I’m a Courteous and Honorable Man, Not a Devil English

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Literary version: a thousand spells, all kinds of magical powers, I just ask: Can you punch me?
Brief introduction of Ruya easy-going version: Sorry, I am not targeting anyone, I mean everyone in this room, all of them are erotic.
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I Ni Kun has repeatedly emphasized that I am not a devil.
That day I went up the mountain to see the scenery, and I happened to meet many martial arts people gathering. Then I thought they were holding “Huashan on Sword” and other activities-don’t worry about where “Huashan”-then I should go for a fun.
But I never imagined that it was a gathering organized by the Magic Gate. Even more unexpectedly, there will be five masters to join in the encirclement and suppression, and none will be spared…
Show hands: What can I do? I am also helpless!
Then I’m just fighting back in self-defense, how can I become the devil?

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