World Defying Dan God Chapter 5128: Purgatory changes



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Li Yuanyuan is also in constant contact with the blood of purgatory, so she knows that this kind of purgatory blood fruit is better than the blood of purgatory!


“Yuanyuan, how much purgatory blood can a fruit of this kind be compared to?” Chen Xiang asked.


“It’s hard to say! The blood of purgatory contained in the blood fruit is very pure…it doesn’t have the stench of impurities like purgatory blood!” Li Yuanyuan said: “If the color is not very similar to the blood of purgatory, it would not be considered purgatory at all. It’s bloody…but it still has the energy contained in the blood of purgatory!”


After hearing this, the fruit patriarch said: “Yes, the flesh looks **** and not very pretty! It should be improved to other colors!”


“Yeah, it’s best to change it to gold, shiny gold… or white. The pulp is like white jade, crisp and sweet, then it’s not the blood of purgatory at all!” Li Yuanyuan laughed: “At that time, it will not be called Purgatory Blood Fruit, but a nice name!”


“Yes, yes, change the color, and then improve the taste and the color of the pulp!” The fruit patriarch will write down one by one.


The reason why the fruit of the fruit demon clan is so delicious is because they have been constantly improving and cultivating.


“When the varieties are stabilized, it will not be too late to plant them on a large scale!” Chen Xiang said, because he is not in a hurry to get so much Purgatory Blood.


“Brother Shen, don’t worry, this process can be completed very quickly for us!” Patriarch Guo said with a smile: “If there is time and strength to cooperate, it can be faster!”


The head of the fruit clan excitedly returned to the Xianzhan Profound Demon Pagoda and started busy with this matter. Their fruit demon clan lived in the Xianzhan Profound Demon Pagoda. It could be said that they were carefree and happy. This was mainly because Chen Xiang helped them. !


If they were in the old Demon Fruit Star, they would be worried all day long, and from time to time a small fruit demon would be caught and eaten, which would make them very sad and scared.


Now these are all gone, so they are very grateful to Chen Xiang, and now they have the opportunity to help Chen Xiang, they are naturally very enthusiastic.


“Guo Yaozu is really a group of magical little guys! Young master, how did you know them? And you took them away?” Li Yuanyuan asked.


Chen Xiang smiled, and then briefly talked about Yaoguo Xing. After Li Yuanyuan heard it, he was also very surprised!


Because even the Blood Lord can’t help the Temple of War God of the Temple of Time, and Chen Xiang can actually kill the Temple of War God, as well as a large number of time monks!


Chen Xiang is waiting on this star, because the Immortal War Profound Demon Pagoda needs to extract a lot of energy, and only huge stars can provide it.


Shen Xiang waited for a few days, and suddenly waited for Huang Jintian’s message.


“Good apprentice, there is something wrong with me!” Huang Jintian scolded: “Damn space expansion, causing our World Proud Temple to get stuck!”


“What the hell?” Chen Xiang thought for a while, but did not understand what Huang Jintian said.


“The Temple of World Proud is going to the Tiangu Xing through the shuttle space tunnel, but… now because of the expansion of space, the universe of World Proud is stuck in the space tunnel, and then falls into the inner space!” Huang Jintian said: “Fortunately, the Temple of World Proud With strong space power, you can be fine for the time being!”


“Master, how long will the expansion of the space in the ancient purgatory last?” Chen Xiang asked.


“I don’t know, it may last for many, many years…” Huang Jintian sighed: “Because the ancient time and space have merged in, I have just confirmed this matter, and then come to tell you!”


“What?” Chen Xiang was shocked.


Tiangu time and space is very big. If it is merged into it, the ancient purgatory will definitely be messed up!


“Tiangu time and space are messy, and very chaotic, and now it’s completely out of control! Then it was swallowed by Tiangu purgatory, because the sky and space are too big, so it will be swallowed for a long time!” Huang Jintian said.


“This…then what will happen to the Heavenly Ancient Purgatory?” Chen Xiang asked.


“It will only make the ancient purgatory bigger, and then the expansion of space will stop!” Huang Jintian said: “It may last hundreds of millions of years, and then the ancient purgatory will also be a mess!”


The temple of time in the ancient time and space has been messed up before, and it has merged multiple times and spaces together, so it has become very huge.


The reason why it is swallowed by the ancient purgatory today is most likely because the space of the ancient time and space has collapsed. Although it is huge, it is not strong enough to be swallowed by the ancient purgatory!


“Master, you should be able to come out soon, right?” Chen Xiang asked: “I’m very worried about you guys!”


“Don’t worry, we’ll be out soon!” Huang Jintian said: “I’m also figuring out the space laws of the ancient purgatory by the way, which will also be of great help to us! Maybe we can find it here. Blood of Purgatory, hahaha…”


Chen Xiang also briefly said that Huang Jintian was very surprised when he heard about the blood path of purgatory blood, because he studied it for many years before he figured it out, and it was not long before Chen Xiang entered the ancient purgatory, but he was so clear.


Huang Jintian disconnected from Chen Xiang, and he promised to contact Chen Xiang every once in a while!


“Lian’er, something big has happened, the ancient time and space was swallowed up by the ancient purgatory!” Chen Xiang immediately contacted Cai Lian and explained the current situation, “The expansion of space may last for hundreds of millions of years!”


“Hundreds of millions of years? It’s troublesome now!” Cailian sighed: “The Temple of Time in Tiangu Purgatory, the Temple of Time in Tiangu Time and Space, as well as the monsters and demons born in the chaos of Tiangu Time, all It’s terrifying!”


“I don’t think you need to panic! The Heavenly Ancient Purgatory will get bigger and bigger, and they need to cross a long distance to pose a threat! Can’t beat them, can’t they escape?” Chen Xiang laughed.


“No! If the Temple of Time over there comes can still control time, then the ancient purgatory will also be in chaos!” Cailian said: “They are the source of the chaos!”


The person who is speaking now is the Great Yaozu personality in Cailian. She used to be a time cultivator, so she knows how terrible the chaos created by the Temple of Time is!


“It’s useless to worry, we can’t do anything right now!” Chen Xiang said: “The only thing we can do is to make us stronger, and then prepare as soon as possible to meet the chaos created by the Temple of Time!”


Chen Xiang is already preparing now, he has a six-path ancient star, and he is still cultivating a purgatory blood tree.


At present, the six ancient stars are relatively powerful stars in the ancient purgatory! If Aoshi Universe enters the ancient purgatory in the future and turns into a giant star, then the two stars will take care of each other, and they will be stronger!


“It can only be like this now!” Cailian’s mood is very complicated now, because the Hundred Flowers Temple is very weak at the moment, and she is not qualified to come to Tianguxing to participate in the battle.


If the ancient time and space are merged in and create more chaos, then there will never be a day of peace!


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