All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 1: No one can take her away (1)


“Empress Yun was jealous, poisoned Concubine Shu, Concubine Chen, Zhang Meiren, Li Cairen, caused her concubine to have a miscarriage, missed her past love, abolished her successor, and left her in the cold palace.” Emperor He Qingshan’s voice was indifferent.

“He Qingshan, do you also think I am that kind of person?”

No response.

The palace people took pleasure in their misfortune and threw the deposed empress Yun into the icy cold palace, and then walked away.

That night, Empress Dowager died of illness.


“I gave up everything to fight for him at the age of fourteen, and I have been dressed in military uniform ever since. I remember that when my little daughter was just born, in order to repel the incoming enemy army, I immediately led the soldiers to fight for three days and three nights without stopping. It was a complete loss and a serious illness. My father also lost his life to protect him. For him, I lost everything.”

In the dark space, there is no sunlight, and it is a bit cold.

In the middle there is a well glowing with white light. A woman with disheveled hair supports the edge of the well and weeps. This is the soul of the abandoned empress Yun.

Her experience is sympathetic, but the girl sitting on the boulder looks indifferent. The girl was leaning on a rusty giant sword, wearing a black robe, with jet-black hair, and half a silver mask covering only the right side of her face.

It suddenly became quiet, and there was no sound of wind blowing. The abolished Empress Yun’s heart was uneasy, she clenched her fingers tightly, not daring to speak again.

“Go on, listen.” Qianyan said, her voice was cool and indifferent.

After the abolition, the Yun family became more and more uncertain, can wishes really come true here?

“At first I thought it was Ling Shi’er who confused him, but that night Ling Shi’er came to Leng Palace to let me know the truth.”

“Hahaha…he knows everything!! He just wants to get rid of my confidant trouble from the beginning.”

After the waste, Yun’s hair was frantically pushed aside, his face was pale: “I didn’t expect the end of my half-life battle…”

“Didn’t you ever think about becoming an emperor at first?” Qianyan lazily leaned on the huge sword, “Is it so dead, willing? If you die, you have to pull two backs. The country you brought down, he is the emperor, how dare he become the emperor?” Sitting on a beautiful woman, if you want me to chop him up with a knife.”

The giant sword responded with a buzzing sound, and Yun Shi was frightened after the abolition.

“I… I thought… Besides, a woman is the emperor…”

“Oh, prejudice.”

“I know… I was wrong.” The empress Yun’s expression was decadent, “I heard that wishes can be fulfilled here, as long as my children can live a safe life, I can pay any price.”

System 666: [cough cough cough… just to cut in, Empress Yun needs to pay half of her soul. 】

“My wish is that my sons and daughters are safe and sound.” Abandoned Empress Yun stared at the ball of light bouncing around Qianyan’s legs and feet.

System 666: [This depends on the host. I’m only responsible for introducing the task. You can’t impress her. If she refuses, I can’t help it. 】

The system that is forced to bind has a hard time.

Regardless of how big the host is, he is actually born with supernatural powers, and he even saw her tear up many systems with his own eyes. Those scrapped systems are still in the warehouse.

Come on, be strong, he will survive!

“Not revenge?” Qianyan’s beautiful eyes were full of confusion, “Where do you want to chop him up first? I can help you.”

After the abolition, Yun shook his head frantically: “No, you can’t be too greedy.”

With too many wishes, she is afraid that the success rate will be divided.

“I agree to your wish.” Qianyan pulled out the giant sword, causing the space to shake, and the thin body was dragging the giant sword, which was very uncoordinated.

Seeing Qianyan jumping down the well with excited eyes, Empress Yun felt a little worried.

[Master Host, wait for me! 】

Alas, I have a bad premonition in my heart, I hope the first mission will go well, I am really afraid that the host will be unhappy and tear him apart.


The rain stopped.

The three-day and three-night war finally came to an end, and General Yun, the wife of King Ningshan, won a big victory.

“General, all the prisoners in the camp are slaves, what should we do with them?” The young general beside him asked, “Most of them are young and beautiful men and women.”

It is self-evident what the prisoner is doing here.

The sound of begging for mercy made Qianyan frowned, and her body was very uncomfortable, especially the burning pain in her lower abdomen.

Yuanqiu has instilled all the memories in her, and now it is just after the victory of the battle that killed three days and three nights when the original owner gave birth to the youngest daughter.


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