Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 136: selfishness


Liu Jun sits quietly in a in the room , White Eyes A few of them are also here in the room ,This one in the room There are only four of them, and no one is bringing in another person. Liu Jun look at White Eyes , said solemnly : “Several people, I will impolite ,Nowadays Sect Master For us duty , everyone What do you think? “

White Eyes look at Liu Jun, two eyes for a moment, this makes his eyes look a little smaller, but it makes people feel very uncomfortable, always feels like he is doing something bad, White Eyes knows his Something went wrong, so he didn’t do it often. . But he did it today, he squinted look at Liu Jun, said solemnly: “Liu Jun, everyone are all understand people, you can just say it, what do you mean?”

Liu Jun look at White Eyes, and looked at the other two, then nodded said: “I have no meaning, to be honest, after escaping from the first time, and then returned to Sect Master, I knew about already, I can only follow Sect Master in my life, so I will never betray Sect Master, what do you mean? “

White Eyes sneer said: “You will not betray Sect Master, will we? We will follow Sect Master, Liu Jun earlier than you, Sect Master only led us more than a thousand people against Shadow Clansman, against Immortal Spirit Region At that time, we did not betray Sect Master, let alone now. Now that Sect Master has such strong strength, how can we betray Sect Master by is possible, I just want to know, what do you mean. “

Liu Jun glanced at Jiang Shenglin and Chen Chu. They didn’t say anything, they just decided look at, Liu Jun said solemnly: “I called everyone today, not to make everyone betray Sect Master, that’s is impossible Yes, what I think is, what kind of status will we have after join Blood Slaughter Sect? Do you mean understand? “

White Eyes they immediately understand Liu Jun’s meaning, after waiting for White Eyes to open, Jiang Shenglin nodded said: “I understand what you mean, in fact I also thought about this before, the strength of Sect Master is completely beyond ours Imagine, did you see Black Tortoise Space? although we did not see much Blood Slaughter Sect disciple in there, but just looking at area of Black Tortoise Space, and what Sect Master said before, they completely destroyed the power of Shadow Clan in Lower Realm It can be known that the number of Blood Slaughter Sect must be quite a lot, at least it is more than the number of Immortal Spirit Region here originally. “

White Eyes and Chen Chuquan nodded. He also agreed with understand Jiang Shenglin and Liu Jun, and agreed with Jiang Shenglin. To be honest, after seeing the situation of Black Tortoise Space, if they dare to betray Zhao Hai, then it is really Idiots, but dare not betray Zhao Hai, does not mean that they can not strive for a better life for themselves, so they will react so.

White Eyes said solemnly: “Sect Master divided everyone into our hands. Each of us minimum manages several ten of millions people. Now what we have to do is to persuade these people to join into Blood Slaughter Sect. Can we not kill too much? Do n’t kill too many people if there are many people. One more person will tell us together join Blood Slaughter Sect. As for whether we will still be direct management these people, to be honest, I do n’t really care. Sect Master If we are still holding on to those people, then Sect Master will not let us go, what do you mean? “

All three were silent. After a while, Liu Juncai said solemnly said: “I really feel that we should do relationship with under the hand/subordinate people. As long as we have done relationship with them, we will have even bigger right to speak when we reach Blood Slaughter Sect. Do you think? The opinions of Liu Jun and White Eyes are completely different. He wants to grasp his military power of in hand.

Jiang Shenglin and Chen Chu both nodded. Apparently they agreed with Liu Jun. White Eyes looked at them three and sneered at said:. “I already knew that the three of you had too many ideas. I would say something like impolite. Really speaking, of the four of us, I have followed Sect Master for the longest time, and I have a better understanding of Sect Master than you. Do you really think that as long as in hand catches some people, will even bigger have the right to speak? In my opinion, this is definitely not the case. Our right to speak, our ability to come from, are we loyal to Sect Master. If we think that with some people, track can give the conditions, then you may be wrong. I do n’t say if Sect Master can control all of them and then kill them. Just say a few of us, and you really guarantee that Sect Master ca n’t control you silently? By then Sect Master will kill you, you What other track presentation conditions? Don’t be stupid. “

When I heard White Eyes say this, Jiang Shenglin and Chen Chu’s complexion are both changed. Even Liu Jun’s complexion is also changed. Then they suddenly remembered that they can silently and quietly control people’s method, or Zhao Hai taught them, although said that Zhao Hai told them that there was no restriction on them, and there was no need to worry about it, but they could really guarantee that Zhao Hai really did not have restriction on them. They didn’t find restriction on themselves, but does this really mean they are safe?

White Eyes look at, said solemnly: “As long as we are loyal to Sect Master, then Sect Master will not treat us badly. At this point, you should be clear. Otherwise, Sect Master will not hand over duty that advises everyone to join to Blood Slaughter Sect. Here we are, do you think that Sect Master still needs us to persuade you? Actually, I think the most important thing is that we everyone must put our mindset right. As long as we have our mindset right, we can follow Sect Master. You think What? “

Liu Jun and their cold sweats have all come down. Liu Jun stood up and held a fist said: at White Eyes. “Brother Bai is right, we thought wrong. If it wasn’t for Brother Bai to remind us, then we are in danger. thanks a lot Brother Bai. “He really wants to thank White Eyes, because if they really do what they think, then they will really be is possible. If they really anger Zhao Hai, I am afraid they will Even how to die is don’t know.

White Eyes returned the salute, said solemnly: “Don’t be so polite, in fact, your idea is not wrong, I don’t think so, we have to contact even if join arrives at Blood Slaughter Sect, no matter how we are, After join Blood Slaughter Sect, there is nothing wrong with more contact, but it is not too much to do. I believe that as long as we do not go too far, then Sect Master will not embarrass us. Anyway, we have always stood at Sect Master. Aside. “

All three nodded, Jiang Shenglin said solemnly: “Sect Master said, as long as everyone agrees with join Blood Slaughter Sect, then he will let us enter Blood Slaughter Sect, get familiar with the environment of Blood Slaughter Sect, and also the situation of Blood Slaughter Sect, this time Just take a good look at what Blood Slaughter Sect is talking about. “

Several people nodded, White Eyes said solemnly: “All right, We have wasted a lot of time today, so let’s move quickly. If Sect Master knows that we are in the secret meeting, the consequences will be really unthinkable. Go Right. “The crowd answered, and immediately acted.

Persuading Sharp Sword Battalion people from join to Blood Slaughter Sect, a few people really did not make much effort, because how they don’t know like Sharp Sword Battalion people explain Blood Slaughter Sect existence, but fortunately, many people watch When they arrive, they can take Black Tortoise Island to talk about things, they also said straight away, Blood Slaughter Sect is Sect Master of Zhao Hai, now Zhao Hai wants everyone to be join to his Sect Master, and this Sect Master is followed by Zhao Hai from Lower Realm ascend, please everyone must be Follow them together join Sect.

Sharp Sword Battalion‘s disciple are a little confusing. They really didn’t expect that one Sect can be together ascend, but they are also very clear. If they are not join Zhao Hai‘s Sect, it will not do them any good, so they will all agree Already. Of course, they also played a certain role in here and Liu Qing. They are the ones who take the lead in first batch join Blood Slaughter Sect.

They came out of Blood Slaughter Sect from Blood Slaughter Sect, but Zhao Hai has not allowed them to expose themselves, and they have also been included in the people who entered Black Tortoise Space following White Eyes, so they stated in front of these people that first batch join Blood Slaughter Sect would not cause them. Anyone doubt it.

After everyone agrees with join Blood Slaughter Sect, White Eyes and immediately go to Zhao Hai to information and tell Zhao Hai that everyone is willing to join Blood Slaughter Sect. Zhao Hai is of course very happy. He sent immediately to Blood Slaughter Sect in batches, and Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, also in batches from Blood Slaughter Sect to walked out, took over the various defense zones.

White Eyes Of course, they also entered into Black Tortoise Space. After entering Black Tortoise Space, these people were separately relocate. Everyone has their own room. At the same time, Blood Slaughter Sect‘s disciple also began to send them various items. The same materials, from clothes, to Magical Artifact, to Cultivation Method, to medicine pill, all kinds of Magical Artifact were sent to them, and among the Cultivation Method sent to them, there is a very complete Upper Realm practice method.

Of course, Blood Slaughter Sect also has regulation. That is to record one point of the Cultivation Method they learned and deposit it into Scriptures Pavilion of Blood Slaughter Sect. At the same time, they will give them a Blood Slaughter Sect Sect Rules, and the other Blood Slaughter Sect The use and introduction of various public facilities, so that they can better understand what Blood Slaughter Sect looks like.

When White Eyes saw the introduction and use of some public facilities about Blood Slaughter Sect, they all stayed, especially about True Illusion Boundary, how could they never have thought that there would be such thing in the world. It was too unexpected for them. Almost everyone was addicted to True Illusion Boundary. Except for the time that everyday had to stay outside, all other time was spent in True Illusion Boundary there.

Also Correct because of this, so they learned a lot of thing in True Illusion Boundary, about Blood Slaughter Sect, about Lower Realm, about Shadow Clan, about all of them, they all learned in True Illusion Boundary, because True Illusion Boundary has time acceleration ability, they are in True Illusion Boundary For one hour, equivalent to was outside for a day. Later, I heard that they are because level is low now. If they adapt later, they will be in True Illusion Boundary for an hour, ten days outside equivalent to, so that they can learn thing. Will be more.


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