All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 3902: Everyone around me has become strange (16)


, the whole plane begged the villain heroine to be an individual

“I took this script. It doesn’t matter if the audience is small or the investment cost is not high. As long as the director is reliable, I can say anything.”

[What kind of character is it that makes the anchor so interested. 】

[Worried, want to know. 】

“I have played countless roles, but I have never acted as a schizophrenic, and I am still pretending to be schizophrenic. A world where no schizophrenia will be erased is very interesting.” Qian Yan continued.

[Fuck! 】

[I understand. 】

[It’s not difficult to guess that Lu Jingchen is also in the same group. 】

[Absolutely, it’s really scary. Didn’t you hear the anchor say before that this is something different from the original track? The reason why there is no such thing in the original trajectory is because Lin Yunlan noticed that they acted ahead of time. 】

【So they planned to give Lin Yunlan an ending with mental problems from the very beginning. Regardless of whether she had any doubts among her, her ending would be to be locked up in a mental hospital and finally silenced? 】

[The scalp is already numb, this group of people is too cruel, where did they come from? 】

Qianyan thinks that they are very well-intentioned.

She had already thought about their ending.

Seeing that she took it, Lu Jingchen acted as if I knew it, so the matter was settled.

Originally chatting for a while at this time, Qianyan should go, she has been busy recently, and she still has work tomorrow.

But since they all met Lu Jingchen, it would be a pity not to find an excuse to ask Lu Jinghuai.

“Mr. Lu, there is one thing I would like to ask you to help with.”

Lu Jingchen was surprised: “What’s the matter? Tell me.”

“I want to buy the copyright of some of Lu Ershao’s paintings, not the original manuscripts. Some of his paintings are very suitable for patterns on clothes. I have a fashion design studio under my name…” Qian Yan glanced at the office, There are many works of Lu Jinghuai hanging there.

Lu Jinghuai has never held art exhibitions, but Lu Jingchen is a showman and a madman, because of his showing off, Lu Jinghuai became famous at a young age.

“I know Mr. Lu respects the second young master very much. I can’t decide this matter. I just need your recommendation. I want to talk to him. No matter what the result is, it doesn’t matter.”

Lu Jingchen nodded: “Okay, then I’ll go back and ask, let me tell you first, my brother is not willing, so don’t think of any bad ideas, or I will have to turn my face.”

Qianyan responded, Lu Jingchen who pampered his younger brother in front of others, who would know that he has a problem?

They clearly knew that something was wrong with these people, but they just couldn’t find any real evidence.

Jiao Yueyue must not make mistakes.

The next day after the commercial shooting ended, Jiao Yueyue told Qianyan that Lu Jingchen said that Lu Jinghuai did not agree to sell the copyright of the painting, but agreed to meet her. The location is not in the company, but in Lu’s house. If she doesn’t dislike the rare escape, she can only go there in person.

He won’t come out anyway, he seems to be putting on airs.

Qianyan thought it was a bit interesting when she heard it, is she really putting on airs? Still don’t feel safe meeting outside?

Lu Jingchen gave an address, and Qian Yan told Tu Feng directly, asking him to drive her to Lu’s villa.

In the Lu family’s villa, before Lu Jingchen came back, there were only the servants and Lu Jinghuai in the villa.

Apparently Lu Jingchen had greeted her earlier, and Qian Yan was warmly invited in by the butler as soon as she arrived.

Lu Jinghuai lives on the top floor of the villa, and the entire top floor is his territory, which shows how much this brother Lu Jingchen loves his younger brother.

The housekeeper brought Qianyan directly to Lu Jinghuai’s studio. The door of the studio was not closed, but it was only ajar. .”

“Miss Lin, you go in. The second young master didn’t make a sound, but he allowed you to go in.”

Qian Yan walked in, and the housekeeper helped to close the door, not afraid of anything wrong with Lu Jinghuai.

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