Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3478: Star Chamber of Commerce


“A Immortal Venerable who was seriously injured? And he also went directly to City Lord’s Mansion‘s location. Could it be that he is the one who is in charge of Fengxian City?” Jian Chen stared at the direction of City Lord’s Mansion, muttering to himself.

As for the situation in Fengxian City, he has basically grasped it. This Fengxian City is not so much a fairy city, but is actually not much different from Saint Realm‘s Eternal Dynasty with Highest Beginning Realm as its commander. Its geographical area is not inferior to Eternal Dynasty.

And in this fairy city that covers an extremely large area, there are many large and small forces, and these forces are almost all led by the eight major forces with Immortal Emperor at their command.

And these eight major forces that dominate one side are taking orders from City Lord’s Mansion!

In this fairy city, City Lord’s Mansion is like the royal family of Eternal Dynasty, with absolute authority.

This aspect is completely different from Luoyun City.

“But looking at his aura, it seems that he is only in the Immortal Venerable realm 2-layer realm, unless he hides his strength.” Jian Chen has seen a lot of Immortal Venerable, and some low-level Immortal Venerable. He can already roughly judge their strength based on aura. .

Immediately, Jian Chen withdrew his gaze and walked into the Xingyao Chamber of Commerce with Jingfeng and Jing Mumu leisurely.

The crowd in Xingyao Chamber of Commerce is bustling, and the buzzing noise is endless. There are many immortals gathered here, but most of them are from Golden Immortal to Profound Immortal, and Nine Heavens Profound Immortal are very rare.

This is the 1st-layer of the Xingyao Chamber of Commerce, which is aimed at immortals who are not very advanced. It sells various types of Immortal Item, Cultivation Technique and heavenly material treasure, etc., and Rank is naturally not much higher.

“This Senior, how can I help you?” When Jian Chen first entered the Star Chamber of Commerce, a waiter came up to him with a smile on his face and great enthusiasm.

“Call the person in charge here. I have a business deal. I want to talk to the person in charge here personally.” Jian Chen said in a calm tone, and at the same time, a wave of aura equivalent to Immortal Monarch Realm late-stage flashed away.

On the waist of this waiter, there was a jade plaque hanging. When the wisp of aura from Jian Chen leaked out, the jade plaque suddenly glowed blue

The light flashes.

The waiter glanced at the jade bottle, and when she found the flickering blue rays of light At that time, its complexion Suddenly, there was a slight change, and a look of respect suddenly appeared in that polite smile.

Senior, please take a seat upstairs. Junior will go and notify the supervisor immediately.” The waiter led the way enthusiastically and respectfully. Jian Chen and his party of three quickly disappeared into the 1st-layer of the Star Chamber of Commerce.

When Jian Chen left, the 1st-layer of the Star Chamber of Commerce suddenly exploded, and many immortals expression shouted excitedly.

“Did you see it? The waiter’s token just lit up blue rays of light

“The token worn by the ambassador of Xingyao Chamber of Commerce can sense the opponent’s aura. There are seven colors in total, divided into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple. It is said that highest‘s purple can only sense the Immortal Emperor level, or even aura above the Immortal Emperor level. Lights up, and blue is the benchmark Immortal Monarch Realm

“I didn’t expect to meet Immortal Monarch Realm powerhouse today. Even if powerhouse is placed among the eight major forces, they are still Supreme Elder-like characters”

“I have been in Fengxian City for more than 100,000 years, and the most powerhouse I have ever seen is Nine Heavens Profound Immortal. This is the first time I have witnessed the elegance of Immortal Monarch powerhouse

For some immortals with humble origins, no strong background and low cultivation level, Immortal Monarch Realm is indeed a legendary figure.

Therefore, the appearance of Jian Chen caused a huge impact on many ordinary immortals.

At this moment, in the 5-layer of the Xingyao Chamber of Commerce, Jian Chen, Jing Feng and Jing Mumu had entered a living room with an Athenian environment. There were high-quality spiritual tea and spiritual fruits on the table.

Opposite them, there is a noble middle-aged woman sitting. She does not wear makeup and is naturally charming, and her bright phoenix eyes eyes flash with shrewd rays of light.

And her strength,

Suddenly already at the Immortal Monarch Realm 5-layer level.

“My wife, Wang Miaomiao, I am responsible for all affairs of the Xingyao Chamber of Commerce. I wonder what fellow daoist needs?” Wang Miaomiao stared at the Jian Chen opposite, but she was a little unsure about the strength of Jian Chen.

In her feelings, Jian Chen‘s aura is like a cloud, ethereal. Sometimes she can clearly feel that the other party is a Immortal Monarch comparable to own, and sometimes it gives her a feeling as deep and unfathomable as the vast ocean. ,inestimable.

“I need heavenly material treasure from here, the more the better, preferably hundred thousand or more.” Jian Chen took out a list and handed it to Wang Miaomiao, refining the materials for God King pill. He really didn’t mind Many, because in addition to the superior God King grass, there are many other Rank God King grass on him.

These God King grasses were initially used by him to practice his skills. The quantity was extremely large, and there are still many left.

These low-grade grade God King grasses are a treasure for cultivating dead soldiers.

Wang Miaomiao took a look at the list handed over by Jian Chen and frowned immediately, saying, “Although the grade of heavenly material treasure listed above is not too high, the quantity required for fellow daoist is too huge. If necessary, Our Xingyao Chamber of Commerce can collect more than 10,000 copies in three days, but if it is more than hundred thousand copies, we really can’t do it.”

“Because some of the heavenly material treasure above cannot grow in our Tang Yaotian environment and are extremely difficult to cultivate. We need to go to other Heaven to adjust the goods.”

“So, for some of the heavenly material treasure required by fellow daoist, our Shining Star Chamber of Commerce can collect more than hundred thousand strains within a month, but for the other part, it is more difficult.”

“Then give me 10,000 copies first, and I hope you can get the rest for me as soon as possible. Price is not an issue.” Jian Chen asked.

“Giggle, giggle, as long as fellow daoist offers the starting price, our Xingyao Chamber of Commerce will naturally be able to collect everything needed for fellow daoist in the shortest time.” Wang Miaomiao showed a bright smile on her face, and continued

said, “Please fellow daoist pay a deposit and come back to our Xingyao Chamber of Commerce to pick up the goods in three days. We will first prepare 10,000 sets of heavenly material treasure for fellow daoist. As for the rest, we will do our best to prepare them for fellow daoist, but we just need to wait for a while. Time.”

Jian Chen was quite cheerful and took out a huge amount of Immortal Crystal without hesitation. The value of these Immortal Crystal is enough to make any Immortal Monarch Realm crazy, even some Immortal Emperor powerhouse will be excited.

“The rest should be regarded as the deposit for the goods you allocate from other Heaven.” Jian Chen said lightly.

When she saw the amount of the deposit paid by Jian Chen, Wang Miaomiao’s breathing suddenly stagnated. Even though she was used to seeing big winds and waves, she was still shocked that Jian Chen could come up with such a large amount of resources so casually. Not light.

But she quickly came to her senses, and the smile on her face became even brighter, with a hint of respect/honorable, mixed in with it, some hidden deep fear and caution.

fellow daoist is really refreshing. Such huge resources are not available to ordinary people. Even if they are some weak Immortal Emperor realm powerhouse, their accumulated wealth is probably far less than that of fellow daoist. I guess fellow daoist must come from some ancient top power.” Wang Miaomiao said casually.

“Don’t ask about my origins, just do your business well.” Jian Chen spoke calmly.

“I just said it casually, and I hope fellow daoist won’t mind it. The business of our Xingyao Chamber of Commerce is extremely wide-ranging. It can not only buy and sell items, but also help people eliminate disasters, sell information, practice guidance, solve puzzles, teach experience, etc. Wait, if fellow daoist has any other needs, you can come to our Xingyao Chamber of Commerce at any time.”

“Removing disaster for others? How?” Jian Chen asked curiously.

“Simple, there are two methods. One, our Xingyao Chamber of Commerce sends powerhouse to conduct persuasion. The other is to kill people!” Wang Miaomiao showed a meaningful smile on her face and said, “Of course, then The price will be very expensive and ordinary people cannot afford it.”


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