Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 4783: Xuan Ting Source Bureau!


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Everyone was only a little worried and immediately took a year off and felt happy again.

But Li Tianming was inconspicuous among the happy crowd.

“Does the Sand Demon usually have any enemies…”

An Ning frowned and thought hard.

Because she is a high-grade member of the Liusha clan, she needs to give an explanation to the other family.

As she was thinking about it, her eyes happened to pass through the crowd entering the fortress wall, and suddenly fixed on a strand of white hair.

That’s the kid’s white hair that slipped out of his helmet!


An Ning watched the wisp of white hair go away with deep eyes, and gradually fell into deep thought.


“She has been looking at you for a long time, will she doubt you?” Bai Ye’s eyes were in Li Tianming’s head. They were the eyes of the soul. When An Ning looked over, they were also looking at An Ning.

“It doesn’t matter, there is no evidence anyway, it can only be suspicion. Besides, it’s not like she doesn’t like me. The stronger I am, the more curious she becomes.” Li Tianming said.

“Then she is in danger.” Yinghuo thought thoughtfully.

“How do you say it?” Li Tianming asked.

“Women are all out of curiosity and slowly fall deeply into it. By the time they find out, they are already taking off their clothes.” Yinghuo continued to think deeply.

“Your sister!”

When Li Tianming was scolding it, he just came out of the fortress wall passage and returned to the inside of Feixing Castle again.

At this time, there is another team gathering at this location, which is the even-numbered team from the Black Rose Thousand Barracks.

“Look, that one, Chen Ying.” Yin Chen suddenly reminded.

Li Tianming did not use his eyes, but looked in that direction with his Sky-stealing Eye.

I saw the female Hundred Soldiers named Chen Ying among the crowd, looking at Li Tianming with a cold look like looking at prey.

She and Li Tianming completely missed it, which must be very unpleasant.

However, what Li Tianming paid attention to was not her, but the person next to her!

That’s a man in green robe!

Even his face was hidden in his green robe, with only a pair of oily green eyes quietly looking at Li Tianming.

“This man in green robe is the one who chased me that time when the Flying Star Mosquito Army was chasing me. He even has the ability to summon the Flying Star Mosquito…”

He and Chen Ying are in the same group!

No wonder!

“Yin Chen, do you know his identity?” Li Tianming asked.

“I’m here to inquire.” Yin Chen said.

As long as a person shows up, the people next to him will discuss it, and as long as they discuss it, there will be clues.

After all, this is a million-meter star sea giant that is comparable to a thousand soldiers, and his status must be very high.

If you are of high birth, your position will probably be higher than that of Qian Bingwei or Staff Officer, such as Yuwen Zhuting.

His strength is similar to Liu Fanchen, but he is a former general of the Imperial Army!

That’s it!

Li Tianming pretended not to notice them. The odd-numbered team and the even-numbered team passed by each other.

After that, Chen Ying and others entered the fortress wall passage, and the man in green robe disappeared quietly after staring at Li Tianming for a long time, and Yin Chen could not follow him.

But he could find that Li Tianming’s pursuit ability at that position was absolutely very strong.

“Inquiry, we’re here!” Yin Chen replied quickly.

That man and Chenying stood together, so scary, there must be people discussing it.

“Say.” Li Tianming said.

“He is not the Taikoo Imperial Army.” Yin Chen paused and continued: “But he is an official of the Xuanting Yuanquan Bureau.”

“The Source Bureau of the Xuanting Universe Empire? It is the department responsible for mining and maintaining the origin spiritual spring, right?” Li Tianming said.

“This kind of department is often very well-paid, and it is a top-notch job. The young people who can get into it are either rich or noble, and they are the second generation of top officers and soldiers.” Bai Ye chuckled.

What Li Tianming is concerned about is: “Can he enter the core area?”

The so-called core area is the center of the three major areas of Feixing Castle. The Ancient Imperial Army has no right to enter. It is the place where the Origin Spirit Spring is mined, and it is also Li Tianming’s target place within this year!

Lin Xiaoxiao only has one year left to live!

She is not even a vegetable now, she is just a stone person.

“He can. He is the person in charge of the Nineteenth Quanyuan. The official position is called Quanguan.” After Yin Chen finished speaking, he added: “The status is probably equivalent to that of a former general! ”

“But it must be looked upon highly. After all, joining the Source Bureau at such a young age will definitely have a bright future. It will be much more exciting than being a former general of the Imperial Army.” Bai Ye chuckled again.

“If you dare to chase me, if I want to steal the Origin Spirit Spring, I will steal his No. 19. Bai Ye, please check for me. What will happen if more of Quan Guan’s Origin Spirit Springs are stolen?” Li Tianming asked.

“There is no information, wait for Lao Wu to check it out.” Bai Ye continued to chuckle.

“Haha.” Yin Chen said.

At this time, just after entering the “cultivation zone” in the middle of Feixing Castle, Hu Renbing and several other brothers were trying to ask Li Tianming how they killed the two hundred chaotic star beasts.

Unexpectedly, around the corner, Li Tianming disappeared again!

“Where are the people?” Hu Renbing waited, staring at each other with big eyes.

“Don’t make it!” Everyone was a little confused.

“This kid is a ghost! He appears and disappears!”


Hu Renbing scratched his head and said: “Come on, this guy doesn’t seem to need our attention. Let’s just go and have fun.”

Everyone smiled knowingly and gave a thumbs up: “As expected of Brother Hu, as soon as he earned the money, he immediately poured it out!”

“Learn from Brother Hu!”

Hu Renbing coughed and said softly: “Brothers, life is short, only a million years. Even if there are one hundred a year, there are only 100 million in a lifetime. Isn’t this hard for our second brother? Hurry up and enjoy yourself in time. .”

“Long live Brother Hu!”

“I also want to kill 100 million beauties!”

“Let’s go.”

Li Tianming was right in their faces, hearing them say this, feeling terribly embarrassed.

“Men are all bullshit!” Ji Ji said contemptuously.

“Compared with them, Little Plum is too simple.” Xianxian said with emotion.

“At least Xiao Lizi knows how to pursue quality.” Ji Ji said.

Hearing that they praised him, Li Tianming secretly thought that he would hang out with Brother Hu more in the future, at least he could clear himself up, otherwise he would always be looked down upon, and he would lose his innocence and self-confidence!

“What to do next?” Bai Ye asked urgently.

Li Tianming looked at the dark Imperial Weapon Token and said: “First wash this card white and replace it with Nebula Sacrifice, and then I won’t waste Just try to see if I can use Thief Sky The hand passes through the barrier and enters the core area.”

Just do it!

The process of washing the Imperial Soldier Token is relatively simple, but there are too many people redeeming it during this time and they are all queuing up, so there is still some danger.

Therefore, Li Tianming simply didn’t change it yet.

He went directly to the center of the Flying Star Castle.

Because he is in the state of the void universe and stars, no one knows him from the beginning to the end. He is completely equivalent to someone who is not from this world and does not exist in everyone’s eyes.

It only pops up occasionally.

After passing through the palaces and pavilions in the training area, deep in the clouds and mist ahead, a thick and strict barrier was already looming.

Before I got close, some big characters kept shining on the barrier.

“The imperial army entered and implicated the nine tribes.”


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