Becoming a Saint by Leisure Reading Chapter 743: Chen Luo also wants to visit privately?


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“I have seen the Dharma image.” Seeing Chen Luo approaching, the six gate catchers who were looking for clues nearby all saluted.

“No need to be polite.” Chen Luo waved his hand and walked directly to the corpse. Perhaps because of the temperature near the cold spring, Tang An’s corpse was well preserved and looked like he was asleep.

“What did you find?” Chen Luo asked, the Zuo Zuo stood up, saluted, and said, “Returning to Dharma, it can be initially determined that the cause of Tang Zhuangyuan’s death was that his internal organs were shattered by a blow. Not the first scene.”

“When being attacked, Zhuangyuan Tang tried to form a defense with a mighty righteousness, but the strength gap with the murderer was too great, the defense was broken, and the trauma to the limbs was also caused at that time.”

“After being attacked, Tang Zhuangyuan immediately launched a space escape method like ‘A Thousand Miles with the Wind Talisman’, but the murderer interfered with the space during the teleportation, so he endured the space disorder and aggravated his body. of injuries. He eventually died of his injuries.”

Chen Luo nodded and asked, “Can you determine the murderer’s cultivation?”

Zhi Zuo shook his head with a wry smile, and said, “There is a difference in combat power between the same rank, and the attack may be blessed by treasures. Based on the current situation, it is difficult to make an accurate judgment.”

“But judging from the corpse, there is no doubt that the person who shot was a Confucian sect.”

At this time, Gongsun Bo stepped forward and said: “The great Confucian in the Spring and Autumn Hall had traced Tang An’s trace, but found that his whereabouts were erased by the power of rules. According to the great Confucian’s estimate, the murderer was at least a second-class murderer. Cultivation.”

“At most seven rank?” Tang An frowned slightly. Seven rank Xiaoru, in Xiaoxuan, can’t be regarded as a person with no name or surname, and some wealthy family owners are not of that rank. But that is only at most, and it does not mean that it may be a first-grade level.

At the first rank, even in the noble family, they are all at the level of real power elders and even patriarchs.

It seems that the implication behind it is big.

Of course, it’s still a search area. Otherwise, even in the face of the strongest seeking realm, Gongsun will be instantly killed with a single blow, is there any possibility of escape

Tang An glanced at the place where the corpse was originally buried, and sighed: “So, I was teleported here at random, but I met someone who entered and buried me.”

The master nodded his head: “If Gongsun hadn’t died when he met this person, the other party should only recognize Gongsun’s identity. But the other party knew Gongsun’s identity, but secretly reported the case to the Kaifeng Mansion, explaining… “

Tang An interfaced: “It means that when I saw Tu Huan, Tu Huan was not dead. Instead of dying, he may have told me the identity of the murderer.”

“The informant wanted to be involved in the whirlpool, so he chose to bury the smears hastily.”

“As for why I came to report the crime again…”

Tu Huanyou and Tu Huanyou looked at each other and said in unison: “People’s hearts!”

We can’t imagine a vicious person who, while worried about being involved in a strife, would like to see Gongsun die so peacefully, tossing and turning, struggling to sleep.

In the end, a compromise was taken.

Report, but show up!

“Although this place is remote, there are people who don’t practice coldness, people who travel around the mountains and play with water, and people who fetch water to cook tea. Later, it is good to determine the identity of the person who buried Gongsun.” Jia Daru sighed heavily.

“Or invite Chunqiu Tang Xiaoru to come and have a look.” Tang An said.

Jia Daru glanced at Tu Huan, and a spit stuck out of his throat.

That Chen Zhuguo dared to call Chunqiutang like this.

Chunqiutang, what is this place?

This is where the history of the human race bears witness.

This is where Shi Wang Xuance gathers.

This is the hardest part of the entire human race.

Shi Wang Xuance looks at people with a proud stand.

How about his generation of emperors? What about his peerless arrogance? In the long river of history, it is just a wave that has turned upside down.

Even if it is a semi-holy, there is nothing good after being canonized, and we are wrong.

What’s more, the time-retracing supernatural power was originally a small-scale supernatural power to help historians trace the historical truth. That magical power will trigger the reverse flow of the long river of time, and it will have a backlash against Shi Wang Xuance itself, so we will only use it when we have not verified historical-level events.

A letter from Tang An next time

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In the letter, asking Chunqiutang to help check Tuhuan’s whereabouts is not out of the ordinary. Now he asks Shi Wangxuance to look back on his case, and Shi Tuhuan has to look back on the case. .

Or let Chunqiutang handle the case before.

It’s not him either. If someone else dared to talk to Chunqiutang like that, but he was directly scolded back, it means that most of the history books have to be rated as “outstanding and capable”!

Tang An touched his chin and said casually, “Let’s witness the historical moment when the side is opened for the first time.”

Are you going to Jinchunqiu Hall?

Shi Wang Xuance outside is all talented, and he speaks nicely, and he hates us very much.

The important thing is that these people are really satisfied!

“It’s better to let the eight doors investigate.” Jia Daru coughed and suggested.

He’s humble, he’s powerful, how would Shi Wangxuance arrange you, but your Confucian scholar still needs to be embarrassed.

In case there is a little record in the history book, saying “Bo Wei is the vice minister, has the ability to assist, and steals the low position from the old”, do you want to have your former name?

“That’s… ok.” Seeing the insistence of the Confucian family, Tang An nodded.


The news of the killing of the new champion of the division quickly spread in Zhongjing City and caused a cold discussion. For that, Tang An had thought about banning it in the past.

The so-called concealment and concealment are the breeding ground for rumors.

Very slowly, Eight Doors posted a public notice denying the fact that Gongsun was killed, and said that it is under investigation, please wait for the truth.

For a while, the attention of the case went down.


In the evening, the eight door arresters, who had not searched the Yunyan Valley for a day, had bloodshot eyes, terrifyingly red.

That’s the symptom left before using the eight-door official technique “Clues” in a row.

At this time, a temporary office hall was set up outside Yunyan Valley. The tables in the hall were full of leaves, stones, soil, and flower petals. At this time, those objects had not been sorted according to certain rules.

Lu Ada rubbed his eye socket, which was almost bleeding, and took a deep breath.

“How is it, is there no result?” At this time, Tu Huan came to Yunyan Valley again after finishing a day’s work, but frowned slightly when he saw the slowness of the arrests.

“Let them step up the investigation, and let them overdraw their lives to investigate. Tomorrow, I will go to the editorial office of Xiaoxuanmin Daily, and one person will get 800 taels of silver to buy something to make up for it.”

“Fa Xiang, that’s in line with the rules…” Lu Ada bowed and said, “It’s up to you to investigate the case…”

“That’s a reward, I’m really unhappy!” Tang An said, but he continued to entangle and asked, “Didn’t you find it?”

Speaking of the business, Lu Ada looked solemn, nodded, brought Tang An to the table, pointed to the pile of debris under the table, and said, “I’m going to report to the minister. Look, those are all Contaminated with a noble and righteous object.”

“You have made a classification according to the strength of the righteousness below and the degree of dissipation.”

Let’s go ahead, Lu Ada took Tu Huan to the other end of the table, pointed to the weeds and gravel below, and said, “The aura under those items matches the time of Zhuangyuan Tang’s death given by Mr. Piezuo.”

“You preliminarily determined that the other party is a seventh-grade master.”

“From the time of Tang Zhuangyuan’s death, we can calculate the footsteps of a seventh-rank master who rushed to Yunyan Valley. In the first half hour after this time, by investigating the exit records of Zhongjing City Gate, you have found a total of seven people. .”

“Of those seven people, not eight of them traveled far and did not leave the official road, so there are only two left.”

“—One is the master of Wang Qifeng from Zheliu Academy, and the other is Tu Huanyou, a servant of the Lu family in Zhongjing!”

“It’s hard work!” Tang An nodded. “Brothers, go back and rest well, and I will make a note for them.”

Everyone present was stunned when they heard Tang An’s words.


Dharma Xiang calls our brothers?

Shit, it’s worth it!

“It’s hard work, you can still do it!” said one of the arresters, “then go find these two people, and you will definitely find fewer clues today.”

Tang An waved his hand: “This matter has not been involved in the past, and your Majesty and the people are also paying close attention to it, and I will meet you.

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Self-processing. “

“Go back and rest.”


Zhongjing, late at night.

A horse-drawn carriage is rushing down the trail in Zhongjingcheng.

In the carriage, Jia Da Ru looked at Tang An with closed eyes and asked, “Fa Xiang, how can you be sure that the person who reported the crime must be Sirte?”

Tu Huan opened his eyes and said, “Mr. Tu Huan doesn’t know anything. When he first entered the capital, he had few encounters with Master Wang, and Zheliu Academy had a close relationship with Xiaoxuanminbao. “

“If it was really the Master Wang who discovered Gongsun, even if I wanted to get involved, I could inform Kong Tianfang, the head of Zheliu Academy.”

“The head of the Confucius Institute, but a child of the Confucius family, has so few scruples.”

The big Confucian of the family heard the words, nodded, and started talking about the topic of the Lu family: “Speaking of the Lu family, if we trace the bloodline, it is considered a distant relative of Mr. Fang Weng, and it is also a wealthy family, and the family has been a small Confucian from generation to generation. It is absolutely, but in the place where the dragons and crouching tigers are hidden in Zhongjing, it is the mountains and the dew. During the reign of Emperor Wu, there was a deputy minister of Zhengxiaotang, but after the death of Emperor Wu, he resigned.”

“The current Patriarch Ji Zhong, who is not at 10 or 17 years old, broke through to the level of 7th-grade Confucianism in seven years. Shangguan met once at a literary meeting two years later, and his potential was exhausted. .”

“Breaking through the seventh rank after the age of 100 is considered very good.” Tu Huan commented.

During the conversation, the carriage stopped, and the groom’s voice came back, saying: “Zhu Guo, Vice Chancellor, here we are.”

Tang An and Jia Da Ru got into the carriage. At this time, the small door of Lu Mansion was half open. An old man with white hair and beard stood at the door. When he saw Tang An and Jia Da Ru, he hurriedly saluted: “In Shang Ji Zhong , I have seen Chen Zhuguo, and I have seen Vice Minister Tu Huan.”

“Because of the bias, the order was made to make a big splash, so I had to open the door halfway and welcome it here.”

Tang An helped Ji Zhong up and said, “It’s you who are abrupt when you come to visit at night.”

Ji Zhong smiled and shook his head: “Zhu Guo is for your Lu family’s consideration. Let’s go back and talk.”

Speaking, Ji Zhong led Tu Huan and Jia Daru into the mansion.


In the main hall of Lu Mansion, the candles were brightly lit at this time, but there were only Tang An, Jia Daru, Tu Huan, and seven people in the main hall.

“The old man knows that the anonymous complaint was concealed from the eyes of all the villains.” Ji Zhong first cupped his hands and said, “I also ask Zhu Guo and Vice-Chancellor to forgive your Lu family’s timid behavior. Ah!”

“It’s the owner of the house.” Tu Huanyou said at this time, “You discovered the person, and the matter was caused by you. It’s related to the owner of the family.”

“It was your conscience that was stubborn or unreasonable, but you held back and told the head of the family.”

Ji Zhong shook his head: “Why is this old man afraid of Yin Wei?”

“I have read benevolence and righteousness all my life, but in the end I only dared to file a complaint anonymously. I even dared to mention the other party’s name. I was worried about being involved, and I would have to trouble you little people to get rid of them.”

At this time, Tang An and Jia Daru looked at each other, and both saw a trace of reassurance in each other’s eyes.

Let the Lu family be so terrified, it seems that the news we know is big!

“The head of the Lu family has misunderstood.” Tang An said, “The matter of the Lu family will be shared in the meeting. It’s a pity that there is a way to claim credit for the Lu family.”

“It must take credit!” Ji Zhong quickly waved his hand, and then smiled bitterly, “Xiao, tell me what he knows.”

Sultan nodded, bowed to Tang An and the family Confucian scholar, and said, “Today, when you saw Tang Zhuangyuan, I was not dying. It seemed that I was just waiting for someone, holding my breath.”

“After I die, I will tell you that my real name is Tu Huanshi.”

“The one who killed me, Qing’an House, An…”

“If I didn’t say the full name at the beginning, I swallowed my breath.”

“Qing’an House, surname An!” When Jia Daru heard this, his brows suddenly wrinkled, I looked at Ji Zhong, “Is this An?”

Ji Zhong shook his head: “Yes.”

“But what if…”

Tang An at this time is looking very hateful.



Is it great?

Who is better than the Fang family?

But you are Zhuguo, we seem to be very nameless when we talk about it, and there is a so-called family Confucianism,

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But after Ji Zhong’s face, he can lose face.

You’re just asking, you’ve got to be tight.

Thinking about that, Tu Huan also frowned, with a contemplative look.


“Anjia, to enter means Qi Shui’s home!” Before getting the information from the Lu family, Tang An took Xiao Changfeng to the front garden to drink and asked about the situation of the Anjia.

Xiao Changfeng took a sip of wine and looked at Tang An: “It’s a good log of trust.”

“We are the Holy Race?” Tang An asked.

“Yes, saints.” Xiao Changfeng nodded, “Half-sage An Zijie, named Qi Shuiweng. Speaking of which, after his master Zhu Sheng was consecrated, he also received my guidance.”

“An Jia’s family study is the “Book of Songs”, and we are also a seeker of the way of ritual. It is our ritual that is the same as the ritual, and what we pursue is the ancient ritual.”

“So the family style is simple and simple. If you study well, you will be a gentleman of the ancients; if you study well, you will not be stubborn and rotten!”

Xiao Changfeng took another sip of wine: “He can really blame the Lu family for being bold. The An family ancestor is one of the eight thousand people of Confucius. Although the rank is the next seventeen, it is also unknown. The disciple of the surname.”

“After Fang Li, An Li is also a trail, and there are many beneficiaries.”

“Furthermore, Qi Shuiweng is a special semi-sage. When the old man was still studying, he heard that I had passed the holy realm, and now I have passed the Jiazi time on the way of Yiqing, I am afraid I haven’t touched it yet. We have reached the threshold of seven questions.”

Tang An scratched his head and looked at Xiao Changfeng again: “Mr. Chen, why do you think he seems very depressed?”

“Naturally depressed.” Xiao Changfeng said with a smile, “It must really be my clan’s fault. If he dared to catch the murderer, he would be stabbed to Kaifeng Mansion!”

“There is no hope that your perplexity of the Cause will be resolved.”

“How could he be unhappy when he said that?”

“Hahahaha, when the float is a little white!”

“It’s so complicated.” Tang An gave Xiao Changfeng a white look and said, “Mr. Lu Kang said that there are not ten Kaifu families surnamed An in Qing’an House, and none of them are under the seventh rank, except Qi. Shui Anjia, I can count one or four.”

“It must be settled in Qishui.”

Xiao Changfeng is very concerned: “If so, does the old man have nothing to lose?”

“Yes, what is he going to do next?”

Tang An poured himself a glass of wine: “Today’s clues are nothing like Gongsun Shi’s identity. Since he can get the No. 1 Scholar, Gongsun Shi must be a well-known person in the local area.

“This Gongsun Shi is obviously hiding from people. I hide a word, but I can still withdraw into the imperial examination room. It must be that no one in the local township examination papers helped me.”

“There must be no motive to kill someone else. Especially when you chase after Zhongjing to kill, the persistence of killing intent is definitely not a big deal.”

“Only go to the local area and check again.”

Xiao Changfeng: “Who is going to investigate? It must really involve Qi Shui’s home, and the eight doors in his eyes may be powerful.”

Tang An poured Xiao Changfeng a glass of wine and said with a smile: “Tomorrow, the Dongcang Opera Troupe plans to go to the Luozhou Opera Troupe to perform “The Case of the Beauty”, you can come and have a look.” “On the Zhongjing side, I also hope that Mr. Chen can help Cover Yiqi and make the illusion that you are still in Zhongjing!”

Tu Huan pondered for a while and nodded: “Is it a private visit in a micro-service?”

“It’s an idea.”

“Is it a matter of time or consideration, and who does he plan to take with him?”

“Bao Qingtian, who is outside his book, doesn’t have a solo exhibition guard yet!”


Meanwhile, in the sky.

There was a night attack just now. A barbarian attacked another barbarian, and it failed. We were drinking and eating meat, dancing around the fire, and a barbarian man came from outside the tent in front of us. A humming sound and a rhythmic crash.

Tang Anshi was heartbroken as he looked at the plump grassland.

Who would have thought that my Tang Anshi clan, a year later, would still be a large tribe with only seventy warriors that could be wiped out at any time.

With the Battle of Taiping City in the Battle of Winter last year, before Ilisa Khan’s troops cut off the slaughter, the Khan’s hunt was over.

It was a carnival belonging to the barbarians. Whoever condenses the new khan first, who is not the new khan to replace Eliza

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Department. Who wants to be the new Khan, or be part of the new Khan?

It’s just that Tang Anshi dreamed that the suffering destined for a powerful tribe like ours actually made us send it.

In just one year, my tribe has not grown to the number of ten thousand people, and even my cultivation base has also retreated by leaps and bounds, reaching the eighth-rank barbarian king! /

Nowadays, I haven’t become a hero of word of mouth among the barbarians, and these imperial minions have offered more favorable conditions to win over themselves.

Yes, I understand that it is due to my own ability, and it is all thanks to this person!

Tu Huanyou raised his head and looked into the distance. There is a person in this outer space, but I know that this person is outside, looking at himself and his tribe.

I understand why there is no such person. He is obviously very powerful, but he has only a seventh-rank cultivation, but he can lead his own tribe to win, and it snowballs to the current scale step by step.

I’m afraid the nobles of the barbarians still know that in the end, my choice is related to me, and it depends entirely on this person’s mind.

Human, Taiping student, Chen Xiliang!


“Brother Ji is going to leave?” Chen Xiliang, who had not been experienced for many years, asked the hot swordsman behind him.

Tu Huan nodded: “You just received the news, the young master has not returned to Xiaoxuan, and now he is sitting in the prejudice, in the position of the minister of law. Your savage experience has not yet progressed, you should go back and be a good guard. I’m to blame.”

“Yeah! Brother Ji take care.” Chen Xiliang saluted, “During that time, thanks to his care.”

Chen Luo shook his head and supported Chen Xiliang: “He is in Mantian, but he still has a big heart. Before you leave, there will be no other disciples of our martial arts institute to help him later, and you will also bring him new military books. .”

“He also knows about the tomb of the living dead. Once it is safe, he will call Mrs. Ying to return to Dongcang from the tomb of the living dead.”

After speaking, Chen Luo looked at the barbarian tribe again, and sighed heavily: “It’s hard for him.”

Chen Xiliang shook his head: “Kai Taiping is suffering!”

“If that’s not possible, you’d rather your generation endure the suffering of future generations.”

Chen Luo patted Tu Huan’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Young Master will definitely do it.”

Chen Xi nodded brightly: “You know, so you are full of hope.”

Chen Luo took a step forward and bowed his hands in a salute: “There will be no deadline.”

“It’s not due!”

Chen Luo disappeared in place as soon as he moved.

Tu Huan let out a long sigh and was about to take a sip when he heard a conversation coming from somewhere.

“Did you record it?”

“Interesting, whether you hug or cry, it’s useless to record!”

“Who!” Chen Xiliang frowned and shouted hotly.

At that time, the space was distorted, and two elderly men in their early seventies were slowly revealed, one with red hair and the other with a smile, looking very sincere.

The two men bowed their hands together.

“Wu Academy disciple Ye Fan!”

“Su Yu, a disciple of the Wuyuan Academy!”

“According to the order of the Wuyuan Academy, I succeeded Mr. Ji, and later helped Senior Wang!”


Xiao Xuan, Zhongjing.

As soon as it was dawn, the car full of costumes and actors drove towards Zhongjing City.

At the request of people from all over the world Dongcang Theater once again launched a national tour.

First stop: Luozhou!


“Sister, are you continuing to bury people in Zhongjing?” In the valley, a huge misty beast carried the sleeping man on its back and ran in one direction.

“What are you burying…” Ling Chuchu turned over under the back of the misty beast, looking like he was awake, fell asleep with his back and four forks, and said confusedly, “Eldest brother is going to go out and bury himself. People…”

“Follow me anyway, I have experience, you guys check for me!”

The misty beast nodded: “Get it!”

After finishing speaking, the misty beast stepped on its seven legs and crossed a narrow mountain stream. From a distance, it was impossible to see the car of the Dongcang Theater going down the official road behind it….

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