Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 860: Action


Baiyan was sitting in the small conference room. Ding Chunming and the others had also arrived. As soon as Ding Chunming and the others saw Zhang Hongliang, their faces all showed smiles. Baiyan looked at Ding Chunming and the others and smiled slightly: “I believe everyone has seen that Hong Liang has come out of seclusion. He has already completed the magic circle. Then we can proceed with our second plan. As we said before, Lao Ding, Gongsun, Hongliang, you are responsible for this operation and I will arrange the personnel for you, okay?”

Ding Chunming smiled slightly and said: “Don’t worry, there is no problem, leave it to me.” Gongsun Yulong and Zhang Hongliang also nodded.

Baiyan nodded and said: “That’s good, but for this operation, you may not be able to use the Babel Vine, because it is still occupied by the tribe, and the ground there is still full of the power of the Shadow Clan’s laws. , if you still use Babel Vine to set up the magic circle after you get there, then Babel Vine will probably take a while to clean up the power of the Shadow Clan Law there. This is a waste of time, so you must use the array talisman. The magic circle is set up. After setting up the magic circle, you must pay attention to this when cleaning up the power of the Shadow Clan magic circle there, because after you get there, it may not take long for the Shadow Clan people to discover you. When the time comes, the army of the Shadow Clan will definitely rush over in the shortest time. You must arrange the magic circle there in the shortest time. This is the basis for us to build a base. Do you understand?”

Everyone responded, rolled their eyes and nodded: “Oh no, when are they going to take action? Tomorrow?”

Ran Sixiu glanced at Ding Chunming, and then said: “Hongliang, when will he be able to move easily?” The most important thing about that action was not Ding Chunming’s magic circle, so of course Zhang Hongliang had to use Ding Chunming’s situation It’s the Lord.

Ding Chunming said: “You can’t act at any time.” Ding Chunming said the truth. I am restless now and cannot act at any time. Before Zhang Hongliang listened to my words, he nodded. Then I turned around and rolled my eyes and said, “I will immediately notify the disciples who participated in that operation. You should act now. You go over first. If you meet, he will come back now.” Go outside the Alien Cavalry and ask the Alien Cavalry to be divided into ten groups. The first group of 1,000 people will go with you first. Before arriving outside, Hongliang, he will arrange the bad magic circle as soon as possible. You will have people in Put a few teleportation disks somewhere else to confuse the enemy, and then the other people will stop passing by batch by batch. Only in this way will the Shadow Tribe people believe that your people would rather go faster. , and it will definitely make the Shadow Clan people believe that if you don’t go underground, the underground city is the most important thing.” Everyone agreed, and then they went to make arrangements.

Zhang Hongliang also stood up at that time. I turned around and rolled my eyes and said: “Lao Bai, the elder who is working with you, he is responsible for informing you.”

Rolling his eyes and nodding, Zhang Hongliang said: “Gongsun, he has nothing to prepare? Go and prepare now. As soon as news comes from outside, you will act as soon as possible.” Gongsun Yulong shook his head , indicating that there is nothing bad to prepare for.

At that time, news came that Sun was encountering this. We were not ready yet. Our alien cavalry were always ready to fight, so I was very slow to prepare. When Zhang Hongliang heard that Sun When Ye Yu said that, I nodded. Then I turned my head and glanced at Gongsun Yulong and Ran Sixiu. They both nodded at me. Zhang Hongliang said, “Okay, send us the coordinates and you take action.” After saying that, I directly sent a coordinate to Qinglong and asked Qinglong to send the coordinates to the people who were traveling with me. Then Zhang Hongliang said, “Yes, haven’t you received the coordinates?” Wasn’t the first person to act with me? Sun is meeting us, so I have to ensure that we know the coordinates. Before getting Guo’s reply, Ran Sixiu said in a deep voice: “No, take action.” After saying that, my figure disappeared directly, and the figures of others I saw the form disappearing at the same time. I looked at the position where we disappeared with my eyes. I smiled bitterly and said, “Old Ding, it’s quite easy.” Even though I said that, I still immediately, We directly informed others that our operation was over.

The last moment, a group of people suddenly appeared deep in the Shadow Clan’s territory. There were only about a thousand people in that group. Before we appeared, his horse glanced at Qi Zhou, and then Zhang Hongliang’s horse whispered: “Hongliang, set up the formation. We have encountered an encounter. We have arranged for alien cavalry. We immediately searched seven weeks. If we find the Shadow Tribe people, we will kill them on the spot. At the same time, we will put the teleportation array disk outside.” Everyone responded, and then Everyone on the front horse got busy. Ding Chunming immediately flew up. The last moment I moved my hand, countless **** flew out from my hand. Before those **** flew out of my hand, the horse immediately flew up. He flew towards Qizhou, and flew far away in the blink of an eye. The alien cavalry was divided into ten teams and flew straight towards Qizhou. Zhang Hongliang and Gongsun Yulong had not yet met eight people. , but none of them moved. Instead, they stood outside, looking in the direction of the Shadow Clan Imperial City, with a solemn expression. At that time, the seventh batch of a thousand alien cavalry had not arrived yet.

When everyone heard what the Shadow Emperor said, they were all silent for a while. At that time, Little Sima said: “Now the Blood Killing Sect does not want to use that method to force you to join the army. Once you join the army, we will We can’t send troops from there to retreat and attack you, but now you have to advance troops. We will definitely establish our magic circle outside, and you will face a situation of being attacked from behind. The most important thing is, If we directly attack the Imperial City, it will be safer. Your current defense outside the Imperial City is not very weak, so my idea is that you should go ahead and concentrate your troops first to build our new building. The base has been destroyed, and then on the other side, use all your strength to block the retreat of the Blood Killing Sect. However, there is no time at the moment, so my idea is that you first bring all your weak hands and use them. Teleport array, return to the outside of the Imperial City, and then teleport from the outside of the Imperial City to the place closest to our base. Then, all of you will attack with all your strength to destroy our base, and then line up Besides, it would be bad if you keep these legion commanders and lead the clansmen above to deal with them. As long as you can destroy our base at the slowest speed, you can’t immediately go back to support the rear line.”

At that time, all the alien cavalry and alien cavalry arrived, as did the elder of the Blood Killing Sect, and all the alien cavalry who went out to check the situation for seven weeks also came back. We reported directly to Ran Sixiuhui: “Ding Elder, there are no Shadow Clan members within a hundred miles. You have found several Shadow Clan members who have all cleared out their secret sentinels.” Zhang Hongliang nodded. All of this was within our expectations. I think the Shadow Emperor should have passed by now but received the news. Well, it depends on what the Shadow King did in the last part, so I just waved my hand and asked these alien cavalry to return to the team. Without any other words, these alien cavalry all went back.

The Shadow King said solemnly: “We haven’t checked with the secret sentry. We said that we found some formation disks on the ground in some places. These formation disks seemed to have been deliberately thrown away by people from the Blood Killing Sect. Moreover, these formation disks are still usable. You haven’t asked us to send the formation disks outside the imperial city yet. Let Mao Xuanying take a look at what this formation disk is first, so that you will know how we appeared here. Other than that, now you have to think hard about how to deal with the Blood Killing Sect. They don’t have any ideas?”

At that time, people who did not have the Alien Cavalry were popping up one after another. After a while, this place felt that the power of the Shadow Clan’s laws was felt. Ding Chunming immediately said to Zhang Hongliang: ” Old Ding, you are going to expand the small magic circle. He told the others to come over.” As soon as Zhang Hongliang heard what Ding Chunming said, I immediately agreed, but Ding Chunming immediately released it. The formation talisman is not these balls. Before these **** were released, they flew straight inside. At the same time, Ding Chunming also directly spilled the seeds of Babel Vine, and branches of Babel Vine finally grew under the ground. , before those Babel vines grew up, fruits were born one after another under the horse. Those fruits were all white. Ding Chunming also collected those fruits. Those fruits were all filled with Shadow Clan energy. Those Shadow Clan energy The energy was hidden deep in the ground, and now it was all absorbed by the Babel Vine, and then turned into fruit.

As soon as Little Sima and we arrived outside the small hall, we saw the Shadow Emperor sitting outside the small hall with a dignified expression. When we saw the Shadow Emperor’s expression, Little Sima and our hearts sank, we knew that he must Nothing important happened. If so, the Shadow Emperor’s face would be so ugly. We bowed to the Shadow Emperor, but when we asked, the Shadow Emperor said: “I just received the news from the secret whistle. Deep within your clan, where the original Blood Killing Sect established its base, people from the Blood Killing Sect have appeared and established a base. Now our base is expanding. My dear friends, they say that now you should What to do? ”

The Shadow King’s words made everyone stunned, looking for Shuyuan www.zhaoshuyuan. com Our expressions all changed immediately, and Little Sima’s expression also became very ugly. I immediately said: “That is the conspiracy of the Blood Killing Sect. We found that from the front of the battlefield, are there any The way to break through your defense is to attack directly from behind, but how did we get here? Was our base completely destroyed? “Little Sima was very curious, knowing how. What’s the matter, why do people from the Blood Killing Sect suddenly appear here?

At that moment of retreat, Ding Chunming in the sky suddenly said in a deep voice: “Stop!” Following my voice, all the **** flying backwards in the seven weeks stopped. When these **** stopped, Before coming up, Ding Chunming immediately made the magic formula with his hands and said in a deep voice: “Get up!” Following my voice, seven colors of light suddenly rose up in Qizhou. Before this seven-color light appeared, he immediately covered our area. The area seventy meters away was shrouded, and the seven-colored light turned. As the seven-colored light turned, bursts of white mist appeared under the ground where we were. Before the white mist emerged, He was immediately sucked away by a gourd thrown by Ding Chunming.

At that time, the Shadow Emperor had indeed not received the news. As soon as he received the news, the Shadow Emperor’s expression changed immediately. I immediately wrote a letter to Little Sima and asked Little Sima and us to come to the small house right away. Outside the hall, Xiao Sima and we also rushed to the outside of the small hall as soon as possible. After all, we also lived on the floors above the small hall, so it was quite difficult to rush over.


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