Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 372: Ancient runes


Laura and the others are the closest people to Zhao Hai. They are also the people who know Zhao Hai best. It stands to reason that people like Laura and others will never lose heart when they see him. What happened, so why did this happen? This made Zhao Hai even more curious. He immediately walked to the mirror in the room and looked at himself carefully.

In this villa of the space, Zhao Hai doesn’t want to use too much magic, so when in the villa, he needs to look in the mirror and things like that. He doesn’t know how to use magic, just Just look in the mirror, there is no need to use spells everywhere in your own home.

Zhao Hai looked at himself in the mirror. There was no change. His appearance was very ordinary, no one would pay too much attention to him. It is the same now. He has not become handsome or ugly, he is still very much. Ordinary, and his temperament is also very peaceful. If he walks in a place where no one knows him, even if he says that he is a sovereign over hundreds of billions of people, no one will believe it.

The only thing that has changed is his eyes. His eyes look very ordinary, but if you look closely, you will feel that there seems to be a whirlpool in his eyes, which can really take the soul of a person. Just breathe it in. Such a change made Zhao Hai stunned. To be honest, he didn’t like such a change too much, so his strength would be too exposed.

Zhao Hai closed his eyes and thought for a while, and finally he thought of it suddenly. This may be because he has just realized the power of Yin and Yang, so there will be such a change. After a while, the situation may be better. When Zhao Hai thought of this, Zhao Hai paid attention to the situation in his body again. There was no change in his physical state. The three-time Buddha and the three-day witch still coexist, and the Buddha statues below coexist with the demon statues, but he The energy in the body is running faster than before, and his body seems to have not fully adapted to this energy.

In this way, Zhao Hai is relieved. He roughly calculated that as long as a few days later, his body can fully adapt to this energy, then the alien costume in his eyes can disappear, and at the same time Zhao Hai He also paid attention to the condition of his body. There are multiple bloodlines in his body. Of course, the strongest is actually the bloodline of giants. Zhao Hai just wants to see what the bloodline is in his body.

Attention to the blood in his body, Zhao Hai suddenly discovered that the blood in his body has changed. All the blood in his body has been completely integrated, and it has changed to a new look. Bloodline, this kind of bloodline has three states. One is his current state, which is a normal state, which can also be called an inactive state. The other two states are the state after being activated. One is the Buddha’s bloodline. , Activate this bloodline pretense, he can become a great Buddha, the King Kong is not bad, very powerful, the other is the bloodline of the demon, once this bloodline is activated, it will become a demon with infinite power , The destructive power is extremely powerful, this is not only the blood of giants.

After discovering the state of his bloodline, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but breathe out, but then he smiled slightly, which is also good, in fact, when he uses the state of bloodline, he uses very little, but the energy in his body is enough. He used it, so he didn’t care about what bloodline he used.

Zhao Hai turned his head and smiled at Laura and the others: “Yeah, I broke through recently, so this is what happened. It will be fine after two days. By the way, some changes have taken place in the lark tree outside. Now, a new kind of lark tree has grown on it. I still don’t know what this lark fruit does. After he matures, look at the function of this lark tree. Please pay attention to it. When the Bailingguo is mature, just tell me.”

Laura nodded, and then looked at Zhao Haidao somewhat puzzledly: “Brother Hai, can’t you just use the power of thinking to communicate with the Bailing Tree? In that case, you don’t know the use of Bailing Fruit. Is it?” Zhao Hai used to do this often, why didn’t he do it this time?

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Isn’t this great? It’s interesting to keep an expectation? Anyway, we’re not in a hurry. Come and show me your research. Runes have always been us. We must study the root of the blood killing sect.” After finishing speaking, they walked to Laura and the others.

Laura and the others became excited when they heard that Zhao Hai mentioned runes. Laura even said, “Brother Hai, when we were studying these runes of Buddhism, we also studied it by the way. The runes of Daomen are just to see what are the differences between these runes. In the end, we found that there are some connections among these runes, and now the runes of Buddhism and Daomen are actually simplified words. The same thing, it can also be said that human words are some more simplified runes.”

Zhao Hai didn’t quite understand what Laura meant, so he looked at Laura in a puzzled way. The word for property is also used for multiple purposes, because there were very few words at that time. Sometimes a word often represents many meanings. Putting this word in different places means different meanings, and Buddhism has Taoism. These runes do the same thing, they are actually a very old rune.”

“The runes we use now, after years of development, have become more and more refined, so often a rune only represents one meaning, and those ancient runes have actually been eliminated, but This does not mean that those ancient runes are useless. In fact, the combination of those ancient runes is more powerful, because those words represent the origin of civilization, the power of the source of heaven and earth, Buddhism and Daomen took advantage of this. They preserved these ancient runes and formed their current rune system, but one thing is certain is that their inheritance, I don’t know when, they appeared. The question is, the current Buddhist and Taoist schools have inherited this kind of rune, but they don’t know the meaning of this kind of rune. What they have inherited is a talisman or a talisman array, you can say they Now using these talisman and talisman array, it is just to draw a gourd, let them draw a new talisman, they can’t do it, even if they really draw it, I am afraid that the talisman will not do anything. Because they didn’t even understand the meaning of those runes, let alone use it.”

“We are different now. We are now sorting out these ancient runes at once. Buddhist runes and Daomen runes are added with ancient characters, all sorted out, and then reorganized. Inferred, because we have the optical brain, this inferred goes very smoothly, and now has made great progress.”

“We have now discovered hundreds of ancient runes, and each of these ancient runes represents a different meaning. Combining his different ancient runes will have different functions. Now There are already many rune arrays of ancient runes that we have researched. The rune arrays composed of these ancient runes use fewer runes, so they use a small area. The same magic sword uses ancient runes. You can bless 50 magic circles. If you use ordinary runes, you may be able to bless 20 magic circles at most. Of course, the magic swords blessed with ancient runes are more powerful, but now these ancient runes are still It cannot be promoted, because if we want to use ancient runes, we must transform our current rune array into an ancient rune array after a translation. It will only be more troublesome, so this ancient rune method The formation can be used in some specific places in the future, but it is still somewhat inconvenient to use it directly against the enemy.”

After listening to Laura, Zhao Hai understood the meaning of Laura’s previous words. It turns out that Taoist runes, Buddhist runes and ancient scriptures are all interoperable with each other. No wonder Laura and the others will study Zhao Hai took Laura and the others’ research over to look at these things, and found that their research was really very comprehensive. There are some notes under each ancient rune, and what is the place where these ancient runes are used. Meaning, there are some ancient runes that have more than a dozen meanings. When used in different places, they have completely different meanings. No wonder Laura and the others have studied these things for so long.

Laura Zhao and the others put aside their research, they nodded and said: “Your research is still very important to us. Now we are building some magic circles in the Blood Killing Sect. All runes are used. Universal runes, and many people understand these runes now. After seeing our blood killing sect’s circle ~, they can also slowly deduce our circle from those runes to the end. What kind of magic circle it is, this gives them a chance to break the circle, but this kind of ancient rune is very rarely studied. Except that we have a light brain, which can perform long-term calculations, ordinary people do not It is possible to study this kind of magic circle, so that we can use this ancient rune as a kind of our exclusive rune. They want to use the method of rune to crack our magic circle. It’s even more impossible, but you have to study all the ancient runes thoroughly, and then teach them to them, so that they don’t have to waste time studying. They have not done this before. Research. If they are allowed to study these, it would be a waste of their time. Now they have been studying how to show all things in the world in the form of runes, so that we can use the real body of the Dharma, you The research of the two parties is different. Each is better for each research. But I feel that your ancient runes may also be helpful to Wen Yuming’s research. You can communicate with him. “

Laura nodded. She was still very convinced of what Zhao Hai said. If Zhao Hai said that, she must be right. It seems that there is time, and she really wants to communicate with Wen Yuming and the others. If the ancient runes were really helpful to Wen Yuming’s research, it would definitely be a good thing for the Blood Killing Sect.

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