Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 437: Bei Wei


Hearing what Zhao Hai said, Wu Feng and the others had serious expressions on their faces. When Wu Feng asked just now, he just wanted to see what Zhao Hai was thinking. Answer, and they will be satisfied.

Zhao Hai glanced at a few people, and then said in a deep voice: “Okay, you guys also go down and prepare, no matter what, we just need to be fully prepared. As for whether the Shadow Clan people are plotting against us, This will be known later.” Several people all responded, and then they all stood up, saluted Zhao Hai, then turned and left.

In the next few days, the sects on the Golden Dry Line of Defense did have their own reactions. Some sects were still chasing the Shadow Clan members, but some sects were not chasing them. The Shadow Clan people, as long as the Shadow Clan people start to retreat, they will retreat to the Golden Dry Line of Defense, but few retreat, and many chase the Shadow Clan people.

As for those who followed Zhao Hai to attack the Shadow Clan, none of them went after the Shadow Clan. Some people even strongly opposed to chasing the Shadow Clan. They participated in the war. Although those people were anxious, they had nothing to do. They could only reflect their thoughts to the sect, but the answer they got from the sect also disappointed them. They had no other way. We can only wait, but fortunately, they don’t have to participate in the attack on the Shadow Clan.

For more than ten days in a row, the Shadow Clan people have been carrying out such an attack, and then retreated. When the sects first chased the Shadow Clan people, they were indeed very careful. They may have also been attacked by Zhao Hai. Influenced by the warning, even those who pursued it were very careful. They did not pursue with all their strength. They were also worried that this was really a plot by the Shadow Clan, so they were more careful.

But for more than ten days, those who pursued did not encounter any problems, nor did they encounter any attacks from the Shadow Clan, so their vigilance gradually relaxed, and they began to pursue non-stop The Shadow Clan people, slowly they are chasing the Shadow Clan people farther and farther away, and now they are getting farther and farther away from the Golden Dry Line, but they themselves don’t seem to notice this.

Hu Zong once warned them, but the people in the Zongmen couldn’t listen to them at all. They seemed to be deliberately confronting Hu Zong. If you want to go, it is really hard for you to imagine that this is something done by some monks. At this moment, they seem to have become angry children, without any reason to say.

In fact, those people from the sect were using this method to protest Hu Zong. When Hu Zong punished Zhang Shang before, although these people from the sect didn’t say anything, they let their They felt very uncomfortable. From their point of view, Hu Zong, the great elder of the Presbyterian Church, has no right to punish Zhang Shang. Zhang Shang is a core disciple of the sect, but now he can’t even become a core disciple. This makes many Human beings all felt the sadness of the death of the rabbit, so they wanted to resist Hu Zong. They didn’t dare to resist Hu Zong openly, because they were worried that Hu Zong would punish them, so they used this method to resist.

After another five days like this, the camp of the Tianying Clan began to move back. The entire army of the Shadow Clan began to move back. The distance is not too far. Of course, it is not too far for a monk. Although the camp of the Shadow Clan has moved back, their attack has not stopped. They have been attacking the Jinshi defense line. The golden dry line of defense has also been fighting back, and the distance they pursue is getting farther and farther. Now the people of many sects on the golden dry line of defense have begun to lose their temper. They were even happier. They believed that it was their attack that caused the Shadow Clan to retreat. Although Hu Zong Zaisan warned them, those people couldn’t listen.

Ten days later, the people from all the sects of the Golden Dry Line, chasing the Shadow Clan people, have reached a place about a hundred miles away from the Shadow Clan camp, and even if they did so, they have not encountered the Shadow Clan people Any ambush, this makes the people of various sects more convinced that the Shadow Clan people are afraid and want to retreat, they all want to attack the Shadow Clan people again, because they don’t want Zhao Hai to be more beautiful than before.

Zhao Hai led people to attack the Shadow Clan people before, and finally retreated completely, and here at the Golden Dry Line of Defense, he was given a reward for notifying the entire Divine Tree Realm, which made many people very envious. Like Zhao Hai, they also want to attack the Shadow Clan people after receiving such a reward. As long as they can repel the Shadow Clan people, they don’t believe that Hu Zong will not reward them.

As for Hu Zong’s warning, they didn’t take it seriously at all. In their view, Hu Zong’s warning was simply because they didn’t want them to accept the award, so they didn’t listen to Hu Zong at all. When the various sects wrote to each other, all the sects were obedient and obedient. On the one hand, they said that they would order people from their sects to stop chasing the members of the Shadow Clan, but on the other hand, the people from those sects did not listen at all. It can be seen that those sects They did not give such an order to their sect. When Hu Zong sent a letter to their sect, telling them that their sect must take care of it, the people in their sect would say, we have already taken care of it, but If people don’t listen, there’s nothing they can do.

These words can also deceive children. If the representatives of the various sects at the Golden Dry Line of Defense dare not listen to their sects, their sects will definitely replace him in minutes and call him back. If they go to the Zongmen, they will be allowed to roam freely here at the Golden Dry Line of Defense. Now that some of them can stay here at the Golden Dry Line of Defense, it must be with the acquiescence of their Zongmen. These Hu Zong can still see it .

But Hu Zong doesn’t care, even if those people are all dead, he doesn’t care, they die, it’s nothing special, he doesn’t want to use the death of those people to give those people in the sect a Lesson, let those sects understand who is in charge of the golden dry line of defense, so although Hu Zong issued those warnings, he actually knew that these warnings would not have any results.

At this time, Lu Buwei and the others were also making the final layout. After Lu Buwei saw the chasing monks retreating, he returned to the big tent, and then called all the generals under his command When he arrived in the big tent, after all the generals arrived in the big tent, he looked at the generals and said, “I didn’t see Lin Ze leading the troops out to attack us today, it seems that we have a plan to lure him out , has already failed, and we can’t wait any longer. If those fools really wake up, it will be too late. Let’s proceed as planned tomorrow. Are you all ready? If someone comes out by then Mistake, don’t blame me for being rude, do you understand?” At this point, Lu Buwei’s eyes swept over everyone like lightning.

Everyone responded in unison, they have already prepared, the reason why they have not done anything to those people these days is because they want to wait and let those people completely relax their vigilance, and the second is because they want to To lure Zhao Hai out, the Shadow Emperor wants Zhao Hai’s head, but they have not been able to kill Zhao Hai now, even if they win, after going back, the credit will be reduced a lot, so they want to take Zhao Hai’s head. Zhao Hai was drawn out and then killed, but Zhao Hai has been silent for so many days, which made them very disappointed. He can be sure now that Zhao Hai will never come out, which also makes them Very impatient.

At this time, a general said to Lu Buwei: “Commander, I have an idea. When our plan starts, people will definitely be sent to rescue at the Jingan defense line, and that Lin Ze led the attack before. We, among the people who came to the rescue this time, will definitely use him. Do you think we should send some people to hunt and kill Lin Ze? Maybe we can kill Lin Ze.”

When Lu Buwei heard what the general said, he couldn’t help being stunned for a moment, and then his eyes couldn’t help but brighten, and he immediately looked at the man and said: “Yes, this method is good, hahahaha, if the Jingan line of defense Send people out to rescue. Lin Ze, who has experience in fighting against us, will definitely be sent out. At that time, we only need to send some experts to hunt and kill Lin Ze, then there will be no problem. This Lin Ze is just now. A law expert, we only need to send some title masters to hunt him down, okay, great, you go down and prepare, you don’t need to worry about this matter.” The generals all responded, and then they all rushed Lu Buwei saluted, and then withdrew from the big tent. After they retreated, Lu Buwei said, “Come here.”

Following his voice a personal soldier came in, saluted Lu Buwei and said, “Marshal.” Lu Buwei nodded, and then said: “Go, I will Call Yeluhong from Beiwei Camp.” The guard responded, then turned and left.

After a while, a man in black leather armor walked into the big tent. He saluted Lu Buwei and said, “See you, Commander.” This man is not tall, he looks over five feet More, he is also wearing a set of simple leather armor, and there is no helmet on his head. He is wearing a black hat, and his leather armor is also very simple, just like a bulletproof vest. They can only block their chests and backs. They are wearing a pair of black pants, a pair of black boots on their feet, and a pair of black wrist guards on their wrists. They look very inconspicuous, as if they have no There is nothing special about them, even on their bodies, you can’t feel the aura of a strong person, there is no momentum at all, the whole person gives people the impression of being ordinary, worse than an ordinary Shadow Clan soldier.

But this person is the elite of Lu Buwei’s elite. They have a battalion called Beiwei Camp. They are the elite of the entire Shenwei Camp. There are no shadow beasts as mounts, but their fighting power is extremely powerful. There are only 10,000 people in their entire battalion, but the fighting power of these 10,000 people is much stronger than the 100,000 people in other armies. So far, there is no task that cannot be completed. It can be said that they are an ace army under Lu Buwei, and they can even be said to be the ace of aces.


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