The White Moonlight in One’s Heart Self-Saving System English

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Readers usually see that within a story, every male god will have a special woman in his heart, his vermillion mark, his glittering moonlight…

This person is definitely both beautiful and intelligent as well as good-natured. Only – for some reason, this person passed away early on, leaving an overwhelming sense of regret and agony for the male god, also tormenting the readers and causing them to forever be unable to forget her.

Li Yuebai: Don’t cry, perhaps I can help somewhat.

This book is called #A hundred and one methods to change the death ending#

System: Ehem ehem, even though you don’t have a golden finger, you still possess a high IQ!

Mind games! Brain hack! Straight path ahead!

Enemies whatever, all dealt with!

Schemes whatever, all destroyed!

Consecutive victories… However, why the heck would I always be pushed down by the male lead, the boss, or the second male lead?

Even realizing that they are all the same person at the end?

Deskripsi Novel The White Moonlight in One’s Heart Self-Saving System

Associated Names
- 白月光男神自救系统

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