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Queen Xuntian wants to fight Ying Kuang, if she stops, Guo Lingxue will threaten her sister.


Queen Tianyue wants to seize the time to catch Chen Xiang, and destroy Chen Xiang before the Queen of Monster Soul arrives, so that Chen Xiang won’t talk nonsense when the time comes.


The Yitian people want to take down Chen Xiang as soon as possible, because they can all see that the very powerful Ying Kuang is Chen Xiang’s follower, if they take Chen Xiang, it means that Ying Kuang will also be taken down .


Chen Xiang and Ying Kuang knew Yitianren very well, so Yitianren also wanted to kill Chen Xiang and the others so as not to be destroyed by them.


Yaotianyue City is now in chaos. People in the city can only stay away from the fighting area, so as not to be affected. After all, the fighting people are very strong, and they are all queens. Most likely to be seriously injured, or even killed!


“When the Queen arrives, you will be finished!” Guo Lingxue was very sure that after the Demon Soul Queen arrived, she would definitely kill Chen Xiang.


She thinks that she is very important to the queen, even if Chen Xiang is really the queen’s friend, he is still a man!


Guo Lingxue felt that the Queen of the Demon Soul Queen would definitely give priority to her own saintess instead of men!


She knew that Chen Xiang could make alchemy, so she thought that Chen Xiang and the Demon Soul Queen might just cooperate for interests, and it was not particularly important to the Demon Soul Queen!


“Quickly arrange people to open the barrier and let the queen come in!” Queen Tianyue suddenly shouted.


Guo Lingxue looked around, and then said: “No need, the queen must have a way to come in!”


Everyone in the battle could feel the domineering, intelligent and majestic aura of the Demon Queen, who is pressing down from the air with the force of thunder!


Ying Kuang’s face became very serious, because he was sure that the current self would not be able to defeat the Demon Soul Queen at all!


In other words, once the Demon Soul Queen arrives and participates in the battle, he and Chen Xiang may not even be able to escape!


“Ah Ying, come here!” Chen Xiang suddenly flew towards Ying Kuang and asked him to jump onto the Magic Mirror of Six Paths.


After Ying Kuang jumped onto the Mirror of Six Paths, he hurriedly shouted, “Master, run! That queen is very strong, we can’t beat him!”


Chen Xiang looked at Liu Tianyun and the captain, they all looked at Chen Xiang with pleading eyes, hoping that he could run away immediately!


Chen Xiang didn’t run away, he looked at the bewitching red light in the sky, it was really a vision caused by the coming of the Demon Queen, she was in that red light!


“Long time no see, her strength has improved really fast!” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “I’m much more at ease now!”


Chen Xiang was really worried that after Shen Zhenyi entered the Monster Soul Starfield, she would not be able to cope with the ever-changing situation here.


Especially after hearing Ying Kuang talk about what Star Evil Domain this is, he was even more worried, and now seeing the power displayed by Shen Zhenyi, Chen Xiang was very relieved, the Demon Soul Queen who was once his little slave, has grown up a lot of!


After the red light fell, Queen Xuntian, Queen Tianyue, and Yitianren all fell silent and landed on the ground, ready to meet the Queen of Demon Soul.


Even if they are aliens, they have to respect the Queen of Demon Soul now, after all, the strength of the Queen of Demon Soul lies in that!


Chen Xiang was on the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, and the Divine Mirror of Six Paths did not fly, but was suspended in the air.


When everyone looked at Chen Xiang and the others, they believed that their death was imminent, and they all looked forward to them being killed by the Demon Soul Queen!


Everyone present, except for Chen Xiang and Ying Kuang, all knelt on one knee, even the aliens had to kneel down and salute!


Although Liu Tianyun and the captain were paralyzed by what happened just now, they still got up and knelt on the mirror of Six Paths and shivered.


The red light slowly fell, and after stopping at the same height as the Six Paths Mirror, the red light gradually shrank inward, and then a woman with a red veil covering her face and a gorgeous red dress appeared.


This woman is suspended in the air, with a pair of delicate and jade-like slender feet bare, she looks quite charming, but there is a majesty in her brows, but it makes people feel intimidated.


This is the Queen of Demon Soul. Although she did not fully reveal her beautiful face, her noble, domineering, and arrogant temperament is completely in line with what everyone thinks.


Chen Xiang was also a little surprised, because the woman in front of him was indeed Shen Zhenyi, but it didn’t match his impression at all!


The current Shen Zhenyi is indeed like an extremely powerful queen!


You know, Shen Zhenyi was forced to become Chen Xiang’s female slave at the beginning. Although the contract was terminated later, Shen Zhenyi did not have the airs of a queen in front of Chen Xiang.


“Meet the Queen!” Everyone shouted in unison.


Shen Zhenyi turned her head to look at Chen Xiang, a playful smile appeared in her beautiful eyes, she looked at the scene, and seemed to have guessed something, knowing that Chen Xiang was causing trouble here.


“Empress, this is the person who destroyed your beloved Moon Palace!” Guo Lingxue shouted immediately, and even cried, telling how her avatar was destroyed by Chen Xiang, and that Chen Xiang wanted to insult her…


Queen Tianyue also testified at the side, and charged Chen Xiang with various crimes!


“Xiao Xun, tell me what’s going on…” Shen Zhenyi looked at the Queen of Sky Survey and asked.


Everyone was secretly surprised that the nickname of the Sky Survey Queen was actually Xiaoxun, and even the Sky Survey Queen felt a little shy at the moment.


“This person claims to be Chen Xiang. I remember the Queen said before that Chen Xiang is your friend!” The Queen of Sky Survey said, “He thinks that the Yitian people are secretly eating people and planning some big conspiracy, so he and the Yitian There was a conflict between heaven and man, and the saint and the queen of the sky and the moon, in order to maintain order and alien heaven and man, so they clashed with him!”


She didn’t say that her younger sister was in Guo Lingxue’s hands, but she was also worried that Guo Lingxue’s true self would do it.


“Queen, the aliens are of great help to us! I have reported to you before, do you remember? With the help of the aliens, our strength will advance by leaps and bounds, and we will be able to break through soon The seal of the Monster Soul Starfield!” Guo Lingxue said hastily.


“ With the help of Yitianren, my strength has improved a lot in a short period of time. Yitianren is indeed very friendly to us, but these two people slander Yitianren and treat Saint Women have unreasonable thoughts!” Queen Tianyue pointed at Chen Xiang and shouted angrily.


“Furthermore, this guy with a pretty face is still pretending to be Chen Xiang everywhere, and ruining the reputation of the Queen’s friend is an unforgivable crime!” Guo Lingxue said again.


When Shen Zhenyi heard this, she couldn’t help but chuckle, then looked at Chen Xiang, and said, “I remember you were still a young boy back then, and thought that you would be haunted by that curse and never grow up, but now you have become A little boy!”


Hearing Shen Zhenyi’s words, Guo Lingxue was completely dumbfounded! Queen Tianyue’s complexion also suddenly became extremely ugly!


This handsome man is actually Chen Xiang, and he seems to have a good relationship with the Demon Queen!


“I almost lost my life in order to find my queen’s wife to eat soft food. It’s really hard to be a little boy!”


While Chen Xiang was joking, he stretched out his hand and squeezed Shen Zhenyi’s face through the red veil.


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