Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 861: Persuade to surrender


After hearing what Da Sima said, the Shadow Emperor couldn’t help but nodded, but at this time Da Sikong said: “If this is the case, then we might as well go directly to the place closest to the Blood Killing Sect’s new base. There is no need to go to the Emperor’s Stopping there in the city will only waste time. Your Majesty, I think this matter should be resolved quickly. If time passes and the Blood Killing Sect’s base is really built, it will only be more troublesome, and the Blood Killing Sect’s base will be even more troublesome. We broke through the defensive formation once. This time they may change the layout of the formation, so we should go there earlier. If we go there too late and make their formation bigger, then we It’s even harder to deal with.”

When Da Sikong said this, the Shadow Emperor was slightly startled, and then he stood up suddenly, and then said: “Zhang Wutong, Ma Yichuan, you two lead all the legion commanders to stay and block the Blood Killing Sect. Attack, remember, if you don’t fight hard this time, even if all of you are dead, the Blood Killing Sect’s people will not be allowed to move forward. Others, prepare immediately, we will deal with the Blood Killing Sect immediately. The base of the Killing Sect, Da Sima, check the teleportation array closest to the base of the Blood Killing Sect, we will go there immediately.”

Everyone responded, and then they immediately started moving. After a while, Da Sima found out the location of the teleportation array and reported it to the Shadow Emperor. The Shadow Emperor and the others were also ready, and they started it directly. After entering the teleportation array in the main hall, batches went to the city where the teleportation array was located. Soon Shadow Emperor and the others appeared in a small city. The area of ​​​​their teleportation array here was not very large. Only a thousand people can be teleported at a time, and the Shadow Emperor, who had just arrived in the city, received a message from Mao Xuanying. After listening to Mao Xuanying’s report, the Shadow Emperor’s face became even more ugly. Da Sima and others who were following him said: “I just received the news from Mao Xuanying. He has seen the array sent back here. It is a teleportation array. After activating the array, an energy transmission array will appear. , can teleport a thousand people at a time, and the Blood Killing Sect is behind us. I don’t know how many such teleportation disks have been placed. This is why they can suddenly appear behind us. It seems that the Blood Killing Sect was captured by us at the beginning. When they were defeated, they thought of using this trick against us, so they just used it as a backup plan. It was really abominable.”

When Da Sima and the others heard what the Shadow Emperor said, their faces were very ugly. After a while, the Shadow Emperor finally said: “After everyone arrives, we must destroy their base as soon as possible. We must not stay. Leaving that base is too much of a threat to us.” Da Sima and the others all nodded, with murderous intent on their faces.

Soon all the masters of the Shadow Emperor were teleported over, but the Shadow Emperor did not bring all the masters here. The Killing Army stayed at the front line, and all the other masters came. They After arriving, the Shadow Emperor took everyone directly and flew straight to the Blood Killing Sect’s base. After this period of development, the Blood Killing Sect’s base has turned into a huge base hundreds of miles away. , all the masters of the Blood Killing Sect have arrived, and at the same time, countless Babel vines have grown outside their base. These Babel vines are used to deal with the Shadow Clan energy on the ground. These Babel vines can absorb the Shadow Clan energy. After that, it turns into fruit, so that when they set up the magic circle, they don’t have to clean up the remaining Shadow Clan energy on the ground. This will make it more convenient for them to set up the magic circle. After all, they clean up the remnants of the Shadow Clan people. Energy is also a very troublesome thing.

But Ding Chunming and the others did not relax for a moment. They knew that the Shadow Tribe would come over in the shortest possible time. They were just waiting for the Shadow Tribe. Suddenly, countless black figures appeared in the distant sky. Click, Ding Chunming immediately said: “Here, everyone, get ready to fight.” Everyone responded, and then they immediately prepared their magic weapons and were ready to fight at any time.

Ding Chunming then led everyone and flew out of the base. He believed that the Shadow Tribe people had arrived so quickly. They must not have too many people coming, but the people who came should all be masters. Ding Chunming was still I want to see if the Shadow Emperor will personally lead the team this time.

As soon as Ding Chunming and others came out to set up their formation, the Shadow Tribe people had already arrived in front of them. When he saw the leading Shadow Tribe person, Ding Chunming couldn’t help but smile, and then he said: “Your Majesty, the Shadow Emperor, we meet again, Are you always nice? “Ding Chunming was in the Qiying Emperor, and the Shadow Emperor also saw Ding Chunming. When he saw Ding Chunming, his expression changed, and then he stopped and took another look. Those people behind Ding Chunming found that there were alien cavalry, alien beast cavalry, and many masters of the Blood Killing Sect. This made his face even more gloomy. He knew very well that now he wanted to destroy Ding Chunming. I’m afraid it won’t be easy for them. It won’t be easy for them to destroy the formation of the Blood Killing Sect. The Blood Killing Sect seems to be well prepared this time and won’t let him succeed easily.

Although the Shadow King thought so in his heart, he said: “My defeated generals, I really didn’t expect that you still dare to appear here. You are really desperate. You don’t think that you have created a magic circle. Can you stand firm here? I tell you, you are dead today.” After speaking, the Shadow King moved his hand, and the long sword appeared in his hand, and there were two more in Ding Chunming’s hand. With the hammer and the others all showing their magic weapons, the Shadow King then said: “Ding Chunming, you should die.” After saying that, he rushed towards Ding Chunming. This time, he did not give Ding Chunming any help. Given the chance to speak, he just wanted to break the magic circle as quickly as possible.

As soon as Ding Chunming saw the Shadow Emperor so anxious to take action, he knew what the Shadow Emperor was planning. He smiled slightly, and then said in a deep voice: “Come on, let me see if you can kill me.” After that, he raised the hammer. At the same time, the men of both sides also fought to the same place. However, as soon as they engaged in the battle, the Shadow Tribe people were completely at a disadvantage, and the reason why they were at a disadvantage was also very simple, because the alien cavalry was too powerful. , the Alien Cavalry Queen is the best team in the Blood Killing Sect, using battle formations and magic formations. If the Alien Cavalry fights one-on-one with the elders of the Blood Killing Sect, they may have the upper hand one on one, a pair If two can fight a draw, one against three will be at a disadvantage. However, if the alien cavalry forms a battle formation and fights against others, it is possible for one to be equal to ten and one to be equal to a hundred. They are the generals. Combat formations and magic formation attacks are very powerful for those who use them to the extreme.

Now that the Alien Cavalry is facing off against the Shadow Tribe, the Shadow Tribe suffers a huge loss. Although they are very powerful, they really have no good way to deal with the Alien Cavalry. The formations are incomparable to them, and the alien cavalry’s use and understanding of battle formations are incomparable to them. Therefore, when the alien cavalry formed a battle formation and fought against the Shadow Tribe, the Shadow Tribe fell directly Downwind, this is the scariest place after riding an alien.

At the same time, the Alien Beast Cavalry also exerted considerable combat effectiveness. Their combat effectiveness is not as good as that of the Alien Cavalry, and it is much worse than the masters of the Shadow Tribe. But when the Alien Beast Cavalry forms a battle formation, , their combat effectiveness has also been greatly improved. The masters of the Shadow Clan immediately suffered a big loss as soon as they fought against them. Countless alien cavalry were directly destroyed.

Ding Chunming and the Shadow Emperor were still going to fight. The Shadow Emperor still had no way to deal with Ding Chunming. He even found that Ding Chunming was stronger than before. This gave the Shadow Emperor an even greater headache. He Looking at Ding Chunming, he suddenly said: “Ding Chunming, your strength is so strong, why do you still stay in the Blood Killing Sect? You know that there is the existence of Lord God, you should understand that no matter what your Blood Killing Sect is, Sect Master, no matter how powerful he is, he cannot be the opponent of our Lord God, and you still call him Young Master. Do you still want to be a slave? A slave cannot be an elder. Why don’t you join our Shadow Clan? When the time comes, I will report to the Lord God and let you become the prince of the Shadow Clan. In one fell swoop, you will be above tens of thousands of people. Wouldn’t that be better? And as long as you submit to our Lord God, you will be able to live forever, and you should too. You know, all of us are unkillable, and we can all be resurrected. This is immortality, so why would it be better for you to join our sect than to stay in the Blood Killing Sect?”

When Ding Chunming heard what the Shadow Emperor said, he was stunned for a moment. Then he looked at the Shadow Emperor with some confusion and said, “Are you recruiting me?”

The Shadow Emperor looked at Ding Chunming. He couldn’t help but feel angry, but he didn’t show it. Instead, he put away his sword, stepped aside, looked at Ding Chunming and said: “Ding Chunming, look for Shuyuanwww.zhaoshuyuan .com As long as you join our Shadow Clan, I will make you the prince of the Shadow Clan, with the same power as me. What do you think? “The Shadow King has spent a lot of money this time, and he dares to make such a condition, like this? He simply couldn’t meet the conditions, because it was not him who made the final decision, but the God of Shadow Clan. He was just writing a bad check now.

When Ding Chunming heard what the Shadow Emperor said, he seemed to have heard some funny joke. He looked at the Shadow Emperor and laughed loudly: “Shadow Emperor, do you believe these words? You shadow emperor Don’t you know what’s going on with the clan? You’re still alive. Hahahaha, this is the funniest joke I’ve ever heard. You are just a group of dogs let out by others. I’m letting you out now to make way for him. You biters, when you can no longer bite people, or when you bite all the people to death, it is time for him to kill the dog for meat. You are missing the most important soul in your body, and that soul is Under the control of the God of Shadow Clan, if he wants you to die, he can kill you at any time. When the time comes, you will not even leave a soul mark, but will only become a part of his body energy. That’s it, you You actually have the nerve to ask me to surrender to the God of the Shadow Clan? Hahahaha, it’s so funny, it’s really funny. Do you think I’m a lunatic? Even if I’m a lunatic, I won’t do this. I’ll let myself go. If you don’t control your own life and want to hand it over to others, even if I’m crazy, I won’t do it. Shadow King, you don’t know what’s going on and you’re still kept in the dark. Right? Hahahaha, if this is really the case, then I really feel sorry for you. If you still want to persuade me to surrender even though you know what the situation is, then I really have to admire your shamelessness. ”


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