A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 6005: Dangerous!


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Chapter 6005 is dangerous!

“Come on.”

Chen Feng flashed and came to him.

As the two approached, the strange feeling of attraction became stronger and stronger.

At this moment, Qiu Changming has only one soul.

Standing there, just like a shadow.

Chen Feng didn’t know how to absorb other projections at this time.

But it’s strange.

Feeling Qiu Changming’s attraction, Chen Feng’s own soul slowly overflowed.

Also like a shadow.

Then, the two shadows began to magically merge together.

Chen Feng was more like a bystander at the moment, standing aside and watching everything quietly.

But at this moment, Chen Feng suddenly felt a trace of extreme crisis.

Then, I saw Qiu Changming’s projection.

It was as if Qiu Changming was being slaughtered at the neck, without any resistance at all.

But at this moment, a black light suddenly burst out in the soul.

Dyeing his soul a dark color.

Then, he began to devour Chen Feng’s soul crazily.

The black figure let out a weird laugh and said with a grin: “Chen Feng, you don’t really think that I will let you devour me without any resistance. You are so naive!”

“I just wanted to make you relax and then devour you!”

At this time, the ink-like black color had penetrated Chen Feng’s soul.

Some black color began to appear in Chen Feng’s soul, and it continued to expand.

At this moment, Chen Feng felt that his eyelids were heavy and sleepy.

The whole person has no fighting spirit and just wants to fall asleep.

He knew very well that if he really fell asleep like this.

I’m afraid I’ll never wake up from this sleep again.

This projection of myself will be swallowed up directly by Qiu Changming!

At this moment, Chen Feng suddenly smiled.

He looked at Qiu Changming with a narrowed expression on his lips.

“Do you think I will believe you?”

“For a person like you, no one has been able to kill you for hundreds of years. How could you be willing to be devoured by me?”

When he said these words, Qiu Changming was suddenly shocked.

He stopped talking and just stared at Chen Feng.

The speed of the ink-like black dyeing quickly accelerated.

Continuously devouring Chen Feng’s projection.

But at this time, Chen Feng flicked his finger, and a golden pebble was already ejected.

The next moment, the golden stone exploded into pieces.

The endless golden light directly shrouded Qiu Changming.

The ink-like black on Qiu Changming’s body touched this golden light.

It was just washed clean.

The black color on Chen Feng’s body disappeared instantly.

Qiu Changming’s projection seems to be evolving.

This golden light also brought him extreme pain.

He screamed: “You, you actually have this thing!”

Chen Feng shook his head and said: “I didn’t want to take it out, but you forced me to do it.”

The golden light shone only for a moment, and the black color on Qiu Changming’s body was washed away.

And Chen Feng’s projection swallowed him up without any hindrance and merged him into one body.

The next moment, Chen Feng felt like he was in a trance.

At this moment, he already owned all of Qiu Changming’s memories.

In an instant, huge memories flooded into his mind.

It almost completely destroyed Chen Feng’s spiritual world.

You must know that Qiu Changming was once a strong man at the peak of the Celestial Realm, reaching the ninth level of the Celestial Realm.

How vast his memories are, and how powerful his spiritual world is.

Chen Feng’s head was in severe pain, and his brain seemed to be torn to pieces.

The pain caused him to growl, grit his teeth, and tremble all over.

After a long time, I finally broke free from the erosion of that huge memory.

At this time, he gently exhaled a breath, showing an expression of relief.

There was even more contemplation in his eyes.

He already knew all of Qiu Changming’s memories.

At this moment, he finally knew the truth of the matter.

Before, whether it was what the master of the Zhenwu Xian Sect said to him or what Qiu Changming himself said to him, there was some concealment.

He saw a glimmer of truth in Qiu Changming’s memory.

It turns out that Qiu Changming was not born like other human races at all.

To be precise, he is neither the Shadow Clan nor the Human Clan.

His origins are extremely strange.

He turned out to be the master of the Zhenwu Immortal Sect!

Or to be precise, he is a projection created by the master of Zhenwu Xianmen himself.

He is the most extreme evil in the master of the Zhenwu Immortal Sect, the combination of ferocity, cruelty and other evil thoughts.

Chen Feng whispered to himself: “No wonder Qiu Changming hates the master of Zhenwu Xianmen so much.”

At this moment, Chen Feng finally knew the true origin of the master of the Xianwu Immortal Sect.

It turns out that the master of the Zhenwu Xianmen is also a projection, and he has the same background as Chen Feng.

It is a projection of the terrifying power in the dark.

However, he is much taller than Chen Feng. He is an intermediate projection.

And Chen Feng is just a low-level projection.

After the master of the Zhenwu Xianmen discovered that he was just an intermediate projection.

Just trying every possible means to break free and thinking of various ways.

He was really a genius, and he actually came up with a way.

The other party can project, why can’t I?

He actually used the ancient secret method to forcefully apply it to himself, and also peeled off several projections.

He himself is an intermediate projection, so the projections he creates are all low-level projections.

Among them, the projection of the extreme evil and cruelty in him is Qiu Changming.

In other words, the bad things Qiu Changming did were actually done by the master of Zhenwu Xianmen.

However, Qiu Changming later lost control and escaped from his control, becoming stronger and stronger outside.

Then everything happened.

At this moment, Chen Feng suddenly had an idea in his heart.

As soon as this thought came to his mind, his mood immediately jumped and he could no longer calm down.

The more I think about it, the more feasible it becomes.

He thought to himself: “I should also be a low-level projection. So, what will happen if my low-level projection destroys the intermediate projection of the Zhenwu Immortal Sect Master and fuses it with it?”

This idea is a bold one.

In terms of heel bone, the master of Zhenwu Xianmen is an intermediate projection, much higher than Chen Feng.

In terms of strength, he even crushed Chen Feng.

You must know that he has reached the realm of half-step Saint King.

Chen Feng has no way to kill him.

Chen Feng murmured to himself: “Is there really no other way?”

The next moment, a strange expression suddenly appeared on his face.

Then, a dark shadow quietly emerged from his figure.

The black shadow quickly condensed into shape, and its appearance changed into that of Qiu Changming.

There is no difference from Qiu Changming.

Qiu Changming looked at Chen Feng with a strange expression, frowning and said, “You didn’t devour me?”

Chen Feng said calmly: “I think it might be a better thing to keep your life.”


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