Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 4248: Red grapes and black grapes


Hearing this, Mu Qingqing suddenly laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” Li Tianming asked.

“I’m laughing. If someone asks me in the future, what was the world like before the universe was born, I can answer him. Before the birth, it is actually the end of our future. In the same way, people ask me about order I can answer him as to what is outside the disorderly world. There may be worlds that go up one by one outside. In the end, the largest world is hidden in a flower in the mortal world. When you jump out of that flower, you will realize reincarnation. “Mu Qingqing said.

She can understand this, she is indeed a smart person.

“Come on, it’s useless. Maybe one day, when I jump out of this universe, or go to the ‘rooted place’ of the neutron star vine, I will have the answer.” Li Tianming said happily.

There are two places where he is currently confused, one is the Prison of Chaos, and the other is the Gate of Blood and Electricity left by Lin Xiaoxiao in the Demon’s Lair, these two are vaguely telling him about reincarnation.

“The ultimate destiny of the universe may be the endless cycle of reincarnation, no one can jump out of this circle.” Li Tianming said.

“Are you finished with emotion?” Ji Ji’s spirit body appeared on his shoulder, staring and asked.

“It’s over with emotion! Try it.” Li Tianming said with shame.

Now Ji Ji, the source of stars in her body is completely disordered, Li Tianming let her try to see if she can take away these disordered neutron stars all at once.

As a result, a huge pink star came out from its accompanying space.


Ji Ji shouted, and those disordered neutron stars flew towards it one after another, stuck to her surface, and piled up layer by layer.

It’s like a beautiful girl with small black **** constantly piling up on her face.

“The mining and transportation of disordered neutron stars is a difficult problem, can it be so simple?” Mu Qingqing asked in surprise.

“The him from a hundred thousand years ago, didn’t he have this ability?” Li Tianming asked casually.

“When you were by my side, the companion beast hatched to the sixth one, and then you became weird. There should be new hatches, but you didn’t show us, only that screen can see some.” Mu Qingqing said.

As for Ji Ji, she is the seventh primordial chaotic behemoth.

“An accident happened to the sixth child again?” Li Tianming was a little speechless, he was too anxious to come to the world of disorder this time, and the soul of the sixth life hadn’t dealt with it yet.

Next, Ji Ji’s effectiveness is getting bigger and bigger!

Soon, all the disordered neutron stars in the upper layer of the cave have been absorbed by Ji Ji. Big black ball!

“It’s so heavy!” Ji Ji said cursingly, “Are you ready?”

Li Tianming has already gone down. In the middle and lower levels of Shendong, it can be clearly seen that the space below is distorted and disordered, stirring like a sewer, forming a series of space passages, which can easily twist people. Get into it, push it to nowhere.

Those disordered neutron stars are ejected from these distorted space pipes, which is very strange.

These space pipes are terrifying, but their endurance is limited. If Li Tianming attacks these pipes, he can smash them.

But that also rejects feeding from the ‘outside world’!

It’s really stupid behavior.

“If such a thing really exists, it is normal for all parties to have competition, but don’t smash your job.”

The disordered star market in the Eastern God Territory was smashed by people.

I don’t know who did it.

“Anyway, we were supposed to mine and transport disordered neutron stars for thousands of years, but you seem to have done it all at once.” Mu Qingqing was surprised and delighted.

The neutron star in the orderly world has an order barrier, which seems to be relatively stable, and it is convenient to transport in the starry sky.

And here is the anti-cosmic battlefield, it is indeed inconvenient to drag these spherical vortices through a place similar to a different world.

It is said that many neutron stars will dissipate in the middle, so more care is needed.

If it is not difficult to transport, there is no need to build a war fortress, and it will be lit up in one go.

This disorderly star market is now absorbed by Ji Ji.

“There is really a red light!”

After taking away these disordered neutron stars, Li Tianming went to a corner, only to see a few Hongguang really appeared in the interlayer between the space pipe and the middle and upper layers of the **** cave. shine!

Nine pieces in total!

The size of these nine pieces is between the one given by Li Tianzi and the one snatched by Li Tianming!

Not too big and not too small.

But the quantity is large!

“Get rich.” Li Tianming blushed, and went there.

“Wait!” Mu Qingqing hastily pulled him back, and asked, “Isn’t it strange that you didn’t notice these bright lights?”


Li Tianming took a closer look and found that it was true. The color of these Hongguang lights is relatively pink, and it looks very immature. It is obvious that the combination of order on it is a little unstable, so it looks very unstable, and occasionally there are changes in shape. .

“How could this be?” Li Tianming asked.

“I heard from your brother before that this seems to be the grand light of the ‘primary ecology’. You can understand it as an immature fruit. Bad consequences.” Mu Qingqing said.

“In short, the unripe fruit is poisonous?” Li Tianming said helplessly.

“Yeah! So don’t eat it yet.” Mu Qingqing said.

Li Tianming looked at the red order sphere, then looked at the black disordered neutron star a little strangely said: “These two things, one black and one red, one power, one order, don’t they resemble each other?” Like the fruit of the same vine? The two complement each other?”

“It’s a bit like it!” Mu Qingqing nodded, “It is said that Hongguang’s illumination is erupted from the Discord Star Market, so since ancient times, the disorderly human race has used the appearance of Hong Guang’s illumination to find the source of the Discord Star Market. Location…”

As soon as I said this, Mu Qingqing’s face tightened, and she said to Li Tianming, “It’s a bit troublesome, these ‘red grapes’ seem to be ripe, when they are ripe, they usually emit a strong red light, which can be seen outside After a period of time, they will be sprayed out like seeds, and they will not be able to catch up.”

“What do you mean?” Li Tianming was convinced, this is a dandelion, the seeds fly out automatically?

“It means that after they mature, you have to take them down quickly, but that mature process may attract enemies…” Mu Qingqing said with shame.

“Speechless, this vine has to do something to prevent people from enjoying the fruit.” Li Tianming said depressedly.

“How about this, you take ‘Black Grape’ back first, and I’ll help you guard here, so that even if people are attracted, at least the neutron star will be brought back first…” Mu Qingqing said.


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