Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3892: Tianchang Ji Yun (2)


“This is a matter between me and the Xianyu Sect. You can just watch from the sidelines. There is no need to get involved.” Jian Chen said in a calm tone. LiTian Jian (Heavenly Sword) had quietly appeared in his hand, and he held Divine Sword directly towards Tianchang Ji. Kill it.


Li Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword)‘s pressure belonging to high-grade Divine Item was released to its fullest, blooming with a torrent of Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) light that collided with the sword qi swayed by Tian Zhangji, erupting with a deafening roar, and broken sporadic sword qi intertwined in the void, like raindrops It spread out in all directions, cutting all vegetation within a thousand miles into pieces.

In their first confrontation, the power erupted by the two Immortal Emperor realms was as powerful as a Immortal Venerable battle!

Because both Jian Chen and Tianzhangji have the ability to fight across levels.

“It’s just Immortal Emperor realm 6-layer, you can compete with me with just one high-grade Divine Item, but I underestimate you.” Tianzhangji frowned slightly, seeming to be dissatisfied that own‘s blow failed to hurt Jian Chen, but the next moment, a A more terrifying power was released from his within the body, and the sword light erupted from the folding fan in his hand became more and more brilliant. As a crisp “clang” sound came out, a fan bone suddenly flew out of the folding fan in Tian Changji’s hand. , like turning into a peerless Divine Sword, rolling up the Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) light and stabbing at the Jian Chen like lightning.


Jian Chen‘s vertical Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) thrust forward and collided with the fan bone that turned into Divine Sword. The fan bone was knocked upside down and reintegrated into the folding fan.

Jian Chen was also shaken, and couldn’t help but take dozens of steps back. Every step he took left a deep mark on the ground.

Two consecutive shots failed to hurt the opponent whose level was far lower than own. This made Tianzhangji feel a little warm anger. He said cold snort, his eyes became sharper, and his clothes were windless. He made a secret with one hand and condensed a mysterious figure. And Youxuan’s seal suddenly slapped on the folding fan.

Suddenly, the folding fan that was originally only one foot long quickly grew in size and turned into a huge fan suspended above his head, filled with frightening sword qi.

The next moment, the crisp sound of sword cry could be heard, and one fan bone after another was seen flying out of the folding fan. sword light was dazzling and dazzling, arranged in a straight line and stabbed towards Jian Chen.

A total of eighteen umbrella bones are turned into eighteen peerless Divine Sword, and the power contained in each peerless Divine Sword has reached the level of Immortal Venerable realm 1-layer.

When the eighteen peerless Divine Swords are lined up, it is like a Immortal Venerable powerhouse launching eighteen attacks in succession!

Jian Chen‘s eyes flashed with a hint of solemnity. Tian Changji was not the strongest opponent he had ever encountered, but she was definitely the strongest Immortal Emperor he had ever encountered in World of Immortals!

His battle strength is even stronger than the number one Supreme Elder Xia Mingtian of the Immortal Yu Sect whom he met when he was competing for the position of Qianxian General in Qingtian City.

However, Xia Mingtian’s strength has truly reached the pinnacle of the Immortal Emperor realm, and is only one step away from the Immortal Venerable realm.

As for Tian Changji, it is obvious that she has not reached the end in Immortal Emperor realm 9-layer.

Jian Chen burst out with burning the eyes rays of light, and the strong Way of Sword Principle surrounded him. He swung out the Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) in an instant, and violently collided with the oncoming 18-handled Divine Sword.

Bang! Bang! Bang! blast……

In just a short moment, Jian Chen slashed out eighteen swords. Each sword qi was like a long dragon flying in the sky. The rays of light with a color that made the scorching sun eclipse the sun collided violently with the eighteen Divine Sword. The resulting The intense energy storm caused the Blue Butterfly who was standing not far away to watch the battle to look dignified.

Because she sadly discovered that if they were in the same realm, regardless of the power of the ghost and fairy remains, she was no match for either of them.

After the Eighteen Swordsmanship, Tianzhangji still stood motionless. No matter how violent the energy storm swept past him, he could not move his body in the slightest.

On the other hand, Jian Chen on the opposite side couldn’t stop walking backwards, blocking Tianzhangji’s eighteen swords. He retreated to a distance of several miles. His clothes were messy and had a lot of damage.

Tian Changji is very powerful, and even better than Xia Mingtian. When Jian Chen is at a disadvantage in its own realm, it is inevitable to be at a disadvantage in a head-on battle with Tian Changji.

Of course, neither side used their own trump card.

Looking at the still unharmed Jian Chen on the other side, Tian Changji narrowed her eyes slightly, and a breathtaking cold light burst out from the line of eyes, cold voice said: “Way of Sword Principle, Chaos Body… .Yang Yutian, I know who you are. It turns out that you are the Changyang, the one who defeated Xia Mingtian in Qingtian City.”

Speaking of this, Tian Changji paused, her voice became colder, and the killing intent in her heart became stronger and stronger: “My Supreme Elder Yan Gang of the Xianyu Sect was also killed by you.”

“Yan Gang, I don’t know who he is, but there are indeed more than two Supreme Elders from the Xianyumen who died in my hands. There is also one person who was chasing me in the starry sky, Immortal Emperor, Space Principle, 7-layer cultivation level, I don’t know what you said. Is this the person?” Jian Chen chuckled.

“Yes, he is Yan Gang!” Tianzhangji’s eyes were a little red, and her teeth were clenching. Her eyes looking at Jian Chen were filled with resentment, and her voice was like Jiuyou/nine nether hell: “I’m at Xianyumen I don’t have many close friends, but the relationship between Yan Gang and me is a life-and-death relationship. As a result, he died in your hands.”

Yang Yutian, you deserve death——!”

Tianchangji was so angry that she looked up to the sky and let out a roar. He instantly came to Jian Chen with a folding fan in hand. sword qi surged from the folding fan, and he started a fierce battle with Jian Chen.

Jian Chen was not afraid, holding Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) rays of light burning the eyes in his hand, carrying the power of high-grade Divine Item and constantly colliding with the folding fan in Tianzhangji’s hand. The violent sword qi storm raged in the void, and that fierce force swept everything in this area. The vegetation turned into powder.

Fortunately, this place is Mount Heaven, which is heavily guarded by great formation, so no matter how fiercely the two of them fought, they were never able to damage the foundation of this place.

In the distance, Lan Caidi was completely dumbfounded. Even though she, a powerhouse who had reached the Immortal Venerable realm and 2-layer, was at a loss at this moment.

Because she was completely shocked by Tian Changji’s words. Yang Yutian killed more than one person in Xianyumen Supreme Elder. Before that, there was also Supreme Elder who had reached Immortal Emperor level 7-layer and died in his hands. .

Another point is about the identity of the latter. Yang Yutian turned out to be just a false identity, and his true identity turned out to be Changyang!

Lan Caidi has heard about the name Changyang, but she doesn’t know much about it. She doesn’t know what happened in Qingtian City. She only heard that the Xianyu Sect, one of the Twelve Heavenly Clan, wanted a man named Changyang in the entire World of Immortals. Immortal Emperor!

This wanted order from the Immortal Feather Sect also spread Changyang’s name throughout World of Immortals303-layer. There were countless powerhouses and forces searching for his traces all over the world, trying to climb the big tree of the Twelve Heavens. …..

“The Changyang wanted by Xianyumen turned out to be Yang Yutian!” Lan Caidi was stunned for a while, never expecting that the once famous figure would appear in front of own in such a way.


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