Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 660: Strengthen the offense


Ma Yichuan look at Zhang Wutong calmed down again. He couldn’t help being stunned, and then he was a little surprised. look at Zhang Wutong said: “Then what should we do now? Do nothing, just look at?” Ma Yichuan really meant something like do not understand Zhang Wutong. .

Zhang Wutong said solemnly: “Just look at. Anyway, the result is the same. After those clansman were broken in Magical Artifact, even if they were not killed by the beast’s shadow guards, they would be killed by the Blood Slaughter Sect people. In fact, It makes no difference whether you are killed by beast’s shadow guards or by Blood Slaughter Sect people. The only difference is that those beast’s shadow guards are traitors.”

When Ma Yichuan heard what Zhang Wutong said, he couldn’t help but be startled, and then he calmed down. Helook atZhang Wutongsaid: “I was so angry that I didn’t think of this anymore, but we really don’t have anything to do with it.” Do it?” He still couldn’t swallow this breath.

Zhang Wutong said solemnly: “Report this matter to Your Majesty. We must let Your Majesty know about this matter.” After that, he took out jade slip and entered some content into jade slip, and then the Master gave jade slip to Shadow Sovereign Sent over.

After doing this, his eyes fell on the battlefield. look at Seeing the situation on the battlefield, Zhang Wutong couldn’t help but reveal a hint of hatred on his face. radiance , he murmured said: “Let you first proud You will know the pros and cons when the time comes. ”

On the other side, Shadow Sovereign also received Zhang Wutong’s jade slip. After he read the content in jade slip, complexion also became ugly. He made a coldly snorted sound and waved his hand. When did jade slip don’t know, in his hand turned into powder? , he directly spread the powder, and then he coldly snorted shouted said: “It seems that the people of Blood Slaughter Sect really have no good way, they even used this method, but they used this method , doesn’t it just mean that they have no other way? For us, this is a good news, come here, give the order to Zhang Wutong, let them do their own thing, don’t be fooled, don’t rush in.”

The **** responded, immediately had someone write the letter. A letter like this often does not require Shadow Sovereign to do it himself. He only needs to take a look at it after the **** has written the letter, discover no problem, and then it can be sent. out.

Soon Zhang Wutong also received the letter from Shadow Sovereign. He glanced at contents of the letter, and then a smile appeared on his face. He gave jade slip to Ma Yichuan, and then he said to Ma Yichuan said:, “Take a look, Your Majesty That’s what I mean.”

Ma Yichuan took the jade slip and took a look at the contents, and then he couldn’t help but let out a long breath, and then he looked at the battlefield, and coldly snorted said said: “These cunning guys, if there are opportunity in the future, we must take care of them.” ”

Zhang Wutong nodded, and then open the mouth and said: “This revenge must be avenged, but not now. The people below are ordered to fight as they did before, and they will fight now, and stop messing around.” immediately Some generals responded. With a cry, he went to deliver the order.

With his orders, the situation on the battlefield also changed. immediately occur changes on the battlefield Shadow Clansman , immediately Returned to normal and became what it was before, and this situation also immediately let Ding Chunming They saw it, Ding Chunming When he saw this situation, he couldn’t help but slightly smiled said: “Interesting, it looks like Shadow Clansman I have already reacted and I am really calm. ”

Gongsun Yulong alsodiscover noticed the changes on the battlefield. He noddedsaid: “Yeah, I really didn’t expect that Shadow Clansman would be so calm this time. So what should we do next? Speed ​​up the attack?”

Ding Chunming said solemnly: “Okay, let’s step up the attack after taking over. I really want to see what Shadow Clansman will do to stop us next, but we have to wait until tomorrow. Let’s not step up the attack today. Starting from tomorrow, we strengthen our attack. these days and our everyday advancing are not far apart. Zhen Lao, their underground city, and the speed built forward are much faster than our advancing’s speed. It’s time for us to catch up.” Gongsun Yulong pointed out. Nodding, he also felt that it was time for them to strengthen their attack.

At the end of the day’s battle, Ma Rufeng and the others returned toed Blood Slaughter Sect‘s base. They all looked excited. They had long wanted to seek revenge on Shadow Clansman. Today they could only vent their anger, but even so, let them In my heart very delighted.

Ding Chunming also immediately notified those disciple and tomorrow to strengthen the attack. Strengthening the attack means that there must be more disciple to participate in the delivery of Magical Artifact‘s energy, so that their Magical Artifact attack power will naturally be strengthened. Of course, that’s it. Let’s take care of Shadow Clansman. They believe that this time they will be able to defeat Shadow Clansman and speed up advancing‘s speed. This will be a huge blow to Shadow Clansman. We will see how Shadow Clansman responds and they can do it easily. Make appropriate arrangements.

The attack on the second day soon started. Blood Slaughter Sect immediately strengthened attack. Their attack strengthened. Shadow Clansman immediately felt it. They really couldn’t stop Blood Slaughter Sect‘s attack today. As soon as they saw this situation , Zhang Wutong’s complexion couldn’t help but change, he immediately said loudly: “Instruct everyone to prepare for battle. The people of Blood Slaughter Sect hid their strength before. They did not attack us with all their strength before, but now they are ready to use all their strength. We must Just be careful, otherwise it will be the end of you.”

although he ordered, but there is still no way to block Blood Slaughter Sect‘s attack. Blood Slaughter Sect‘s attack today is nearly double stronger than yesterday. Those Shadow Clansman‘s Magical Artifact and is impossible can block Blood Slaughter Sect‘s attack. At the same time, Ma Rufeng and the others also have Alien. The injured Shadow Clansman also appeared in attack at one time. All Shadow Clansman, as long as Magical Artifact is broken, they will be more or less injured, and their strength will also be affected, so Ma Rufeng and his attack are actually injured Shadow Clansman .

Zhang Wutong look at rushed forward Blood Slaughter Sect Magical Artifact, look at his complexion very difficult, and then he open the mouth and said: “I really didn’t expect that these Magical Artifact of Blood Slaughter Sect actually hide their strength. Now suddenly gives us this, it is really difficult to deal with , It seems that we can’t stop their attack today, what do you think we should do next?” After Zhang Wutong said this, he look at Ma Yichuan.

The situation on the battlefield of Ma Yichuan look at, and then he open the mouth and said: “There is no way. We have already used all the methods we can use, what else can we do now, and with the current attack method of Blood Slaughter Sect, even if we use self-exploding Methods, all is impossible hurt them, all useless, let’s fight, if we can’t fight, we will retreat directly. They will always be is impossible today, advancing, right? If they really keep advancing today, then we will keep fighting, all the revived ones People, stop giving them opportunity to restore their strength, and then let them perform attack on Blood Slaughter Sect, and keep doing attack. In this way, even if we lose in the end, Your Majesty will still will not blame blame us.”

When I heard what Ma Yichuan said, Zhang Wutong’s complexion Unable to help but change, he look at Ma Yichuan, Ma Yichuan also look at He had a wry smile on his face, Zhang Wutong look at Ma Yichuan couldn’t help but smile bitterly, and then Ma Yichuan open the mouth and said : “Okay, it seems like that’s all we can do.” After saying this, Zhang Wutong turned to a general next to him. open the mouth and said :”Before Blood Slaughter Sect people, everyday most advancing Two hundred miles, this distance is already very far, we cannot let them exceed this distance anymore, pass on the order, everyone Fight while retreating. When you retreat to a distance of two hundred miles, you are not allowed to take a step back. All the resurrected people are also ready to fight, so that they immediately Arrive frontline here Come on, there is no time to let them regain their strength now, go ahead. “The general responded, immediately I went to deliver the order, and then Zhang Wutong’s order was issued, Shadow Clansman Start fighting and retreating at the same time, Blood Slaughter Sect people are always there advancing .

Until they retreated to a distance of two hundred miles, the resistance of those Shadow Clansman suddenly strengthened, and the frantic energy that they ignored suddenly came up. As soon as they saw this situation, Ding Chunming suddenly became understand. Shadow Clansman meant, but there was a sneer on his face said: “It seems that their bottom line is two hundred miles, but this time I don’t want to do what they want, continue to attack, attack with all my strength, without any pause , we just want to defeat them head-on, today we just want to advancing four hundred miles.”

Azure Dragon immediately passed on his order. As his order passed on, Blood Slaughter Sect‘s attack became more fierce, and Shadow Clansman really couldn’t stop their attack. The gap in strength, just by‘s desperate efforts, was not enough. use.

As soon as Zhang Wutong saw that Blood Slaughter Sect was still attacking, his complexion became even more ugly. He said solemnly: “Everyone should be ready to fight. No matter whether it is several times or not today, we must block Blood Slaughter Sect‘s attack. Absolutely We can no longer let them advancing.”

“Yes.” A general responded, immediately went to deliver the order, and Zhang Wutong turned to look at Ma Yichuan, and then open the mouth and said: “Old Ma, it seems that the two of us are going to make a move today, and maybe we both have to be resurrected. ”

Ma Yichuan smiled bitterly next step: “I have guessed it a long time ago. There is nothing we can do about it. The two of us resurrecting is possible will not be punished, but if we two undead fight, then we will be punished. Okay, okay, let’s get ready. If the worst happens today, we will just go all out. But it just so happens that I just want to have a good fight with Ma Rufeng and the others today. Anyway, I have to kill Ma Rufeng. This guy is really It’s so hateful.” After Ma Yichuan finished speaking, his face was already full of killing aura.

When Zhang Wutong heard what Ma Yichuan said, he couldn’t help but be startled, and then he couldn’t help laughing said: “OK, Then let’s kill Ma Rufeng first and see what kind of reaction those guys have. They Blood Slaughter Sect people can’t do it. Resurrection? As far as I know so far, Blood Slaughter Sect‘s disciple will not be resurrected. We killed Ma Rufeng to let everyone who betrayed me clansman know that there will be no good end for traitors. “Ma Yichuan nodded, and then the two of them got ready to attack Ma Rufeng and the others.

As for the people of Blood Slaughter Sect, they still have to attack at this time, and they keep attacking. Shadow Clansman can’t stop it. They have to slowly retreat, and the situation in the field of Zhang Wutong look at, then he turned to Ma Yichuan said: “Let’s take action.” Ma Yichuan did not object, and then the two of them flew directly towards the battlefield. They were ready to fight the Blood Slaughter Sect people desperately. This was their last resort. ()


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