Automotive Black Technology: Two fools recommend books

Published:, the fastest update to the latest chapter of automotive black technology!

“Countercurrent 2002”, written by Xiao Lu Tanhua, is about reality rebirth. If you like it, you can check it out.

“Rebirth of Money”, written by Eagle Eats Chicken, is a masterpiece of urban rebirth. It was previously given a 404 for being too sexy, but now it has just been released.

“Rebirth Dream Flowers”, the author then smile, is a masterpiece of urban rebirth, a realistic work, full of the flavor of the times.

“Lao Hei is a Dog”, written by Mo Lao Hei, is a fantasy time-traveling game of the same type as “Return to the Cat”. If you like it, you can support it.

“Global Scrap King”, the author wrote a book that is funny and refreshing, turning waste into treasure.

“The Gods Are Unlimited”, written by a famous author, is one of my favorite books among the Gods.

“My Partner is the God of Wealth”, written by Qiong Shisan, a girl with long legs, how long are her legs? According to me, it is one meter per meter, but it doesn’t look like it when I touch it. It feels like 1.2 meters tall, after all, it is about the same height as my neck.

“The Self-Development of an Entertainment Boss” is written by a half-page love letter from the author, and a cross-dressing boss, without any explanation.

“Women’s Clothes Boss”, written by Yuexia Xingren, is a high-quality two-dimensional work. The protagonist in the book is called Love Letter, and there is no explanation.


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