World Defying Dan God Chapter 5127: Spirit of the beginning of life



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The blood master has kept the blood of purgatory for a long time, and it was accepted by Chen Xiang with a smile. If the blood master knew that Chen Xiang used his purgatory blood to plant trees, he would definitely be angry!


Chen Xiang put the bowl of purgatory holy marrow next to the primordial soul of the tree and let the primordial soul absorb it by itself.


A moment ago, it was like a fog of Yuanshi Dao soul. After absorbing a large amount of purgatory holy marrow, tree trunks soon grew!


“What will the purgatory blood tree be like?” Li Yuanyuan was very curious, looking forward to it, and was secretly excited.


If there is such a tree and it can bear fruit, then every divine fruit is very precious!


“Brother Shen, if this kind of tree is really planted, it will definitely need to absorb a lot of energy!” Patriarch Guo said, “I don’t know if the energy inside the Six Paths Mirror is enough!”


“This is really a big deal!”


Chen Xiang naturally knew that purgatory blood needed a lot of energy. After all, purgatory blood itself contained powerful power.


“Let’s talk about it later!” Chen Xiang said.


Half a bowl of the Purgatory Holy Marrow has been consumed. Chen Xiang, Li Yuanyuan, and Patriarch Guo are all heartbroken, and their hearts are dripping blood!


This is the Holy Spirit of Purgatory, so half a bowl is gone!


“The sapling is done!” Patriarch Guo said, “Brother Shen, put away the Purgatory Holy Marrow!”


Chen Xiang hurriedly put it away!


“Then leave it to us. We will grow the purgatory blood tree. After the results, we will use the fruit as seeds, so that we can have a lot of fruit trees!” The fruit patriarch smiled: “This needs the help of Sister Jing!”


Rapid growth requires the time power of the time domain to speed up time, which is no problem.


Chen Xiang’s headache is energy. Fortunately, there are a lot of huge stars in Tiangu Purgatory, and they are all energy sources!


Although the ancient star of the six paths is a very huge star, and it has also been tempered by the ancient catastrophe, it is a very powerful star.


But Chen Xiang regards the six ancient stars as his own territory, so he does not plan to use the energy of the six ancient stars!


He can only leave Tianguxing temporarily, to find an uninhabited star, and then proceed on it!


Chen Xiang quietly left Tianguxing and did not talk to his father and Cailian, because he felt that he would come back soon.




Above the Tiangu Star, all the ancient forces have already headed to the “Xuanwu Sea Area” to look for the Purgatory Holy Essence!


Chen Xiang only used a few drops of Purgatory Holy Essence, and successfully attracted the attention of many people!


High in the sky over the Xuanwu Sea, a handsome young man with red hair fluttering in suspension is the blood lord!


“Damn guy, who is he? He can turn my purgatory blood into purgatory holy marrow!” The blood master clenched his fists, and there was a hint of admiration in his eyes.


Because even he, after trying for many years, couldn’t make the blood of purgatory into the holy marrow of purgatory!


The blood master is very sensitive to blood energy, so he is very clear that the purgatory holy marrow that emits blood energy deep in the sea is forged by his purgatory blood!


Blood Lord then stood a tall middle-aged man and whispered: “Lord Blood Lord, do we want to participate in the fight for the Purgatory Holy Essence?”


“No! Purgatory holy marrow is radiated across a layer of space, and the blood energy is obviously weakened by the space wall! But it can still be emitted, indicating that the blood energy is deliberately released!”


The blood lord looked at the large group of people below and sneered: “These idiots are being played like dogs!”


“Lord Blood Lord, that’s the Purgatory Holy Essence! Isn’t that what you don’t want?” The middle-aged man looked down with regret.


“Just a few drops of purgatory holy marrow!” The blood lord closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “Those idiots must think there is a purgatory bloodline below, so they search like crazy, they can’t find it! Ignorance idiot!”


“Is the person who placed the Purgatory Holy Essence the **** who stole our Purgatory Blood?” The middle-aged man suddenly said angrily, “This **** guy has also destroyed our foundation!”


“It should be that person! Except for him, no one has this ability! Where is he holy? Why is he hiding? He has no demeanor at all!” I must find him!”


“We’ve come to the right place, at least we can be sure that he knows about this Tiangu Xing!” said the middle-aged man.


“Yes, we can just wait patiently here, he will show up sooner or later!” The blood lord looked into the distance and said, “There are many enemies in front of us. Our purgatory blood sect lost purgatory blood, and our status plummeted. A lot of **** don’t take us seriously!”


The blood lord led his men away, and he was the only one who saw through Chen Xiang’s tricks. If Chen Xiang knew about it, he would definitely be surprised, because he still underestimated the blood lord’s understanding of the blood of purgatory!




Chen Xiang was in a star and released the Six Paths Divine Mirror and the Immortal War Profound Demon Pagoda to extract the energy of the star.


He also contacted Huang Jintian by the way, but he didn’t get in touch!


Then he contacted Aoshi Universe again, but he couldn’t get in touch!


“Is it because of the expansion of the ancient purgatory, or other reasons?”


Chen Xiang is now in contact with the Six Paths Divine Mirror through the Immortal War Profound Demon Pagoda, but he actually failed.


“Brother Shen, the purgatory blood tree has matured and fruited!” Patriarch Guo was suddenly very excited and sent a voice transmission to Chen Xiang.


“So soon? It’s only a few days!” Chen Xiang said in surprise.


“Hehe, this star has a lot of energy, and its vitality is also very strong. Coupled with the time domain of the Six Paths Divine Mirror, it can be so fast!” Patriarch Guo said with a smile.


“How many results?” Chen Xiang asked.


“Brother Shen, you can come in and take a look!” said Patriarch Guo.


Chen Xiang took Li Yuanyuan and entered one of the first floor of the Xianzhan Xuanmo Tower, which was specially used to plant the purgatory blood tree!


The purgatory blood tree is not particularly huge. It is several tens of feet high. The trunk is straight upward. The leaves and branches are blood red, and it also emits a faint blood red light. It also looks very charming and beautiful. About a thousand results each time! The patriarch Guo said, “We will pick out all the seeds that can be grown, and the rest can be eaten, or used to concoct alchemy for Big Brother Shen… Big Brother Shen, can we also eat some?” “


“Of course you can eat it!” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “You can eat whatever you want, anyway, this is the result of your labor!”


“Actually, we can’t eat too much. After we eat it, we mainly use it to improve our body and improve our ability!” Patriarch Guo said with a smile: “Brother Shen, don’t worry, we won’t eat it all, and We need to plant more and more!”


Chen Xiang got more than 100 Purgatory Blood Fruits!


He looked at it and found that the quality of these purgatory blood is extremely high, about twenty or so, and it is possible to make purgatory holy marrow, because the pulp contains concentrated purgatory blood fibers, which is also very suitable for alchemy!


“It’s quite sweet!” Chen Xiang ate one, and the pulp was very crisp and sweet.


“Yeah, it’s delicious! Purgatory blood can really pass through trees and bear fruit, and it’s delicious. It’s amazing!” Li Yuanyuan chewed the pulp in her small mouth, amazed.


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