Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 964: Two ways


Niu Jin nodded, and then said solemnly: “correct/pretty good, immediately should report this matter to Your Majesty now. You are at here look at, and I will report at immediately.” Transmission Formation, returned to called dark Shadow Realm, asked to see Shadow Sovereign, Shadow Sovereign immediately let Niu Jin enter his study room, wait until Niu Jinyi entered his study room, Shadow Sovereign immediately open the mouth and said: “How?” Shadow Sovereign wanted to ask Niu Jin, their How is the refueling tactic used?

Niu Jin also knows what Shadow Sovereign is asking, he immediately open the mouth and said: “If you go back to Your Majesty, the refueling tactics are very good. The Blood Slaughter Sect people have been forced by us to retreat returned to into their Great Formation. Now they only It can relying on Great Formation bit by bit advancing, but Blood Slaughter Sect‘s disciple came out of their Great Formation later on, and it specifically killed our clansman, and the lethality is still very large. The attack power of their projectiles, It also increased one at a time, and now they seem to have a way to break the defense of our Strength of Formation blessing/additional support, these are not most important, most important is, Chen discover, they made one type of poison, and this poison is specially It is aimed at our spiders, as long as our spiders get this poison, immediately will die, this is what I just discover.”

When Niu Jin said this, Shadow Sovereign‘s complexion couldn’t help but change, he immediately open the mouth and said: “Can we really treat our spiders?”

Niu Jin quickly said: “Yes, Your Majesty, I saw it with my own eyes, I can’t be wrong. “

Shadow Sovereign couldn’t sit still anymore, he quickly said: “Slow down, call Cai Yuanwu, Shen Pingjia and Niu Jin over.” It’s long time, and the servants have not called all of them over, they retreated study room, waved their hands at Shadow Sovereign gave a salute, Shadow Sovereign, and then open the mouth and said: “Just now giant tree brought back a information, you are going to use it to deal with Blood Slaughter Sect formation spiders , was destroyed by the Blood Slaughter Sect people, we made one type of poison, that kind of poison is specially used to deal with spiders, spiders will die if they touch it, they talk about what you should do when you connect it?”

When a few people heard what Shadow Sovereign said, we were all stunned. Our complexion all changed, and then the few people all looked up and thought, did anyone speak, and did Shadow Sovereign urge us? Niu Jin open the mouth and said: “Your Majesty, I don’t have an idea. You are looking for a one type of method to weaken the attack power of your clansman and bone joint beasts, so that we cannot directly absorb the power of Blood Slaughter Sect, but break it The power of Blood Slaughter Sect, as long as we destroy the power of Blood Slaughter Sect, you will not be able to deal with Blood Slaughter Sect.”

When Shadow Sovereign heard what Niu Jin said, I was stunned, and then I went to open the mouth and said: “Speak up.”

Niu Jin responded, and continued open the mouth and said: “Your Majesty, I feel that spiders are also bad, and these bats are also bad. Our bodies are too big. attack like poison, we will accept it, the reason you end up using those big thing is because we can’t copy from you, but your clansman can’t copy from you either, bone union beasts can’t copy from you either , you simply are worried about the lack of manpower, why are you directly trying to improve the fighting strength of your clansman? But to increase the combat impact of the bone union beast, maybe you can’t use your limitless number of people, is it to stop It’s already impacting Blood Slaughter Sect people, so I feel that you can’t go up to skill in that respect, please give your majesty permission.”

Shadow Sovereign waved his hand said: “As I said before, I will take care of his affairs. I will give him whatever he wants. I will support him regardless of the result. He only cares about martial arts. Go.” Niu Jin replied, speaking.

Shen Pingjia was open the mouth and said at the time: “If you want to break small formation of Shadow Clan, there may be no other way. Before I want to go back, I will check the information and see if there is no way to break our small formation. , It will take time, please forgive me.”

Shadow Sovereign nodded said: “That is indeed a bad way, and it should be difficult to complete. There is no one type of method?”

Cai Yuanwu open the mouth and said: “The situation in the rear line is not too bad now. The projectile lethality of Blood Slaughter Sect is too small. General Chen and giant tree have come up with two solutions, which cannot solve the current situation. One, there is no current situation. Below and above the Lupin forest, arrange a piece of forest, and the two pieces of forest should be composed of this kind of luxuriant forest, so that your clansman and Bone Link can block the situation outside forest Beast, retreat and fight with Blood Slaughter Sect people outside forest, so the distance between the two sides cannot be shortened, and without the protection of forest, the Might of this projectile of Blood Slaughter Sect cannot be maximized, and the branches and leaves cannot block the Blood Slaughter Sect disciple Shenxian, if we can see the situation outside forest clearly, we can only retreat to forest to fight with you, that is the worst way.”

Cai Yuan immediately turned to giant tree said: “General Niu, isn’t the lethality of Blood Slaughter Sect‘s projectiles that small now? Not yet, our Divine Beast fighting strength is actually so weak? Now, except for Shen Ping who pushed back and pushed our Battle Formation into it, you are almost completely in the upper hand in other respects? That’s okay, absolutely okay, you have to find a way to change that The situation is right.” Cai Yuan could see the problem of Shadow Clansman at a glance, our clansman and Bone Union Beast are almost in a passive situation, and that is what I want to see, so Cai Yuan No way to say that.

giant tree sighed heavily said: “It’s only now about occur. To be honest, you never thought it would be like that. Now you really don’t have any bad ways to deal with Blood Slaughter Sect. Does he have nothing to do?” ?” giant tree, there is really nothing to do. If so, I would say that too. I am at the same level as Cai Yuanwu, so equal to is admiring Cai Yuanwu. In the future, I will do it Yes, but now the situation is weaker than others, and I really don’t have a bad way, so I can only hold my head high.

Cai Yuanwuyi heard what giant tree said, I got let out a long breath, then open the mouth and said: “That method is very powerful, I am sure you use that method to deal with these bugs of Blood Slaughter Sect, the effect will be worse Not yet, after that, Niu Jin said that metals cannot be extracted from the bugs of Blood Slaughter Sect. If your bone-linked beasts don’t have that kind of ability, then you can’t get it through that method. What about less metal? And you still don’t have one type of, the method to deal with Blood Slaughter Sect bugs? You go back now and give those methods to your majesty, you think your majesty will definitely take care of it, and then you will hand over the matter of research Give Niu Jin.”

Shen Ping said solemnly: “Not yet, the Divine Beasts of Blood Slaughter Sect can’t deal with your spiders, our Divine Beasts, as long as they stand up high and **** with their mouths, they can’t **** your spiders into our mouths In addition, of course, when there is no time, we will also **** these bugs from Blood Slaughter Sect out of the mouth, but we will spit these bugs out, and only eat the spiders. Come here and let your clansman deal with us specially Divine Beast, our Divine Beast has no time to do that.”

giant tree open the mouth and said: “Later Tong Ying proposed an idea, this is not under your Lupin Forest, add one layer Lupin Forest, let the two layers become seven layers, and replace your part of Lupin Forest without Law The other two floors are protected in the middle, and at the same time, let your clansman and bone union beasts participate in the battle outside the Lupin Forest, so that there will be no more casualties. Definitely Blood Slaughter Sect people, retreat outside the Shenping Forest , your Lu Ping can’t attack us, you can’t say kill two birds with one stone, but I don’t think you can use a worse method to solve that matter, so you didn’t mention it to Your Majesty, what does he think of that method? “

[Xiaoxiang APP search for “Spring Gift” New users get 500 book coins, old users get 200 book coins] Cai Yuanwu open the mouth and said: “I want break the formation, only depends on tactics are running because there is nothing, Your Majesty, I want to go to the back line to see the situation, and then make a decision.” Shadow Sovereign nodded said: “Yes, let’s all go, and find a way as quickly as possible.” Several people all responded, followed by advancing study room, Cai Yuanwu followed giant tree, and went directly to the back line. When I got to the back line, I flew up directly. Seeing the situation in the look at battlefield, my brows were wrinkled. I never thought that the battlefield would be like that now, and the bullet damage of Blood Slaughter Sect would not be so small. That was really beyond my expectation.

Shadow Sovereign also nodded said: “Bad, let’s check it out, as long as he can find a way.” Li Liqing responded.

When Cai Yuanwu heard Shen Ping’s words, I was taken aback. I didn’t expect giant tree to say this. Then I took a look at the situation on the battlefield, and then said solemnly: “This vine of Blood Slaughter Sect, very fierce, we Maybe equal to is attacking you, adding these bitches, without these Divine Beast, your Lu Ping loss is very small, your clansman and bone union beast, although are endless, but the loss now is too real It’s too small, you have to think of a way, how can you deal with the loss of your clansman, how can you deal with the loss of your clansman?” Having said that, Cai Yuanwu stopped, and the sloppy look at battlefield is now at war In deep thought.

giant tree nodded, followed by the first two people directly returned to outside Shadow Realm, then immediately went to ask Shadow Sovereign, Shadow Sovereign immediately summoned the two of us to study room, the two retreated into Outside of study room, Shadow Sovereign immediately asked the two of them said:, “How is it?”

Cai Yuanwuyi heard giant tree say that, I was stunned, then I quickly said: “Bad, that method is bad, because you have to change your way, now Lu Ping is fine, you guys It is necessary to use the shadow **** tree later, and it needs this kind of luxuriant foliage, so as to block the occur outside the forest, so that the disciple of Blood Slaughter Sect can retreat from your people under forest, is there no other situation? “

Cai Yuanwu open the mouth and said: “The seventh method is not, you want to make a request to Niu Jin, please ask Shen Ping to help the Bone Union Beast retreat to Level Up, after that Elder giant tree said, Shadow Clansman‘s Divine Beast, there is no such thing one type of ability, we can’t directly attack your spiders and bats, we only need to open our mouths, we can’t **** the bats of the spiders close to us out of our mouths, and then eat them directly, it’s the kind that surpasses us The ability was destroyed by General Niu, but I think that is a bad way. You can’t let your bone-linked beasts not have that kind of ability. If your bone-linked beasts don’t have that kind of ability, you I just need to worry about the Blood Slaughter Sect bug.”


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