Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 3673: Son! How is your waist lately?



“Oh my God! Don’t play with me like that!”


He fought his life to get this little Liu home.


This is a symbiotic practice, and the effect is very good.


As a result, he actually told him that there are three “Liu Liu” in total, and each of them let him off the harsh words?


No wonder I feel that this little six is ​​sometimes indifferent, and sometimes very second!


It is very likely that there is only this one in front of me!


Life Soul, Earth Soul, Heaven Soul!


Li Tianming’s brain was buzzing.


“Don’t worry, when I become strong, they will see the benefits of symbiotic cultivation, and they will naturally go home without you having to say more.” Xiao Liu was heartless.


“Okay!” Li Tianming could only nod his head.


Actually, if you think about it differently, just in front of this Heavenly Soul Little Six, the surprise it brings to Li Tianming is very big. Whether it is soul beings or fighting ability, it feels like it has reached the standard of an ancient chaotic behemoth. Even more than that.


Before he didn’t know the truth just now, Li Tianming was very satisfied.


So if you think about it from another angle, wouldn’t it be equivalent to adding two more primordial chaotic behemoths for no reason?


And a rare soul beast?


In the end, three soul beasts and nine other primordial chaotic behemoths, isn’t it too much?


Li Tianming really never dreamed that it would be like this, but he did remember that when he met that little Liu in the realm of fantasy, that person said that its upper limit would be the upper limit. It’s three times as powerful as I’ve ever been!


It’s divided into three!


Isn’t that three times as powerful?


“You have only one consciousness on both ends of your turtle, you have a slug, and three consciousnesses!” Yinghuo’s faint voice came from the companion space.


“Who is talking?” Xiao Liu shouted angrily.


“Your brother is also!” Yinghuo said.


“One poultry!” Xiao Liu said with contempt.


“You are a slug in Li Tianming’s nasal cavity, and you are also domesticated!” Yinghuo said.


“Ah! I’m so pissed.”


It’s speechless!


I heard that there were three of them, and everyone was speechless!


“What number of gods are they all in?” Li Tianming thought, since he knew how to recover them, he might as well take them all at once.


Besides, if there is a “successful experience” for the sixth soul in front of you, maybe the two of them will submit directly. Isn’t that three times stronger?


“One is in Shenji No. 3, and the other is Shenji No. 7.” Xiao Liu hehe said, a little uncomfortable hearing the voice.


“Why are you so far away?” Li Tianming asked.


If they were all No. 1 Shenji, it would be even more difficult today.


“Far? Let’s divide the site? One mountain can’t allow two tigers, of course we can’t get close?” Xiao Liu shouted.


“Territory? Is the No. 1 Shenji yours? And one of them occupies No. 3 Shenji and the other occupies No. 7 Shenji?” Li Tianming asked casually.




Liu’s voice has weakened!


“What’s that?”


Liu Xiao was a little embarrassed and said, “One of them occupies the ‘two, three and four’ gods, and the other occupies the “five, six, seven, eighty-nine” gods. The reason why they stay in three and seven is because these two gods Ji is the middle position of their territory, where they can absorb all the souls of all beings in their respective territories…”


Li Tianming: “…”


He just said, why is this little Liu on No. 1 Shenji?


Other gods are not its territory!


He went wild!


“Are you rubbish?? The same Xiaoliu, one has five gods, the other three, and you only have one? And it’s just a dock?” Li Tianming glared.


“Shut up! I’m the Heavenly Soul! The Heavenly Soul’s body is already small, right? How can we compare the congenital deficiency? The three of us were originally separated according to one, three and five! He’s the smartest one!” Xiao Liu scolded, “When they came to Eternal Shenji, they rushed forward, and I was the smartest. I took this number of Shenji and this dock, and this place became my territory!”


“Don’t look at them with much more baby souls than me, they will still be hammered to death by me if they dare to come down! Otherwise, do you think they won’t come down and beat you with me?”


“…How many baby souls do you have? Nine?” Li Tianming asked blankly.


“Yes!” Xiao Liu said.


“What about them?”


“There are twenty-seven earth souls and forty-five life souls!” Xiao Liu shouted.


“You’re still looking good on a horse?” Li Tianming’s eyes darkened.


“Confidence, can’t you?” After speaking, it snorted and said: “I know you want to go up and take them away together, but I advise you to forget it. Their temperament is different from mine, a cruel, An indifference. Moreover, the size and power of all beings are much greater than mine.”


“I have all the soul attributes you want now, so you might as well make me strong and really prove it to them.”


“Wait until one day I can suppress them by myself, and they will naturally follow you. Anyway, they are in this Eternal God, and they can’t go anywhere else, and their size in Eternal God, It’s already reached the top.”


“The key is: they all made me stuck in the ancient gods, ahaha, I can close the door and beat the dog at any time…”


It laughed wildly after saying that.


Li Tianming: “…”


It’s a good idea.


Since I have come together with Li Tianming, I might as well bet on this symbiotic cultivation system!


If you really want to surpass those two, needless to say, each other will vote with their feet.


There is no need for such a life-and-death adventure as it is today!


“The most important thing is that it’s right… I want the soul attributes of the primordial chaotic behemoths, which Tianhun Xiaoliu should have, and the strength is actually really enough!” Li Tianming said in his heart think.


Mass is one thing!


The essence is another matter!


In terms of body mass, there are differences in the upper limit of Heaven Soul, Life Soul, and Earth Soul.


But the three of them are essentially the same.


“Okay, then when you think the time is right, go to visit those two brothers! Then, it’s up to you to perform.” Li Tianming nodded.


Just right!


He also has the Original Sin Pond, the Yanhuang Protoss, etc., and he needs to know about it!


“Now there are Xiaoliu and Zizhen, and I have won No. 1 Shenji. One day, if I win the other two, I will directly win the entire Eternal Shenji without any conquest!”


The ancient gods are still very important.


The order market and derivative market here made Li Tianming very jealous.


And Li Tianming also has the status of ‘Holy Doctor’.




Li Tianming took a deep breath.


The practice is over!


The goal is also clearer!


At this moment, a white cloud appeared in his head, condensing into the appearance of a woman in front of him.


It’s Jiang Feiling again!


“You turned me into something else!” Li Tianming said frantically.




Xiao Liu gave him a scornful look, and then in front of his eyes, he transformed into an aurora with an immortal face and a hot body.


“Will you die if you don’t become a woman?”


“I just automatically sensed the person you met, and the body naturally flows and condenses!” ‘Aurora’ said with a look of disdain.


“Become something else!” Li Tianming stared.




Liu Liu transformed into Li Muyang, then coughed, patted Li Tianming on the shoulder and said, “Son! How is your waist lately?”




What the hell!




Li Tianming broke it with a punch!


“That’s right—”


Li Tianming took a deep asked: “What is your real name?”


The name of the ancient Chaos beast!


Liu also took a deep breath!


It became frenzied and said, “What stands in front of you is the eternal sea of ​​origin, the ancestor of all things, the ancestor of all things, the ancestor of the universe, the invincible god, the martial arts, the domineering soul…”


“Speak human words!” Li Tianming stared.


Eternal Purgatory Phoenix, Primal Chaos Thunder Demon, Tai Chi Hongmeng Kuilong!


The origin of the world tree, the eternal beast of all worlds!


First Era Star!


And then what?


Who is it in a series with?


“The ancestral soul of the origin of the Dao of Heaven!”


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