All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 4637: The Young Queen Mother (1)


“I want to go home. From the first day when I traveled to a strange dynasty, my wish was to go home.”

“Actually, I don’t have any relatives in my original world. I have been an orphan since I was a child, and my growth was quite rough. Even then, I still want to live in the place where I grew up. I have no relatives, but there are some familiar people. It’s better than being alone in Qian Country.” Sitting on the stone bench was a woman in her twenties who was wearing gorgeous clothes and had an extremely beautiful face.

She was full of melancholy and sadness, and the only thing that persisted between her brows was the persistence of going home.

“I was dressed in clothes. On the first day I came to Qian Country, I was discovered when I appeared out of thin air. I was not burned to death or beaten to death. They fed me delicious food and drinks. They say I am a blessed person. After half a month of hard work, I was canonized as a queen by the old emperor who was seriously ill and was recuperating in a palace. It is not because I am happy, but because the imperial advisor of the dynasty approved my life.”

The stunning woman in gorgeous clothes smiled very sadly and sarcastically: “I am said to be destined to be a queen, and I will conquer the world. If I am a woman of the Chu family, I can continue the Chu family dynasty for three hundred years.”

“I just have a good-looking face. In the modern world, I am just a person who has just entered college. I am only seventeen years old. I am trapped in this strange dynasty and can’t do anything. How can I be Chu? How about the dynasty lasting three hundred years? What a ridiculous comment.”

“Actually, I’m quite curious whether the Chu family lasted the three hundred years they should have.”

“But I can’t wait until that day. My life span is limited and I can’t wait. A person’s life span is only a hundred years at most. Since I can’t wait until the day when the Chu family is destroyed, why should I wait? I should have died of stomach disease. , I have nothing here and don’t care about anything. Chu Mochen can’t make me eat at all. He lets someone pour it in and I spit it out. If things go on like this, it will be difficult for the gods to live forever. The only drawback is that it’s a little painful, but It’s the only thing I can control. After all, with his people watching, I can’t even knock my head.”

“So, when Chu Mochen destroyed my way home and imprisoned me, I gave up hope of living. There is a saying that it is better to die than to live, but in the palace of Qian Kingdom, there is no way Escape, unable to get freedom, unable to resist at all, I would rather die. What can I do while alive? Resist Chu Mochen, fail, and then be bullied by her. Resist Chu Mochen, fail, and be bullied by him again. Resist Chu Mo Shen has always failed and been bullied by him. I used many methods to try to cause some harm to him, but the final result was that he was trapped with an iron rope and had nothing to use except this fragile body. The body is just the gorgeous clothes outside.”

“I’m not a pure ancient person. Being slept with is not a big deal, it’s just a skin. The reason for resisting is that I know that I can’t escape no matter what, so I can only find something for him as much as possible. I’m not happy anymore. In fact, I tried to soften my attitude, confuse him with a submissive attitude, and then find a chance to escape. However, he was too cunning, so this method can only be used once. I used this method from the beginning, and almost succeeded. Yes, it’s a pity that I trusted the wrong person. If I use this method later, it’s impossible for Chu Mochen to trust him again.”

“I spent nearly ten years studying how to get home, and finally I was destroyed when I succeeded.”


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