. His whole body was stunned in place. There was no reaction for a long time, as if he was petrified.

It wasn’t until a long time later that he finally came back to his senses. As if he had suddenly lost all his strength, he walked to a small stone that was only an inch high and sat down next to him, falling into a long daze. .

Not long after, energy storms came from the distance. A Immortal Venerable was searching all the way, and soon found the real Tianque sitting on the stone.

“Hey, Tianque fellow daoist, what’s wrong with you? Why do you look so distracted?” The Immortal Venerable asked in surprise.

“I just want to be quiet…” Master Tianque said absently. His mind is very confused now, and his mood is even more confused. The picture of Jian Chen holding the Great Bright Heavenly Palace Crown Princess token is like a brand. It was deeply engraved in his mind and he couldn’t get it out of his mind.

Being given a token by Crown Princess personally, no matter what the token means, at least their YangDivine Sword sect is not qualified to get it.

But Yang Yutian has such a token!

It’s not like he hasn’t considered whether the token was left over from when Crown Princess cultivation level had not reached its peak.

But the aura on the token clearly carries the pressure of Immortal Venerable realm 9-layer!

This means that the token was given by Crown Princess after he reached his peak!

In short, Master Tianque is in a state of confusion right now.

The Immortal Venerable seemed to know what Tian Que was thinking, and comforted him nicely: “Tian Que fellow daoist, don’t worry too much, Yang Yutian‘s concealment ability is indeed very strong, but the consumption must be not small, with him The cultivation level in the Immortal Emperor realm must not be able to sustain it for too long, so he can’t hide it for long. We will definitely get that Sword Spirit fruit back.”

After finishing speaking, the Immortal Venerable hugged Master Tianque, then left here and continued to search the places he passed through.

Master Tian Que opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end he couldn’t say anything. In the end, he could only reverberate into a long sigh.

He also seems to understand that the reason why those Immortal Venerable realm Old Ancestors are so actively searching for Yang Yutian is not just for the purpose of cultivating Sword Spirit fruits. There is also an important reason. After Jian Chen looted many of Mo Heaven‘s medicine gardens, they had The accumulated heavenly material treasure has already made many Immortal Venerable crazy.

Of course, the wanted status of Xianyu Sect is also an important factor.


“Hey, it’s Yang Yutian. I’ve found you. You can’t escape this time…”


Yang Yutian appeared, he was in the dense forest in the southeast…”


“Found him, he is near the ruins of a medicine garden in the west…”


Next, Jian Chen used the cover of Duntian Divine Armor to continuously change positions on Mount Heaven. Although he had the secret skill taught by Lord Mount Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) and could use spiritual energy as eyes to observe the movement of thousands of miles around, the top of Mount Heaven was like this The area is large, and there are a lot of Immortal Venerables searching for him, so it is inevitable that he will be intercepted from the front and back, and it is an unavoidable situation.

So, his traces have been exposed several times.

Jian Chen did not choose to take action against these Immortal Venerable, but quickly moved away, and calmly slipped away from under the nose of a man named Immortal Venerable.

But gradually, he also discovered that the number of various formations existing in the mountaintop area was gradually increasing. Apparently, Immortal Venerable had begun to lay various traps in various areas.

These formation traps are easy to see in cultivation level and Immortal Venerable, but in Immortal Venerable, it is not easy to distinguish. Jian Chen almost got trapped several times.

“There is no way to go on like this ah!” At this moment, Jian Chen stopped at a fork in the road, showing hesitation, but soon a trace of severe light flashed in his eyes, and said: “It seems that it is because this person should be allowed to The number of Immortal Venerable inside has decreased. ”

When making this decision, Jian Chen immediately took out a fist-sized fruit from Highest Beginning Temple. It was a God level middle-grade heavenly material treasure, which exuded a dazzling purple rays of light. The rich fruity aroma was enough to make people feel excited just by taking a sip. People’s spirits are lifted.

This is a heavenly material treasure that is of great benefit to Primordial Spirit. It can not only quickly restore the power of Primordial Spirit, but also nourish and moisturize Primordial Spirit.

Jian Chen began to gnaw the fruit. As the fruit entered his stomach, he immediately felt that own‘s Primordial Spirit power was recovering rapidly. The two Profound Sword Qi consumed in killing Qiyang Old Ancestor not long ago began to count faster than usual. Ten times the amount of speed condensed rapidly.

After Jian Chen took two purple fruits, his five-path Profound Sword Qi was finally restored to perfection a few days later.

At this moment, a Immortal Venerable realm Old Ancestor appeared in Jian Chen‘s perception, still Immortal Venerable realm 2-layer cultivation level.

Jian Chen did not hold back, and immediately cooperated with Qianhun Demon Venerable. After using two Profound Sword Qis, he instantly killed him with a speed that was faster than inconceivable.

“Jiejiejiejie, it feels so good, so good, it feels so good, so painful, Sect Master, before meeting you, true body/this senior has never experienced that killing Immortal Venerable is as easy as squeezing an ant to death.” Qianhun Demon Venerable let out a hearty laugh. Every time he killed a Immortal Venerable, he could take the opportunity to devour the opponent’s Primordial Spirit, becoming the party that benefited the most.


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