Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 924: Heavenly Spirit Thirty-Six Formations (5)


Finally it’s time for Blood Slaughter Sect to attack again. White Eyes arrived early, Command Hall there, Ding Chunming and others also arrived. Now they have surrounded Blood Slaughter Sect, so there is no need to divide their troops, so Ding Chunming has no need to go elsewhere. Instead, he went directly to Command Hall here with White Eyes together so that if anything happened, they could communicate face to face.

White Eyes glanced at projection, then open the mouth and said: “How are Azure Dragon and Sect disciple prepared?”

Azure Dragon’s voice came from said: “All disciples participating in the battle are already in place and ready to attack at any time.”

White Eyes nodded, and then he said solemnly: “Send the order to attack.” Azure Dragon responded, and immediately sent the order. Following his order, Blood Slaughter Sect‘s army flew directly out of their base in the next moment. , flew straight towards Shadow Clansman Imperial City there, and as soon as their here made any movement, Shadow Clansman there also immediately reacted, immediately had Shadow Clansman, and reported the matter to Shadow Sovereign.

Shadow Sovereign arrived on city wall at the first time, look at in front of him, Great Minister of War and the others behind him, Shadow Sovereign then open the mouth and said: “Mao Xuanying.” He didn’t say much, just called Mao Xuanying’s name , Mao Xuan responded and arrived at Shadow Sovereign‘s side. Then he said to Shadow Sovereign gave a salute said:Your Majesty, Heavenly Spirit Thirty-Six Formations have been activated, and it is now in a defensive state.”

Shadow Sovereign nodded without saying anything, but was in front of look at. At this time, Blood Slaughter Sect‘s disciple had entered the Shadow Clan Wubao 50 li(25km) region. When he saw this situation, Shadow Sovereign said solemnly said: “It looks like Blood Slaughter Sect is indeed We have found a way to deal with our magnetic field, Mao beloved minister, can we release the magnetic field now? You release magnetic field, try it and see if they are really not afraid of our magnetic field.” Mao Xuan responded, and the next moment he responded. in hand‘s formation disk moved, and then the magnetic field was at appears , but Blood Slaughter Sect‘s disciple showed no reaction at all, as if the magnetic field really had no impact on them.

Shadow Sovereign coldly snorted made a sound, and then open the mouth and said said: “Change the magnetic field and let’s see.” Mao Xuan responded, and then he touched formation disk with his hand, and the next moment the magnetic field changed occur, Shadow Sovereign, they could all feel the magnetic field. Changes, but the people in Blood Slaughter Sect still didn’t have any reaction. Shadow Sovereign now gave up on withdrawing from the bottom. He said solemnly: “Take it, how big is the range of our formation, attack.”

Mao Xuanying immediately said: “The twenty miles outside Wubao are all within our Magic attack range.”

When Shadow Sovereign heard what he said, immediately open the mouth and said: “OK, wait until they enter within twenty miles of Wubao, immediately perform attack on them. “Mao Xuan responded and stood quietly at there, look at Blood Slaughter Sect‘s army.

At this time, White Eyes had also received information and knew that Shadow Clansman used magnetic fields to deal with them several times, but it had no effect. White Eyes was just feel relieved. Then he open the mouth and said said: “Don’t worry about them, as long as the magnetic field has no effect on us. , then attack.”

Blood Slaughter Sect and disciple all responded, followed by advancing, and soon they were within twenty miles of Shadow Clansman. At this moment, suddenly was violently blown up by the strong wind, and then countless sand and gravel were blown up by the strong wind. , those sand and stones seemed to turn into bullets at this time, hitting Blood Slaughter Sect‘s disciple directly, and the attack force was very formidable.

As soon as he saw this situation, White Eyes immediately knew that they had entered the attack range of Shadow Clansman. He immediately said loudly: “All disciple, exit within the twenty mile range of Shadow Clan Wubao, quickly.” Following his order, Blood Slaughter Sect disciple and immediately withdrew from Shadow Clansman and Wubao’s two within 10 Li(5km). As soon as they exited the twenty mile range of Wubao, the wind immediately stopped, and all the sand and rocks fell to the ground. Those Blood Slaughter Sect disciple also knew what was going on. , the next moment they immediately release fired the steam cannon, and at the same time they put on their battle armors. At the same time, those Reaching Sky Vines were all coiled up, like Spirit Snakes with their heads raised, facing the direction of Shadow Clansman‘s dock, and they Such an action was also noticed by Mao Xuanying. Mao Xuanying reached out to immediately and touched formation disk. Then he stood on there, look at Blood Slaughter Sect and army. He wanted to see how powerful the attack of Blood Slaughter Sect army was.

After all disciple were ready, White Eyes immediately open the mouth and said said: “Rapid fire, no need to stop.” Upon hearing what he said, those disciple immediately responded, and then immediately activate fired those steam cannons, and those disciple also fired The steam cannon on his armor was pointed in the direction of the Shadow Clan docks. The next moment, countless energy bullets flew out and hit those docks. This time, all they fired were energy bullets, not Physical cannonballs, this is the result of the improvement of steam cannons.

Shadow Clansman‘s Wubao is still very strong against the physical attack of defense strength. Of course, the defense strength of energy attack is also very formidable, so whether they attack with artillery shells or energy bullet, the result is the same, so they They directly used energy bullet for attack, and used energy bullet for attack. They didn’t have to worry about whether the cannon barrel would overheat, and they didn’t have to worry about the supply of shells, so they directly used energy bullet for attack. They also wanted to take a look. How about energy bullet‘s Might.

But when those energy bullets just entered within twenty miles of Wubao, they saw there suddenly appears countless black flowers. These flowers bloomed very fast, and as soon as those energy bullet encountered those flowers, they It exploded directly, the flowers disappeared, energy bullet also disappeared, but the flower immediately bloomed again, as if there, the entire piece of Space, were all covered with this black flower, layer upon layer, how many don’t know, and Blood Slaughter Sect All the energy bullet that were hit were blocked by those flowers.

As soon as he saw this situation, Zhang Hongliang saidopen the mouth and said: “The flowers are blooming, one of the thirty-six methods of Heavenly Spirit. The strong wind we had before attack should also be the flying sand and stones, one of the thirty-six methods of Heavenly Spirit. This Heavenly Spirit Thirty-six methods, none of them are simple.”

White Eyes said solemnly: “This defense strength of the Heavenly Spirit Thirty-Six Methods is indeed very formidable. It is really not easy to break energy bullet. Let’s do this. We are thinking of other ways. One of energy bullet weak point is that it is very difficult to join some new Law in energy bullet, because for the first time join and new Law, the entire steam cannon must be adjusted, but the cannon shells can be directly adjusted. We can In the shells, join some defense-breaking Law and see what the effect is.”

Zhang Hongliang nodded and did not object. White Eyes directly open the mouth and said: “Azure Dragon, write to all disciple and tell those disciple to use cannonballs for attack instead. There are join Buddha Force and Law of Defense in the cannonballs. Let’s see how it works.” Azure Dragon In response, immediately went to deliver the order. The next moment, the frontline there steam cannon attack stopped immediately, and those Reaching Sky Vine were still going with attack, Reaching Sky Vine release. In fact, the precisely is Spell method is not a simple energy bullet, only the steam cannon fires out. Yes, it is energy bullet.

Soon all the disciples had adjusted their steam cannons. Once they had adjusted their steam cannons, they started to attack directly. They saw that shells were fired out one after another from their steam cannons. , this caused the cannonballs to quickly fall within twenty miles of Wubao, and at the same time, countless black flowers were appears . After those black flowers appears , they directly decorated all the cannonballs and blocked them. Those cannonballs although would occur The explosion can destroy several black flowers with one shell, but there are too many black flowers, as if the flowers have completely filled the twenty-mile range. In this case , even if Blood Slaughter Sect had more shells, there was nothing they could do, because those speeds that were born and destroyed were too fast, and they were not given time to react. When seeing this situation, White Eyes couldn’t help but let out a long breath, and then he open the mouth and said: ” Let them attack more and see the effect, but it seems there is no other way. It will be difficult for us to break through the Shadow Clansman defense. “

Zhang Hongliang and they all nodded, but they did not let those disciple stop, but kept letting them use artillery shells to carry out attack, and Shadow Clansman there, Shadow Sovereign were also on the look at battlefield. When they saw this situation , his complexion couldn’t help but smile, and he open the mouth and said: “This kind of defense is indeed very formidable. It seems that Blood Slaughter Sect has no choice.”

Great Minister of War all nodded, with smiles on their faces, Great Minister of War open the mouth and said: “The current situation is that if the Blood Slaughter Sect people want to attack us, they have to fight hard, but their Heavenly Spirit three In the sixteenth formation, Might is really big. It is definitely not easy for them to break through our formation. Your Majesty. If Blood Slaughter Sect really can’t think of a way in the end, then Blood Slaughter Sect’s Sect Master Zhao Hai and is possible will be will act. In that case, Our opportunity is here, and our destination is Zhao Hai.”

Shadow Sovereign nodded, he turned his head look at Mao Xuan responded said: “Mao beloved minister, you did a good job this time, you set up an Great Contribution, I made a note of it.”

Mao Xuan responded to quickly said: “Your Majesty is a big award. This originally is what I should do. I can’t stop Your Majesty from being praised like this.”

Shadow Sovereign shook his headsaid: “No, you deserve it. I can’t praise you too much this time, but now is not the time to celebrate. When we defeat Blood Slaughter Sect, I will definitely reward you well.” “Mao Xuanying thanked him quickly, but Shadow Sovereign waved his hand, and then he look at the battlefield, and then open the mouth and said: “If they use that kind of Giant Snake to attack us, what should we do with this kind of defense? Their attack, right? “Shadow Sovereign is concerned about the current battle although very satisfied, but he is still more worried about Blood Slaughter Sect‘s next attack, so he asks this, because he is very clear, and Blood Slaughter Sect‘s attack is so formidable, before they had Blood Slaughter Sect During the battle, he suffered a small loss in Blood Slaughter Sect‘s in hand, so of course he became more careful.

Mao Xuanying open the mouth and said: “Now the Blood Slaughter Sect people are within the attack range of our Great Formation and are attacking us, so we can only defend. If they use Giant Snake to attack us, then their Giant Snake must be Once we get within our attack range, we will not only be able to defend, we can also attack, and then they will be the unlucky ones.”()


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